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Slithering up your freaky contact lens style wish list, it’s our awesome collection of snake contact lenses. If you want to make a full reptile eye transformation, then these are the contacts to look out for. Suitably stylish and super snaky, bring to life slick looks with your very own pair of snake eye contact lenses. The iconic animal eye with vertical slit pupils is really brought to life in our contact lens range.

We’re proud to say that our green snake contact lenses collection is anything but constrictive. Sink your fangs into our broad selection of wild animal lenses, sure to make any animal costume come to life. We love reptile contact lenses as they do allow for some pretty freaky eye transformations. They are a must in any good Halloween fancy dress, and if you really take your Cosplay seriously, then make sure you’re wearing a pair of these at your next convention!

If you love everything cold and reptilian, these snake’s eyes are sure to narrow the look of your pupil, but not your style possibilities! Don’t just settle for green and yellow snake eye colors when you can choose from reds, aqua blues, oranges and more. Before you go ahead and pick up any old pair of lenses, make sure to check out these yellow snake contacts to kick off your freaky new look.

Snake Contact Lenses With Extra Added Bite!

Snake eyes are a hugely popular style as these reptilian beasts feature in all kinds of mythology, fantasy fiction and popular culture. Whether your look is inspired by Kaa, Nagini or a horrifying Basilisk there’s sure to be something for you to lock your beady eyes on. If you’re struggling to come with the perfect use for cobra contact lenses, then here are some great ideas for costume inspiration:

  • Yellow Snake Eyes– the classic look replicated by many, a pair of yellow eyes is certainly a popular choice. The lens itself is designed with a yellow exterior coloring with a black vertical pupil. There is a clear centre to the design so the contact lens won’t totally obscure your vision.
  • Orochimaru Contacts – if you love this serpentine Naruto character as much as we do, then make sure to totally nail your next Cosplay with some sinister orochimaru snake style contact lenses. There are plenty of colors to choose from in our snake collection, yellow lenses are perfect for an Orochimaru style, but be sure to choose blue lenses for a Kabuto eye look. Unlock your own sage mode with your very own sharingan snake lenses.
  • Medusa Contact Lenses – if you want to bring to life the mythological monster of old, then make sure to pick up our dedicated Medusa lenses. Victims won’t be able to resist looking into your eyes when they look this good! An unnerving green eye look has to be paired with gorgeous green snake-like hair, so make sure your Medusa costume is truly on point.
  • Eye Reptile Contacts – with snaky reptile eyes you can open up a whole host of possibilities for scaly costumes and fanged features. No matter what monster your imagination conjures up a pair of colored contact lenses is sure to suit your every need.

As you rattle your way through our range, make sure to check out everything from the classic snake look to wilder styles such as dragon contacts. Dragon styles may be slightly more mythical, but they will really pack a punch if you’re going for a truly badass reptile style. If not, how about some red lizard contact lenses? The red eye finish adds that little extra evil touch to any cold-blooded costume.

Planning what kind of colored contact lenses Halloween you’re having? Well make sure to give some snake eye contact lenses some true consideration. It’s a style that is sure to get you noticed. You’ll be delighted to know that some of our animal contact lenses have UV pigment. Glow up the party with your new cat or snake eye colored contact lenses.

Reliable Reptile Slit Eye Contacts

When you’re buying prescription novelty contact lenses, you want to make sure they’re the very best available. Our colored contact lenses are some of the best on the market and include plenty of fun, funky and full-on freaky designs. Snake eye lenses are just one example of all the killer styles we have on offer. 

As well as our non prescription contacts, we’re pleased to offer a prescriptive option on many of our contact lenses, which means that so many customers can enjoy an excellent eye color transformation. When you shop online with Coloured Contacts, you can select from plenty of prescription snake eye contacts that can complete the creepiest of snake costumes.

If you want to buy snake eye contacts, then you’re in luck. We’re a trusted contact lens retailer with a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with colored contacts. We know our stuff when it comes to non prescription contact lenses, so if you need style advice or a point in the right direction, then we’ve got a wealth of knowledge ready to share. With ideas on everything from lens insertion to costume ideas, you can put your faith in us.

One thing we love providing our customers with is choice! We don’t want your creativity restricted by a lack of options which is why we make sure we have one of the largest collections of animal contact lenses on the web. If you’re stocking up for Halloween then make sure to stop by here rather than heading straight to Amazon. We’ve got the range, the styles and a whole wealth of colors to choose from and mostly importantly, a high-quality range when it comes to snake contact lenses.