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Are you looking to shake up your everyday style? Maybe you have a party to head to and you want your fancy dress outfit to be the absolute best. With Non Prescription Contact Lenses you can be sure you will have the most awesome costume accessories. Coming in a whole rainbow of colors and endless different styles, you are sure to be able to find the lenses that are perfect for your character or style. All your friends will surely be asking you where you got your new contact lenses so be the first to start this funky craze.

The great thing about trying a new pair of colored eye contacts is that you can open up a new world of style options. Always wanted to dress up as your favourite character but worried your different eye colors would cramp your style? With colored contact lenses, you can match the eye color or even try out styles such as cosplay lenses to create an enhanced anime style look.

These non prescription lenses can be worn by anyone as long as you have checked your eyes are suitable for fashion lenses. All you need to do is ask your eye doctor or optometrist and they will be able to give you guidance and advice about using cosmetic contact lenses. Be sure to read our health and safety information before purchasing your first pair of lenses.

We also stock a range of prescription colored contacts which you can see in our View All Prescription section. Ditch the glasses and rock a new look with a pair of corrective lenses. Found a style in the prescription section you like? Many of these lenses also come as plano colored contacts which is simply another word for non-prescription. This means you can buy matching lenses with your glasses wearing friend too!

One of the most popular times of year for wearing fashion contact lenses is at Halloween. With so many gory styles to browse you are sure to find the perfect Halloween colored contacts for your scary costume. From silly scary lenses to full on freak-you-out styles, whatever your fright style you will find a pair that is just right. Check our range of Zombie, Vampire and Witch costume lenses to create a traditional Halloween ghoul or browse our creepy sections to find something a little more alternative.

You won’t find a bigger range of colored contact lenses Halloween UK and with multibuy offers and a sale section you may even pick yourself up a bargain. If you have found two pairs of lenses you like and they are part of the same multibuy then there’s no need to think twice about purchasing them, with money off it is sure to be worth it.

All our lenses come in varying durations which means you can find the perfect lenses for your purpose. The 90 day and 1 year lenses are fully re-usable as long as they are stored and inserted correctly. Head over to our Lens Case section to pick up a sealable, protective case for your new lenses and be sure to add some lens solution to your basket too. The one day lenses can simply be worn once and then thrown away.

It can be a worry that cheap colored contacts non prescription may not be of the highest quality but when you shop with Colored Contacts you can put those worries behind you. All out lenses are FDA-approved so you can buy confidently in the knowledge that your new lenses will be safe, lightweight and comfortable.

As well as being comfortable our lenses are also made using high quality pigmentation which means you don’t need to worry about your natural colors showing through when you use non prescription colored contacts for dark eyes. It can be hard to take a chocolate brown iris and transform it into a baby blue but with our lenses, you won’t have a problem.

With so much information available on our website you won’t need to look for non prescription colored contacts near me. Shop from the comfort of your own home and select the best delivery option for you. Compare your favourite lenses online or check out our blog posts for inspiration, we are sure that you will come to the perfect decision for your next pair of fashion contact lenses.

Some of our best non prescription colored contacts include the Blue Mystic Two Tone Contact Lenses and the Black Halloween Colored Contact Lenses so, as you can see, whatever style you are after Colored Contacts proves a popular place to shop. The Blue Mystic Two Tone give a deeper blue color to the eye, perfect for enhancing your natural color or changing it completely. The darker tone is sure to be dazzling. In contrast, the Black Halloween Colored Contacts are more for Halloween and costume styles. Please note our blind effect range will impair vision so often people opt to wear just one lens. These lenses will cover your pupil and iris in a mysterious black screen. Create your creepiest ghoul or use for an other-worldly alien.

One of our most popular ranges is blue non prescription contact lenses. Fulfil your dream of being a blue-eyed beauty and see how a change in eye color could work with your wardrobe. Select bright and breezy colors to match your new aqua peepers. These lenses come in a range of shades from a blue/green hue to pure baby blue. If you are looking for natural effect lenses why not try the two tone or tri tone options. The color flecks in these lenses will look just like real eyes.

As you can see there are plenty of options for non prescription contact lenses so the best way to explore your style options is to get stuck in and start browsing. In this View All page you can use the filters on the side of the page to find the colors, duration, price and style you want. We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for but if you are still unsure about the best style for your costume or new everyday look then be sure to read our guides and information.