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Want a look that'll help you to stand out from the crowd this Halloween? Craving something that'll help you to be the scariest looking creature on the block? Then look no further than our collection of horror lenses the ideal way to bring a creepy edge to any costume!

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Whether you're dressing as a demon, working your magic as a witch or going ghoulish with a ghost costume, you can be sure to find your ideal pair of horror lenses when you shop with us. Our selection of horrendously horrifying lenses features dozens of different styles, durations, colours and finishes, so you can easily build your own unique look by mixing and matching pairs!

Our spine-chillingly spooky lens designs include:

  • Full Sclera: If you fancy creating a completely blanked-out look, then you need a pair of full sclera lenses! Covering not only the iris, but the pupil and the visible portion of the sclera (The white bit of your eye) too, these lenses are ideal for achieving utterly inhuman, monstrous looks. After all, if the eyes are the window to the soul, what could be creepier than completely concealing them?
  • Mini Sclera: Offering less coverage than the full sclera variety, mini sclera lenses cover the iris and a small section of the sclera to create a 'big eye' look. These lenses are the perfect accompaniment to anime or manga inspired outfits!
  • Blind: With a milky, cloudy effect, our range of blind lenses come in a variety of different colours. White lenses are great for nailing a monster inspired stare, black can bring a freaky twist to any costume and red ones are ideal for vampire styled outfits!
  • UV Reactive: The clue's in the name with this range of horror lenses! With designs that include zombie style white lenses and vampire style glowing contacts, you'll be spoiled for choice. Perfect for parties with black-lights or UV lighting, you're guaranteed to illuminate even the darkest of rooms!
  • Mesh & Screen: Great for adding a textured look to your stare, mesh and screen lenses are perfect for bringing an unsettlingly robotic edge to any outfit.
  • Patterned: There's nothing more eye-catching than a pair of patterned contact lenses! With dozens of motifs to choose from, whether you're looking to sport some spider style lenses, bloodshot contacts or a freaky razor blade printed pair, you're guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.
  • Animal: Take a walk on the wild side and try out a pair of our animal inspired contact lenses! With designs including flirtatious cat eye lenses, werewolf style contacts and reptilian lizard lenses, you can add some ferocious style to your look in the blink of an eye!

We live and breathe contact lenses and we're completely committed to bringing you the freshest, funkiest and freakiest designs possible! Our team of experts have hand-picked a hair-raising selection of horror lenses that you simply won't find elsewhere. So don't spend your time trawling through AmazoneBay or other marketplace sites, simply purchase with us for an exclusively awesome collection of lenses that rival those of Freshlook!

Horror Contacts: What You Need to Know

There's no need to compromise comfort for style when you shop with us, because our lenses don't just look good, they feel good too! Each pair of horror lenses we stock have been manufactured by reputable brands, using high-quality materials that have been approved by the ISO and the FDA. What's more, our lenses contain a high water content, so your eyes will feel fresh and hydrated whilst you wear them.

Searching for lenses that are suitable for dark eyes? Want something with a vivid, rich finish? We've got your back! Every pair of horror lenses bear a highly pigmented colour layer, to ensure that even the darkest eyes can be transformed in the blink of an eye. Want a pair of horror lenses that will complement your skin tone? Perhaps you fancy something that'll create a stunning contrast? We've got everything you could ever want! With designs for fair skin, dark skin and every skin tone in between, the look of your dreams (Or nightmares!) is just a click away.

Not sure what strength you need? Can't work out what curvature you require? Worried about ordering lenses with the wrong prescription? That's not an issue when you order from Coloured Contacts! All of our lenses are strictly cosmetic and non-corrective, so you don't need a prescription to order them, as they'll provide no change to your vision. Even though these lenses will not alter your vision in any way, it's advised that you do not wear them whilst driving. In addition, it's strongly recommended that you book an appointment with an optician, optometrist or other healthcare professional before you order so that the health of your eyes can be assessed.

Here at Coloured Contacts, we don't think cheap is a dirty word! Our products are all of an exceptionally high quality and they're competitively priced, so you won't ever have to spend over the odds to get your perfect pair of horror lenses.

If you need your lenses in a hurry, then you're gonna love our lightning fast, next day delivery! Great for 11th hour party invites or Halloween emergencies, simply order before 2:30 GMT to get your lenses delivered to your door the very next day (This is available to UK mainland customers only). There really is no better place to source your horror lenses from!