Iconic Horror Movie Characters – Achieving The Perfect Look!

Horror Movie Contacts, Achieve The Perfect Scary Film Costume

As the big harrowing event approaches, we can’t think of a better way to aid you in finding the perfect pair of lenses than providing you with a guide to achieving the perfect Iconic Horror Movie Character look! Here at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of contacts –suitable for all natural eye shades and skin pigmentations. So there really is no excuse when it comes to showcasing that picture perfect Halloween ensemble – eyes and all!

Whether you’re seeking to summon your inner Nosferatu, or compose your own Dr Jekyll inspired look, we’ve got the coloured contacts to match all your costume desires this October 31st!


Nosferatu the Vampire

Famous for his spine shuddering look, complete your Nosferatu inspired look in a quick and easy fashion with Coloured Contacts! To create that classic look, why not pair your all-black ensemble with a pair of natural style green or brown lenses to give your getup that realistic appearance. However, if you’re seeking something a little more blood thirsty, then why not spruce up your ensemble with either a pair of vampire, red, or cat’s eye lenses to give your look that extra edge. Trust us when we say that no-one will mess with you once you lock eyes! Completing your dark and mysterious look – a pair of coloured contacts will surely make this outfit soar high!


Feeling the need to unleash your inner Gorgon this Halloween, then we’ve got the perfect eye accessories to match! It’s not just your tangled, ferocious hair that can do the talking this All Hallows Eve – let your eyes in on the action! By simply pairing your venomous look with either an eye-popping pair of witch lenses or a pair of green UV i-Glow lenses, your look will be like no other! Combining iconic horror with a sense of natural beauty, your Medusa inspired look will surely be the talk of the party! Just don’t let anyone touch your hair!



This really isn’t child’s play - ensure everyone takes your Chucky inspired outfit seriously this Halloween! By combining your wicked multicoloured jumper with a pair of show-stopping blue peepers, your look is bound to shock people right back into the 1980’s! Offering a range of blue lenses, including styles such as Single, Two, and Tri Tone – we’re bound to have the exact style blue lens to suit your personal taste! Let your eyes do all the talking when paired with this iconic yet truly terrifying look! Combined with a vibrant, red or orange hair choice – this look will have people truly second guessing your true identity!



If you’re seeking to play a truly frightful game this Halloween, then look no further than Coloured Contacts to help you achieve your goal! By combining a pair of bright red mini sclera lenses, or even a pair of red UV i-Glow lenses for that extra wow factor once the lights have gone down – your Jigsaw inspired ensemble is bound to shock, stun, and surprise this Halloween! Although the tiny tricycle is not a necessity, pairing your modified complexion with a blood-curdling pair of lenses will no doubt have people quaking in their booties!


Dr Jekyll and Hyde

Can’t decide on which much-loved fictional character to showcase this October 31st?  Then why not combine both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a dual outfit combination. Highlighting his split character, why not show off two differing eye colours to make your outfit really pop! Known as both a man of medicine and an untameable beast, why not try out a pair of wolf inspired lenses or a pair of cat style UV i-Glow lenses to totally transform your look! With your natural eye colour highlighted on one side and a wild single lens on the other – your look is guaranteed to be like no other at the party! Combined with an SFX werewolf kit, don’t let a full moon restrict you from causing a storm!


Our suggestions for achieving you perfect horror movie inspired looks have only touched the tip of the iceberg! Whatever your style desire, here at Coloured Contacts we’ve got the exact pair of lenses to match. Whatever the colour, design, or patternColoured Contacts is the place to look!

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Horror Movie Contacts, Achieve The Perfect Scary Film Costume

Horror Movie Contacts, Achieve The Perfect Scary Film Costume

Still seeking that perfect Halloween costume? Then Coloured Contacts has the guide for you! Check out our latest blog to see how you can combine the perfect pair of contact lenses with your dream...

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