Black Wolf Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)


New | 2 Per Pack (Pair)

The Daily Wolf Colored Contact Lenses in black are the perfect contacts for finishing off your Halloween or cosplay costume and will leaving you howling in style!

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Duration 1 Day
Color Black
Quantity 2 Per Pack (Pair)

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Looking for a great way to bring some authenticity to your Halloween costume this year? Don't bother with masks, do scary in style with the Daily Wolf Colored Contact Lenses!

These cosmetic contact lenses feature a black finish with a wolf-style yellow print around the pupil; giving you that frightening predatory stare!

The Daily Wolf Colored Contact Lenses are daily contacts meaning they are completely disposable so you can simply throw them out when you're through scaring people! If you're a regular Cosplayer, why not bring an extra element to all your favorite costumes in these awesome animal contacts?

Contact Lenses Essential Info:
  • Comes As A Pair
  • Featured Design Covers Both Iris & Pupil
  • Full Visibility Remains
  • Not Suitable For Use Whilst Driving
  • Single Use Only
  • Contains 38% Water
  • Contacts Are Kept In Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline
  • Manufactured In The UK 

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