Exorcist Eye Contact Lenses

The power of Christ compels you… to add colored contacts to your exorcist costume looks!

Go all out this Halloween with one of the spookiest movie characters of all time. If you’re a fan of old-school horror movies then you’ll be more than familiar with The Exorcist.

Regan MacNeil succumbs to demonic possession in The Exorcist and in turn, develops a completely different identity becoming aggressive and acting strange. Whilst Regan is possessed by the demon Pazuzu, her whole appearance changes from sweet and innocent to grotesque. This makes for an ideal Halloween makeup! Get stuck in and paint a gruesome exorcist makeup and add in some colored contacts for an even spookier look.

How do you do exorcist makeup?

Creating The Exorcist costume makeup is easy with colored contact lenses. Create darkened eyes and reddened skin with scarring and cuts, with a pair of orange, yellow, or red-colored contacts and you’ll look like possessed Regan MacNeil in no time!

If you’re looking for an authentic Regan Exorcist look, then add the Orange Werewolf lenses to your costume. Take a look at how @artbybmazz has incorporated them into her exorcist character. Brenna has used lots of special effects techniques to create her character as if she truly is possessed by a demon.



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Another impressive exorcist costume by @fancymay_makeup also uses special effect makeup as well as our Yellow Avatar Contacts. The lenses are perfect for any exorcist costume as their yellow color adds an animalistic and other-worldly appearance. With tousled hair, painted on dress, and cuts and scars, Nancy has successfully created a possessed Regan character costume.



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Here’s a look at @mulan_mtz’s take on a Regan MacNeil Exorcist Fancy Dress with our Yellow Coloured Contacts. Mulan has also opted for mottled skin, special effects scars, and wounds and is spewing green-colored ‘sick’. She manages to channel Regan’s evil appearance through her makeup and the yellow eyes add a frightening touch!



Holly has opted for our Red Maul colored lenses for her exorcist makeup to get a demonic-style eye.  The bloodshot look is super effective and brings the character to life. It mirrors the stress put on Regan’s body as she becomes possessed throughout the story. @hollymurraymakeup has also added tears of fake blood for extra creepiness!



If you’re looking for an Exorcist Regan Costume, why not try recreating Regan during the moment of possession by Pazuzu and choose white-colored contacts. White Manson or White Blind colored contacts would be ideal for creating a possessed Regan exorcist costume. Get inspiration from our talented affiliate @wink818 with her gnarly exorcist makeup. @wink818 has used our White Manson colored contact lenses along with green teeth stain for authentic Regan makeup.



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Whether you choose orange, red, yellow, or white colored contacts to your exorcist costume makeup we’ve got it covered! Find out how to style our lenses for an Exorcist look HERE.


Chucky Makeup is Child's Play

Creating a Chucky Doll costume is child’s play! It’s never been easier to fashion a Chucky costume with our colored contact lenses. Take a colorful striped sweater, blue dungarees, and some bright orange hair and you’re halfway there! Now all you need is the contact lenses to mimic his evil eyes. Style our Aqua Blue Ice Walker Lenses with your Chucky makeup as the finishing touch to bring the whole look together. Take a look at our affiliates in action!


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@Mulan_mtz has created realistic-looking scars and cuts with her makeup and opted for a beat-up Chucky Doll with a gruesome black eye. If you’re looking for a Child’s Play Chucky makeup with an edge then why not take a look at @wink818’s punk-glam angle to her doll costume.



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Our white blind colored contacts are a perfect addition to a Chucky doll look as demonstrated by @HollyMurrayMakeup. If sinister Halloween makeup is more your style, then take a leaf out of Holly’s book and use one white blind contact Lens with some fake blood and body paint.



Why not try a pair of Natural colored contacts for your Chucky cosplay? @sarahmagicmakeup has used our Natural Blue Coloured Lenses for her Chucky costume. Complete with a devilish smile, ginger wig and SFX stitched up face.



Costume contacts are ideal for fancy dress and Halloween parties. Browse our range of costume lenses HERE.

For more creepy costume ideas, take a look at our spooky doll blog.


Freddy Krueger Coloured Contacts

One, two Freddy’s coming for you …

Nightmare on Elm Street is one of our favorite films and spooky Freddy Krueger is an instantly recognizable villain. His textured, burned skin is fun to create with makeup and body paints, as demonstrated by @fx_freak. Her rendition of Freddy uses our Green UV Coloured Contacts for a bright eye. She also wears bladed gloves and a fedora hat just as Freddy does. Ultra Violet Lenses are a great addition to any Halloween costume and will be the talk of any party!


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How do you dress up as Freddy Krueger?

You’ll need a green and red striped jumper, fedora hat, razor glove, and some special effect Freddy Krueger colored contact lenses. Embody Freddy with some special effects makeup to recreate his burned skin and choose a pair of green contact lenses.

@Mulan_mtz has also created a Freddy Krueger look with our spooky colored contacts. With one White Blind lens and one Red Crazy Clown Lens, this Freddy-inspired makeup is a showstopper. She too has the Krueger hat and gloves for some extra character details.


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Why not try using our white colored contacts in your Freddy Krueger Makeup? @mua_theresa has used blind contact lenses for her glam style Freddy Krueger. With all the traditional Freddy accessories, Theresa has opted for glam eye makeup to go with her creepy Halloween costume!



Raise Some Hell with Pinhead Contact Lenses

We can’t talk about iconic horror movies without discussing the Hellraiser Trilogy. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, this character will still be very recognizable. The infamous Pinhead is a great character to re-enact for Halloween. With white skin, black eyes, and pins stuck into his head, this look is easy to create for the perfect Halloween costume.

It doesn’t get more iconic than the Hellraiser Trilogy. Check out how our affiliates incorporate colored contact lenses into their character cosplays.

@r.m.mua has created the Pinhead character using our Black Mini Sclera contacts for a totally demonic-looking eye. @r.m.mua has kept glamourous eye makeup and shiny lip for her Pinhead character makeup.



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@artbybmazz’s take on Pinhead features our Black Mini Sclera contacts with blue eyeshadow. Brenna has used cotton buds to recreate the nails! Check out her process below.



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Become Hannibal Lecter This Halloween

If you’re looking for a thriller of a Halloween costume, then why not try Hannibal Lecter makeup! @mulan_mtz has done just that with a pair of our Aqua Blue Ice Walker contacts. Mulan has created the iconic Hannibal mask and straight jacket with body paint and makeup for a realistic Hannibal Lecter costume. The Aqua Blue Coloured Lenses add a piercing stare to this look, matching the character’s intensity.


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Get Classic Monster Eyes

@rubymediamakeup has created Frankenstein’s Monster with a pair of our Yellow Avatar Coloured Contacts. With one half in glamourous natural makeup, and the other the gruesome face of Frankenstein’s Monster linked by some fake blood, this makeup really shows Ruby’s talents!


For a different take on Frankenstein’s Monster, why not take inspiration from @artbybmazz and create a mash-up of Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride and create the ultimate Halloween costume makeup! Brenna has taken elements of Frankenstein’s creature’s green skin and bolts and married it with his bride’s iconic hairstyle. One eye sports the Green Mad hatter Lens on the Lady Frankenstein side, whilst the other sports a White Manson Contact Lens. Get the best of both worlds this Halloween with a Frankenstein costume mash-up!



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