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Marilyn Manson Contact Lenses: Rockstar White Coloured Contacts

Marilyn Manson Contact Lenses: Rockstar White Coloured Contacts

Try out the ultimate creepy contacts look in some of our awesome Marilyn Manson Contact Lenses; find out everything you need to know about these colored contact lenses here!

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When it comes to iconic eyes, you would be hard pressed to find a pair more recognisable than those belonging to Marilyn Manson! This musical idol is one of many famous faces who regularly wears white contact lenses and he has really made them the signature of his look.

Marilyn Manson is one of the most well-known artists on the metal music scene, with a wealth of memorable hits like ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Tainted Love’, but even if you’re not a fan of his music, it’s impossible not to recognise those peepers!

Manson usually opts for one zombie contact lens, as opposed to wearing a pair, which is what gives him his unusual appearance; not only this but the colored lens he does wear has a very distinct design, only adding to his eccentricity. With a small black pupil, a milky pastel blue or white color that covers the natural iris and a black rim surround, the ‘Marilyn Manson contact lenses’ design gives your stare a steely, beady-eyed look that’ll shock any passer-by!

Known for his oppositional appearance and free-thinking, Manson is not one for following mainstream trends, so if you like to assert your own individual style too, Manson contact lenses might be just the accessory for you.

If you’re looking for Halloween contact lenses, the Manson style not only gives an authentic finish to any Manson costume, but their creepy effect also works brilliantly to emphasise any demon outfit or can even bring a dark witchy glare to your look. These zombie contact lenses can double up for plenty of other fancy dress costumes.

For Cosplay fans, these Manson contact lenses are great for replicating your favourite singer, so make sure your costume is the most realistic at the next convention by rocking a Manson look.

Check out @queenofluna with her version of Marilyn Manson's makeup and famous eye color. The color blend effect in the makeup is a very effective contrast for the single white cool contacts lenses.

 Manson Contact Lenses

At Coloured Contacts, we believe variety is the spice of life, so we don’t just offer ONE kind of Manson contact lens. If these accessories seem like the kind of transformation tool you’re after, make sure to check out our full selection to find the ideal pair. We have lots of Marilyn Manson inspired contact lenses to add to your fancy dress box including Manson contacts prescription. We are proud to be increasing our range of prescription colored contact lenses Halloween so we can be sure plenty of people have the opportunity to try new fancy dress costumes.

Marilyn Manson is rarely spotted out and about without his colored contact lenses, but it is not always the classic single white/blue lens he flaunts! This celebrity has also been known to rock red contacts and even black contact lenses, as well as a variety of different styles including spiral patterns and Sclera lenses that cover a large portion of the front of the eye. We love this guy’s out-there style and we’re confident our huge range of colorful contact lenses has everything you need to adopt his show-off stare for your next fancy dress event, party or even a night out!

Marilyn Manson Makeup Ideas

Take a look at @mothqueenmakeup above. Her makeup art includes painted clothing too! We love the matching blue eye makeup and tie. As you can see with the right colors and plenty of practice you could achieve something similar to our Instagram makeup artists.

We know that these celebrity contact lenses are anything but subtle, which is exactly why they come in single-use, 1 day wear durations, meaning you can experiment with an outlandish look for one night only and simply throw them away once you’re done! However, for those of you that are feeling brave, or those that love any excuse to dress up, we also have 90 day reusable options that you can flaunt again and again.

Don’t blend in with a natural stare, bring some Manson contact lenses to your look and feel all the Hollywood glamour of the main stage wherever you are; just watch out for the paparazzi!

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