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Contact Lens Tips: Colored Contacts Tutorial with Makeup Madhouse

Contact Lens Tips: Colored Contacts Tutorial with Makeup Madhouse

Check out our Makeup Madhouse collaboration video tutorial for contact lens tips and advice for those new to contact lenses.

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If you are new to contact lenses, then there’s always time for contact lens tips! We teamed up with Carrie Esser a.k.a. Makeup Madhouse who created this amazing tutorial for us. As a talented MUA and body painter, Carrie has used our coloured contact lenses in plenty of looks. In this video, she tells us about shopping with Coloured Contacts and shares some great tips for first-time contact wearers.

This is a perfect video for first-time customers with Coloured Contacts. It is hugely important for us to educate customers on the health and safety aspects of wearing coloured contacts. If you have never worn coloured contacts before, then there is plenty of advice to take from this video! Here are some of the main aspects we think this video really helps with.

Opening Contact Lenses for the First Time

Opening your coloured contacts for the first time can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before – what to do first? We always recommend reading guides such as this one, and any included instructions before opening the packaging to the lenses themselves. It may seem obvious, but you should always wash your hands before handling the contacts – we can never stress this enough!

The clip clearly shows the need to delicately and hygienically handle your coloured contact lenses. The lenses are very thin and delicate, so can be easily susceptible to breakage and tears if mishandled. Carefully remove the lenses from the packaging and gently place them in cases with some eye care solution. Leave to soak for at least two hours before attempting insertion.

Are My Contact Lenses Inside Out?

Checking if contact lenses are inside out is a common practice which we encourage first-time contact lens users to work into their contact lens regime. Contact lenses are shaped in a particular way in order to fit the rounded shape of the eye if a lens is inside out it will not sit comfortably and may cause some discomfort. There are some ways you can check if a lens is inside out or not.

As Carrie demonstrates here, the contact lens should form a perfect bowl shape. If the rims of the lens bow outwards, then the contact lens is more than likely inside out. As you gain more experience with coloured contacts, you will get better at noticing if the contact lens is the right way up.

Promoting the Safe Use of Coloured Contacts

We think this video tutorial from Makeup Madhouse shows how contact lenses can be both safe and hygienic whilst being fun to use. Cleanliness is key for the smooth and successful use of our coloured contacts. Even if you’re using contacts as a one-off for Halloween or a special event, then it is still important to watch tutorials such as this to ensure you a safe Halloween contact lenses experience!

Meet Makeup Madhouse

Carrie is a hugely talented makeup artist who has used our lenses to create many incredible looks. As a long-term MUA, she certainly knows a thing or two about getting creative! We are delighted that she uses our lenses in so many of her creations. To see more of her work, make sure to find and follow her on the social media accounts below.

For even more makeup madness, then the official Makeup Madhouse website is the place to be! For her full portfolio and more details on the work Carrie does, then make sure to head over to!