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Storage Essential
Storage Essential
A must-have storage solution for longer duration lenses, the solution will keep your lenses feeling fresh for longer.
Universal Fit Case
Universal Fit Case
A perfect size for storing coloured contact lenses.  
Sealed Protection
Sealed Protection
Keeps lenses locked away and free from bacteri


SKU 123876
Color Pink
Prescription / Corrective Lens No


Get your contact lens storage collection off to a sweet start with the Dark Pink Cupcake Contact Lens Case.

If you need somewhere to store your contact lenses when you travel or just need to keep them safe when you aren’t wearing them, then a contact lens case is a must have. This case is made from plastic and features a screw top to keep your lenses secure.

Perfect for one pair of lenses, the Dark Pink Cupcake Contact Lens Case is a wonderfully cute travel companion. 

Contact Lens Cases Essential Info:

For Storing One Pair of Lenses
Screw Top
Made From Plastic

Contact Lens Hygiene Tips & Tricks:

Cleaning your lens case is just as important as cleaning your contact lenses in order to prevent dust and bacteria building up. It is important to wash your case regularly with lens solution when storing 90 day or 1 year lenses in a contact lens case. Never wash with water because unwanted bacteria may increase your risk of eye infections. Routinely cleaning your lens case and contact lenses ensures your products are always ready and safe for use. Contact lens cases are essential for ensuring your lenses and your eyes stay clean and healthy.