Going Green With Coloured Contacts!

Going Green With Coloured Contacts!

Are you tired of your existing eye colour? Are you in need of a new style to switch up your look? If so, then why not check out our extensive range of Green coloured contact lenses here at Coloured Contacts! Perfect for any occasion, whether on a daily basis or as part of a fancy dress ensemble - you can rest assured that your look is guaranteed to stand out! 

So, whether you're seeking a plain, solid style to switch up your gaze, or are searching for a dazzling pair of intricately design lenses to wow the crowd - we've got exactly what you need! 

Single/Double/Tri-Tone Lenses

For those seeking a look that's both soft and a little more natural, then why not check out our extensive range of One Tone, Two Tone, Tri Tone Green Lenses. With their realistic appearance, everyone you know will be questioning your real eye colour! Ideal for transforming your day to day look, green coloured eyes are known to work well with Gold and Brown coloured eye shadows - creating that golden autumnal gaze! However, if you're not shy to bold colours, then green peepers also look stunning when paired with vibrant pinks and green coloured eye makeup! The sky really is the limit when it comes to experimenting! 

Mystic and Glimmer Styled Lenses

If you're seeking a gaze that's a little more mysterious, tempting, and intriguing, then why not pair your everyday look with a pair of Glimmer or Mystic style lenses! With their complex and enticing structure, these lenses are bound to suck everyone into your gaze! Boasting both glamour and comfort, these lenses are the perfect choice for those looking to boost their look. Again, perfect with eye shadows of a more natural shade (allowing your eyes to really do the talking) these lenses also work well with contrasting colours such as blue and even green. Portraying an expansion of your eye colour, using such colours will definitely ensure your look gets the attention it so rightly deserves!

Cosplay and Fancy Dress Ideas

We totally understand that Contact Lenses aren't just for everyday use, many people turn to lenses as a way of completing their fancy dress ensembles, or wildest style desires! So what better way to transform your look than with a stunning pair of green lenses! Whether you're dressing up as a mystical forest creature, or are going for an anime-inspired look, what better way to complete it than with a pair of contacts! The possibilities don't end there though! For those seeking something a little more 'out-there' then a pair of green contact lenses are the perfect accessory for Superhero fans looking to channel their inner Hulk, or those that fancy something a little more wild - combining a pair of green cat's eye lenses with your ferocious outfit is one sure way to cause a storm! 

With a broad range of Big Eye, Dolly, and Ultra-Violet Lenses we've got lenses to suit any occasion! For those that enjoy Cosplay, why not tailor your costume to your exact liking with our extensive range of bold and vibrant green lenses

So, whether you're simply searching for a new way to switch up your style, or are in need of a pair of vibrant green lenses to complete the ensemble of your dreams - we've got everything you need at only a click away! Why settle for your natural eye colour when you can step out in true unique, alternative, and funky fashion with a pair of coloured contacts! Guaranteed to keep your eyes well moisturised and in complete comfort, you'd be silly not to give them a try! 

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Going Green With Coloured Contacts!

Going Green With Coloured Contacts!

Seeking some natural, vibrant looking peepers? If so, then it's time you checked out our range of stunning green coloured contact lenses!

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