League of Legends Cosplay Is Easy With Coloured Contacts

League of Legends Cosplay Is Easy With Coloured Contacts

League of Legends Cosplay is a highly popular choice of costume for all players and fans of the huge online PC game. Dressing up as your favourite champion, jungle creature or minion is a super fun way to celebrate your love for the worldwide famous MOBA game. We love everything League of Legends and want all your Cosplayers to have an awesome new LOL Cosplay look. Prepare for your next Cosplay event, League tournament with a new pair of character lenses. Anything is possible when you use coloured contacts!

Lock In Your New League Of Legends Cosplay Lenses

With a huge number of playable champions and various skins, there are plenty of LOL Cosplay options to choose from and even more lenses to match with them. No matter what your role on the Summoner’s Rift, there will be a style of lenses ready for your next Cosplay costume. Ready yourself and create the ULTIMATE look with a new pair of Cosplay lenses – your new League of Legends Cosplay will be out of this world!

Our awesomely talented affiliate Instagram user @irina_sabetskaya has already been going crazy with a pair of Purple Violet Solar Lenses – check out this awesome Jinx Cosplay makeup look! Click the photo or link below to check out more of her work!

Image Credit: @irina_sabetskaya

Jinx League of Legends Cosplays are a highly popular choice of costume. Your next Jinx outfit won’t be complete without a pair of pink or purple lenses! You’re sure to look the part of the rocket-toting madwoman with a pair of these Cosplay lenses in your makeup bag.

Here are some lenses that would be perfect for a Jinx League of Legends cosplay! They include Enchanted Lenses, Purple Violet One Tone, Purple Violet Tri Tone and Purple Violet Mystic Lenses.

Cosplay Lenses Make For Magical Makeup Looks

If you can’t get enough of running it down mid, then we’ve got plenty of lenses suitable for all your favourite gaming characters. There’s a whole host of lenses that will work with plenty of LOL Cosplay female characters and a few awesome male characters too! Achieve some Cosplay magical mastery with some of these lenses. Here are some of our favourites League lenses to inspire your costume ideas!

Our favourites specific styles include:

  • Syndra – the Dark Sovereign herself is a perfect match for the Purple Violet UV i-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses. She may rely on her glowing purple orbs for her power, but all attention will be on your eyes with this pair of purple lenses which glow in the dark!
  • Orianna – the Lady of Clockwork is a perfect match for some of our robotic style lenses. A Cosplay of this cold-hearted machine will be perfectly matched with some of our Terminator style lenses. The Bionic Eye Terminator Lenses are sure to bring any Orianna Cosplays to life!
  • Ahri – the Nine-Tailed Fox is certainly a hard look to pull off, but with a pair of awesome lenses, this League of Legends Cosplay can be taken to a whole new level. Why not check out a pair of the Yellow Cat’s Eye Lenses to complete your Ahri-look?

Of course, the possibilities are endless so why stop there? Don’t forget the glowing eyes of Malzahar, Kled's one blind eye, or the fiery styles of Brand or Annie. You can always have fun with mage League of Legends Cosplay – why not give it a go for yourself.

Make Your New LOL Cosplay Happen with Coloured Contacts!

There are just too many characters to name when it comes to experimenting with all the possible lenses you can wear with different League champions. Come and have a look at the awesome selection of lenses we have on our online store to find something that works for you! Get creative and try out some new eye colours! 

Got an awesome League of Legends Cosplay look starring some of our coloured contact lenses? Then we want to see it! Come and find us on social media and share your photo with us - we are always looking to post about new awesome styles! Check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Make sure you use the #myccuklenses hashtag when sharing your lenses with us. GL & HF with our coloured contact lenses!

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League of Legends Cosplay Is Easy With Coloured Contacts

League of Legends Cosplay Is Easy With Coloured Contacts

Take your League of Legends Cosplay to whole new levels with a pair of coloured contact lenses. Check out some League of Legends costume inspiration and pick out some new perfect Cosplay lenses for...

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