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Transforming your eye color is easy with a pair of colored contact lenses no prescription! With no corrective features or altered visual effects, these plano lenses are suited for all. Whilst customers should still check with an optician as to their contact lens suitability, the non prescriptive qualities of these colored eye contacts make general wear all too easy!

You’ve found an ideal place to shop lenses with Coloured Contacts. We’re confident in saying that we stock some of the best non prescription colored contacts available on the web! Our lenses allow for vibrant and alternative eye color transformations as well as high quality non prescription Halloween contacts. Add some extra detail to your favourite costume or transform your everyday natural look.

So, you’ve got a big Cosplay convention coming up, Halloween’s round the corner or your just plain fed-up of your natural eye color, right? Well you can quit scratching your head wondering ‘where to get colored contacts non prescription’ and take a look through our expansive contacts selection! With a broad range of styles equal to that of Walmart, Walgreens, Boots or Amazon, you’re sure to be suitably impressed.

Colored Contact Lenses No Prescription Necessary!

As our expansive selection of lenses is non-prescriptive, you can pick up a pair and wear instantly. However, despite not needing a prescription, we still do recommend a visit to the opticians. Some eye conditions and shapes make even the simplest non prescription colored contacts unsuitable for use. We strongly advise that customers check their suitability before any lens purchase. If everything’s approved, then the non prescription lens style and costume journey can well and truly begin.

Customers in the United States should also be aware that you will need to complete and Rx verification check before buying any color contact lenses without prescription USA. This system requires each purchase to receive optician approval in order to complete the transaction. To avoid disappointment, make sure to check-in with your eye care specialist before you buy color contacts online. Some customers with specific eye conditions will experience discomfort if they try to wear lenses, so keep it safe, and get checked out!

American shoppers need also know that our cheap color contacts are all FDA approved. This makes them medical devices that are safe, medically approved and are made from high-quality materials. So you are not only picking up stylish Halloween colored contacts when you shop with us, but you’re also getting well-made products which are manufactured to strict regulations.

However, our spiel on contact lens health and safety goes beyond checking suitability with your optician. Eye health is of paramount importance and we want all of our non prescription colored contact lens users to keep their eyes in tip top condition. Customers should always follow these steps when using our lenses.

  1. Keep Hands, Surfaces and the Lenses themselves clean during insertion and removal, this avoids the build up of bacteria and keeps unwanted dirt away from the eye and the lens itself.
  2. Keep your Eye Care Solution Set handy, as you’ll want to soak the non prescription lenses for at least two hours before wear. Never wash lenses in anything other than the eye care solution.
  3. Never wear colored contact lenses during contact sports or while swimming. Also remove them prior to bathing and showering.
  4. Never wear contact lenses past the recommended duration date, strictly follow the guidance included on the packaging.
  5. If you suspect that a pair of lenses is damaged, unclean or compromised in any way, then don’t try to wear them or use them – it’s really not worth it!

Just because these are colored contact lenses no prescription it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. To have the best time with your lenses, always make sure to keep ‘em clean and use with care!

The Place To Be For Non Prescription Colored Contacts UK!

In case you’ve not realised already, you’ve discovered one of the most reliable places on the web to buy non prescription colored contact lenses. We offer speedy delivery at competitive rates and even ship to the US! If you’re looking for the best natural effect lenses, or even the most fake colored contacts, then will have everything covered!

Speaking of having everything covered, let us tell you about the way our lenses are made. All made to regulation, the high quality polyhema used in lens construction allows for comfy, prolonged wear that keeps your eyes feeling fresh and hydrated. The high quality lens pigment used to color the lenses mean that all lenses are non prescription colored contacts for dark eyes. Let us put your worries of dark eyes not being covered when we say the pigment used in our lenses will even cover brown eyes!

With so many styles to try out, we understand that finding cheap colored contacts is a top priority. All of our lenses are affordably and competitively priced, so you can try out new and exciting contact lens styles without breaking the bank! In desperate need of a new pair of costume contact lenses, then make sure to check out some of our next day delivery options for a speedier service.

You can easily pick up a pair of prescription colored contact lenses if needed, but if you’re looking for pairs with no corrective qualities then let us introduce you to some of our best styles available. For slick styles and awesome looks, make sure you check out our Halloween section! Full to the brim with FDA approved Halloween lenses, you won’t want to get colored contact lenses no prescription anywhere else!