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If you are looking for hazel contact lenses, our wide range of hazel fashion contact lenses is sure to have something for you. Colored contact lenses are a great way to change your eye color and transform your whole look. If you’re looking to transform your look with a new color iris, hazel colored contacts can make switching up your style an easy task.

A shade of hazel offers an eye color that is lighter and brighter than your normal shade of brown. If you feel your style is in need of brightening up, then some light brown contacts are sure to do the trick. A new shade could completely change your lifestyle and how you look. Introducing a new color into your ensemble could mean a new hair color and wardrobe. Whatever your fashion plans Colored Contacts has you and your gaze equipped for every possibility!

Our hazel colored contact lens range includes both non prescription and prescription options available. This means even customers with corrective eye requirements can enjoy a brand new eye color. You can pick the exact prescription for each eye when you purchase. Just because hazel contacts no prescription are such a popular choice, it doesn’t mean that those who require corrective lenses shouldn’t be able to get in on the fun! Make sure to check out the hazel contacts prescription available.

Buy Hazel Colored Contact Lenses Online

Looking for a sophisticated look to complement either your daily outfit or even your party wear? Then look no further than Coloured Contact's range of hazel lenses! Even amongst such a specific shade, you can find so many options of shades and styles. Transform your eyes with our captivating natural hazel contacts. Check out some of the popular types below:

  • Pure Hazel Contacts – a shade of pure hazel is always sought after when it comes to colored contact lenses that look real. The simpler one tone shades of this style can give awesome transformations, where subtly is most certainly key. This pure look is sure to keep your style feeling fresh and fabulous.
  • Hazel Green Contacts – natural lighter brown eye colors are often seen containing flecks of green, which is why you may discover some green undertones in our detailed designs. This finish will add to the overall effect making your new eye color look more realistic whilst giving your stare more depth.
  • Honey Hazel Contact Lenses – for a sweeter touch to your stare, a warmer honey brown color is sure to attract all kinds of attention. Perhaps a multi tonal effect or even a style of own Glimmer lenses will add an even lighter shade of brown to your already standout ensemble.
  • Dark Hazel Contact Lenses – if you are seeking a darker shade of hazel lens then it may be better to have a look through our Brown Contact Lenses section. However, there are dark hazels available, some with the green tones specified above to add a touch more contrast.

There are various styles you can choose when shopping our collection of hazel colored contact lenses. Our One Tone hazelcoloredd lens is ideal for those seeking to reinvent their look. With subtle hazel tones, these lenses are super realistic and natural looking, rounding off any look you're going for - as part of your daily outfit or evening wear! If you're seeking something with a little more intensity then rest assured, our range of Two and Three Tone lenses are sure to quench your thirst! Slightly more complex looking than the Single Tone lenses, these intricate looking hazel lenses will be sure to captivate all that catch your eye!

Not one for subtlety we hear you say? Then fear not, the range of available light brown contacts doesn't end there! If you're seeking a pair of lenses that ensures your look stands out from the crowd, then why not check out our range of Big Eye Lenses we have available. Providing your stare with that little extra dramatic definition, these lenses will ensure your gaze isn't missed!

With a huge range of hazel colored lenses available, we boast one of the largest brown contact lenses selections online, with natural looking lenses available in unique designs. Worried that those hazel contact lenses might not suit you? You might be surprised! Because of the natural shades used, these hazel contact lenses look great on anyone with darker skin or even those with a paler complexion.

Picking The Perfect Hazel Contact Lens

We are constantly asked whether hazel contact lenses on brown eyes is a possibility, which is why we have created specialized blog posts to answer just that! With specific, more opaque, styles it is possible to cover up your darker brown eyes. Because our lenses are rich in color, you can ever wear hazel contacts for dark eyes and light hazel contacts on previously brown eyes to create that perfect tawny shade of hazel. These highly pigmented colored contact lenses will ensure that you get the best color coverage to create a convincing new look.

All of our hazel shades are invented with such rich pigment that they have the same effect on brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, and every other color you can think of! Anything can be possible for brown eyed customers when they get hazel colored contact lenses. Check out our For Dark Eyes blog posts for more information.

Some styles in our range offer a color enhancement, rather than full coverage. If you’re craving a few splashes of color in your eyes, then some of our light hazel contacts might be more to your taste. They can add a few more tones of color to your iris which allows for a subtle transformation. This can add more depth to your stare with additional tones and colors. You can get even more from a hazel eye lens when you know what the style entails and what effect it’ll have on your current eye color.

With our Virtual Mirror try onfeature, you can see what each hazel lens might look like before they make it into your eyes. As well as this, we have plenty of blogs and ideas for when it comes to eye makeup and styling your new lenses. There are plenty of neat features you can use to help decide which contacts are the best for you. So, there really is no reason you can't flaunt those pure hazel eyes you've always longed for.

You can choose your lenses based on how long you would like them to last. We stock different types of contact lenses that are available in various durations of wear, giving you the option to change your eyes for 1 day, 90 days or even 1 year; perfect for people who want a no-strings fling with a new color, or for anyone who wants to have a hazel hue time and time again. So, you have the option of a no-strings attached, once-off wear and everything in between!

Our multipacks of hazel brown lenses are perfect for those who want a new eye color for longer, but don’t want the hassle of day-to-day maintenance. Whilst preparing and caring for the lenses before use is still an essential factor, daily disposables mean that you can dispose of them after one use.

Hazel Contacts for All Eye Colors

If you're wondering what hazel contact lenses on brown eyes would look like, or maybe you're keen to try hazel contacts on blue eyes, our highly pigmented colored contact lenses will ensure that you get the best color coverage to create a convincing new look.

Whether you're seeking a pair of hazel lenses to fulfil your lengthy dream of having hazel or light brown colored eyes, or whether you're seeking the finishing touch to your impromptu party ensemble - Coloured Contacts has you covered!

The natural look of hazel contact lenses means they also coordinate with any outfit for any occasion! So you can even play it subtle by wearing a new eye color to work every day, or flirt with a new look at the weekends. So, if you've been dreaming of having pair of warming, copper autumnal eyes - then hazel lenses are most definitely for you! Don't delay; get your hands on a pair of these stunning, cost effective lenses to complete your dream look!

So, what are you waiting for? Don't delay... Check out the vast range of light brown hazel contacts available here at Coloured Contacts! We've got all your needs covered, whether it's fancy dress accessories that you seek, or that finishing touch to your daily ensemble, we're confident we've got what you're searching for. We offer fast and efficient delivery to the UK with plenty of options on how you can get your lenses to you.