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  • Aqua

    In our Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses section, we have a variety of different styles that you can use to complete your look. For those who have always wondered can you get colored contacts for prescription, the answer is yes and at Coloured Contacts we have the best quality of contact lenses. We have worked hard to make sure that all of our colored contacts are tested for safety and efficiency. Now you can enjoy the effects of an awesome looking lens that will also help to correct your vision. For many, the addition of colored contact lenses will either require the use of glasses or they will try to deal with their lack of precise vision in order to look stylish. We’re happy to provide a different option that doesn’t involve any compromising.

    From the many options available, the Aqua contact lenses that we have in the prescription section are all brilliantly designed and look fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a novelty lens that will complete a Cosplay costume or just looking for a natural eye color for everyday use, we have what you need. People across the world are getting the most out of their colored contact lenses and you should too. With plenty of shipping options, you can enjoy a new pair of fashion lenses wherever you are!

    So if the idea of a quality pair of Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses sounds good to you, you will next need to decide on the style and design of the lenses. Check out this cool little list of some of the designs you can expect to see in our prescription section.

    Natural Looking Contact Lenses

    • Aqua Blue Tri Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses – When it comes to prescription colored contacts the natural colors will allow you to easily wear these contact lenses everyday and people will believe you have an aqua blue eye color. The best part about natural lenses is that you can wear them daily without an issue or wear them for a special occasion like a Halloween or Cosplay costume if your choice of character has normal blue eyes. These lenses feature an aqua blue flecked design to mimic the eye as well as small black and brown rings around the iris and pupil. The multiple colors create a more realistic style of eye as many people have more than one tone in their eyes.

    Novelty Looking Contact Lenses

    • Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Colored Prescription Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for Halloween Contact Lenses then you will love the style of these Cat eye lenses. These aqua blue lenses have a vertical pupil for an animalistic appearance. You can wear these as part of a Cat fancy dress costume but you’re not constricted to just one costume. If you want to add these to a Werewolf, Dragon, or Demon costume, they will look suitably scary. Enjoy using your imagination to create a Halloween costume that will be complete with a pair of these cheap colored contacts.
    • Aqua Glamour Colored Prescription Contact Lenses – These contact lenses feature a multicolored effect. With an aqua blue ring around the iris and the off white sun shape in the middle. These are perfect for those who want to look spooky on Halloween with some zombie contact lenses. You can enjoy these as a great novelty design. You will also look like the perfect anime character if you add these to a suitable Cosplay fancy dress costume. For those who’re looking at prescription colored contact lenses Halloween is the most important opportunity to show off. Make sure to grab these for your next Halloween party.

    Get Prescription Colored Contact Lenses at Coloured Contacts

    All of our lenses are FDA approved to guarantee they are completely safe to use and that the material is of the highest quality. We make sure that we’re selling the safest prescription contact lenses UK. So check them out for yourself. They’re easy to take care of by cleaning with our contact lens solution and we also sell contact lens cases so you can keep your contact lenses safe and clean. Some of our cases also come with an insert wand and tweezers so you can clean them without risk of transferring dirt or bacteria from your hand to your eye. All of this is available because we want to keep your eyes feeling healthy.

    The colors that we use on our lenses come from a high quality pigment that creates an opaque contact lens so if you’re worried that your eye color will be visible underneath the lens, then you can rest assured that our lenses will keep them covered. Getting prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes has never been easier now that Coloured Contacts is here to sort everything out. Our contacts also come in a variety of durations, so if you’re looking to wear daily colored contact lenses or one that last a little longer, we have options for 1 Day, 90 Day, and 1 Year.

    Now that you know how great all of our contact lenses are, you can order contact lenses online and we will deliver them straight to your door. All you have to do is keep them clean and wear them to parties or when you go outside. When you’re ordering, you will select the prescription that your optometrist provides so that you can see clearly without the need for glasses. So if you’re thinking that you’d like a special pair of colored contact lenses that will help correct your vision while looking great. Check out our prescription contact lens section to see which style suits you best.

    We’re always adding new Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses so be sure to keep checking for new options. If you’re dedicated to getting a quality looking Aqua Blue color in your eyes then we will keep providing you with everything you need. Coloured Contact is the best place for color contact lenses UK so try out our lenses today.

  • Blue

    Make sure your short sighted vision doesn’t shorten the possibility of grabbing yourself a beautiful new eye color with a pair of our blue prescription contact lenses.

    As one of the best places to get yourself a pair of coloured contact lenses, we make it available for you to get your hands on a huge variety of different contacts so you’ll be able to find some prescription colored lenses to match the very style you’re looking for. No matter whether it’s some gorgeous costume contact lenses or a pair of natural look coloured contacts to give your eyes the cosmetic definition you’ve been dying to show off, we have all the colours and styles of colored prescription contact lenses you can dream of!

    That being said, if you every wonder ‘can you get colored contact lenses for prescription’ or other queries such as ‘where can I get colored contact lenses UK’; the best and only place to go is always Coloured Contacts!  

    Brilliant Blue Prescription Contact Lenses For All

    Here at Coloured Contacts we strive on giving you one of the biggest and most diverse sections of coloured lenses available, offering you amazing styles at affordable prices. One of our favourite ranges within our new range of prescription colored contact lenses are our gorgeous and vibrant blue prescription contacts, and they are absolutely stunning!

    If you’re sick of your current eye colour and have been dying to switch up your look in a couple of minutes, you’ve come to the right place! Within our range of blue colored prescription contacts we’ve got absolutely dozens of styles and colors. Even if it’s a specific shade of blue you’re looking for you’re almost sure to find it on the Coloured Contacts website. We make sure to stock one of the biggest selection of color variants so if you’ve got a massive event planned and you’re in dire need of colored prescription contact lenses, you’ll be able to find scarily bright blue blind effect eyes or even a gorgeous dark shade of sapphire blue lenses to draw some attention to your gorgeous peepers when you’re out shopping.

    Looking for some more outrageous blue contact lens styles though? We also have gorgeous coloured lenses that can be used for a variety of spooky costume ideas such as gorgeous eye catching animal contact lenses and even some funky glitter effect prescription colored contacts to add some much needed glimmer to your eyes.

    By now however you’re thinking to yourself ‘Why should I choose Coloured Contacts to give me award winning style choices’?  Well, let us tell you. We guarantee that all of our prescription colored contact lenses will feature stunning eye catching colors and styles, but they will also look amazing no matter what natural eye color you have. We make sure that all of our lenses feature strong color pigmentations so that if you’re looking to get yourself some prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes, you can rest assured that the dazzling blue will still look gorgeous and true without a peep from your natural eye shade.

    If that hasn’t got you excited enough for our new prescription contact lens range then this next bit definitely will. Not only do we sell some of the best prescription contact lenses cheap, but we also have them in a variety of different powers and durations!  Are you looking for some gorgeous blue prescription contacts that last for a total of 90 Day’s once opened and can correct your short sighted vision? You’ve come to the right place. Do you have the common issue when buying lenses that you’re forced to buy 2 sets due to the different prescriptions needed for your left and right eyes? Then don’t worry! Simply visit one of our prescription colored lenses and choose the prescription for each eye separately and we’ll send your custom order straight to your door!

    Safe, High Quality and Durable Corrective Contact Lenses

    Although we don’t have toric coloured contacts, our prescription lenses are some of the best around. As well as providing you with the best colors and styles on the market, one of the most important attributes to our unique prescription colored contact lenses has to be the fact that we make sure all of our lenses from daily to yearly all receive an FDA approval rating.

    The FDA approval rating is given due to the high quality manufacturing process that all of our prescription contacts are subjugated too.  As our high quality lenses are classed as medical devices, we make sure that all of our colored contact lenses will always be made of some of the highest quality materials available, feature incredible durability and comfort so you can wear them for long periods of without trouble; but most importantly they must be completely safe.

    That’s why if you shop with Coloured Contact lenses you will be able to grab yourself a pair of our corrective prescription contact lenses and give yourself a pleasant and stylish contact lens experience every time you change your style!  

  • Brown

    If you’ve been dying to switch up your look with a different, stylish, natural new eye colour; you’ll love the range of brown coloured contacts prescription lenses which we now stock!

    There’s no doubt that you’ve looked through our extensive online website and realised that we’ve got some of the best styles of colored contact lenses to update your ever changing look. There has been a huge rise in new and colourful contact lens fashions and trends such as natural look contact lenses and costume contact lenses. As well as the cosmetic-use-only options, you can now also pick up prescription contact lenses to enhance your look. Here at Coloured Contacts we aim to make sure that anyone who wants to try out the best coloured contacts to get the latest and greatest styles can do so without a thing holding you back!

    Don’t believe us? By shopping on our whole website you’ll now be able to find a range of prescriptions colored contact lenses with quality and comfort that is leagues ahead of some other brands! But most importantly; always at incredibly affordable prices.

    Update Your Style And Get Your Brown Colored Contacts Prescription

    Here at Coloured Contacts we always give you an astonishing selection of choice when it comes to new a pair of lenses for your peepers. But if you’ve been looking to get yourself a new natural looking eye color in a deep hazel brown, you’ve come to the right place. But the best thing about these lenses is that they are now available in our incredible prescription colored contacts varieties. This means that if you’ve been suffering with short sighted vision and need to rely on your corrective lenses; your style will no longer have to suffer either. 

    An issue that becomes apparent to many of us when trying to get themselves a pair of prescription colored contacts is that if you have a prescription that consist of a different power for each of your eyes, you will need to buy two pairs of lenses. Not at Coloured Contacts. Simply visit our website and select the exact pair of prescription colored contact lenses you want and then choose from the power required for each individual eye. Meaning you can save money and have a little spare to treat yourself to another pair prescription contacts when a big occasion comes around!

    But besides this, what makes our colored contact lenses and brown colored contacts prescriptions so much better than others on the market? Let us tell you. Throughout the lenses on our website, as well as featuring some outstanding and incredible designs, you’ll notice that the contacts prescription lenses will have deep and impressive colors with every pair. This is because we use some of the strongest color pigmentations available, so that if you grab yourself a pair of our brown colored prescription lenses, you’ll be able to have a deep brown hue without a wink from your natural eye color! The best colored contact lenses for a natural look that’s out of this world!

    But that’s not the only high quality attribute to our amazing prescription and non prescription coloured contact lenses. You’ll also be able to rest assured that if you buy a pair of lenses from us that they will be outstandingly safe for you to wear them for long intended durations and always be comfortable. That’s because all of our lenses feature an FDA approval rating, meaning that they are of the highest standards available. 

    Thinking of maintaining a dark new natural eye colour with a pair of our brown colored contacts prescription lenses? Then you’ll be pleased to know that our prescription colored contact lenses are available in 90 day varieties!

    High Quality FDA Approved Brown Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

    Although we don’t stock toric coloured contact lenses, you’ll still be able to find some amazing prescription lenses at a fraction of the price. You’ll also be able to shop from an incredible wide selection of lenses such as our blue prescription contacts as well as our creepy costume prescription contact lenses , all featuring some of the best styles going. 

    But as we mentioned previously in less detail, our brown prescription lenses all feature an incredible FDA approval rating. As our lenses all class as professional medical devices, we make sure that all of our contacts are subjugated to an intense manufacturing process, to make sure they are of the highest quality on the market. This ultimately means that your prescription lenses will feature high quality durable materials which make them incredibly comfortable for the whole length of their intended usage period and most importantly, safe.

    So make sure that if you’re updating your style with a new brown eye shade that you shop at Coloured Contacts for an amazing selection of safe prescription colored contact lenses. 

  • Costume

    As we’re sure you’ve seen the pure masses amount of extravagant styled contact lenses that we stock you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re now offering our very own prescription costume contact lenses.

    Recent fashion has shown colored contacts to become even more popular with many looking to novelty contact lenses as a way of bringing some extra glow into their look. If you want to grab yourself an extremely lifelike costume or even just blow away friends and family with a quirky new eye colour, there really is no better way than with a pair of our costume contact lenses!

    One of the most heart-breaking problems about trying to fit in with the crowd and give yourself a down right terrifying life like costume with a pair of lenses, is that other retailers do not accommodate those with impaired vision. That’s why if you’re looking for the best contact lenses prescription available, you always need to stick with Coloured Contacts! Our diverse new range of prescription novelty contact lenses mean that if you’ve been suffering from short sighted vision and have been unable to join in and grab yourself an amazing pair of our costume prescription contact lenses you’ll never have to worry again!

    Here at Coloured Contacts we always have our massive selection of colours and styles to fir your every need. If you’ve been looking for a perfect pair of coloured prescription contact lenses then you’re going to adore our new range of prescription contact lenses available on our website! Not only with these lenses correct your vision and make you look amazing, we’ve made our prescription contacts available in 90 day varieties, so if you keep them well maintained you’ll be able to wear them for months at a time!

    Get the Best Prescription Costume Contact Lenses Available

    When looking at getting yourself some prescription coloured contact lenses you’ll never find a set that can match the outstanding colours and styles available at Coloured Contacts. This especially true when you see the bright and colourful style and designs we make available to you. Many other retailers of these products will use cheap colour pigmentations so if you’re looking for prescription coloured contacts for dark eyes unfortunately your natural eye colour will always be present. However here at Coloured Contacts that will never be an issue as we make sure that our prescription costume contact lenses will always shine bright and true. That way if you’re looking at changing your big brown eyes to a glittery green you’ll have nothing to worry about!

    Another problem that occurs when getting you a Halloween contact lens prescription is that most companies require you to purchase a pair of prescription fancy dress contact lenses for each eye if they have separate prescription requirements, leaving you spending lots of money for one style. But not at Coloured Contacts! We allow you to choose coloured prescription contact lenses for each of your eyes separate prescriptions for the price of just one pair!

    All this sounds pretty unbelievable right? So what are you waiting for? Take a look at a few of our prescription costume contact lenses bellow and give yourself some inspiration:

    • Yellow Cat’s Eye Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for a pair of awesome animal styled lenses, these are you perfect option! Not only do they feature a vibrant yellow colour but they’re also available in multiple prescriptions!
    • White Mesh Halloween Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses - If you’re looking for a pair of prescription Halloween contact lenses or perhaps a spooky blind eye look you’ll love these! 
    • Blue Angelic Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – For a scary edge to your look great for a range of different costume contact lens styles these are a perfect all-round pair of contacts.

    Although have some pretty amazing prescription contact lenses available at the moment! If you consider yourself a fashionista, don’t forget to keep checking back so you’ll always be one step ahead of the costume contact lens trend!

    Safe and Comfortable Prescription Costume Contact Lenses

    Even though we have some of the best styled costume prescription contact lenses around the attribute that really makes them stand out leagues above other coloured contacts on the market is their unique FDA approval rating. This means that all of our lenses will feature some of the highest quality materials, outstanding comfort so they can be worn for long durations and all the crazy costumes you have planned. But the most important selling point to the lenses that are available through us here at Coloured Contacts is that they are extremely safe! Just grab one of our cool contact lens cases and solution kits and you’re ready to pull off an incredible fancy dress costume!

    If you’ve been dying to be a part of this amazing trend and get some new crazy eye contacts for yourself, then look no further than Coloured Contacts. We have the expertise and style to always offer you some of the funkiest and safe prescription contact lenses around!

  • Green

    Would you love the opportunity to change your eye colour? We change everything else about our appearance from clothes to hair so why not our eyes? Switch up your everyday look with a new pair of green prescription contact lenses. Changing eye colour can completely transform your look and is sure to open up plenty of wardrobe options. We haven’t even got to the best part! Our green contacts are now available as prescription lenses.

    You may be asking ‘can you get coloured contacts for prescription’? Here at Coloured Contacts, we like to give everyone the chance to try our fashion lenses which is why we stock a variety of cosmetic prescription contact lenses. We know you will want to get your prescription as accurate as possible which is why you can choose the power for each eye. If your glasses are cramping your style when you are in fancy dress or you feel like you have missed out on trying fashion lenses then you won’t feel left out for much longer! Search our prescription contact lenses range to find your perfect match.

    Prescription Green Contact Lenses

    Here at Colored Contacts, we have plenty of green colored contacts for you to try! From parties to Halloween to everyday natural lenses, we are sure to have a style to suit your needs. We know how important it is to get the details of your costume right, especially for cosplays so if you are fed up of choosing characters that wear glasses or feel like your frames are in the way then fashion lenses are the perfect solution. Not only can you ditch the specs but you can also match the eye color of your character. With so many colored prescription contact lenses UK to choose from we have plenty for you to browse.

    Check out our prescription colored contact lenses Halloween. There is nothing like giving someone a fright at a Halloween party or freaking out your friends when you go trick or treating. One thing we are sure of is a pair of spooky green contact lenses is sure to step up your costume to the next level. Imagine someone looking into your eyes and seeing a creepy zombie or goblin staring back!

    We make sure to use lenses with the highest quality pigmentation meaning our lenses can be worn as prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes. Whatever your natural eye color we know our lenses will give you full color coverage for that perfect green gaze.

    One of the bonuses of fashion lenses is you are able to achieve more vivid colors than a natural eye color. If you want to enhance your natural green eyes or are looking for a stand out pair of contacts then check out our bright green prescription contact lenses.

    We have all shades of green here at Colored Contacts. From dark greens to funky lime green prescription contact lenses you are sure to have plenty to choose from with our awesome green prescription contact lenses.

    Color Contact Lenses UK and Beyond

    We are starting to spread the word that we supply the best non prescriptioncolored contacts but we need your help to prove our prescription range is just as awesome and diverse. Why not look us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share your new look? We would love to see all your styles from natural everyday lenses to costumes.

    We love our contact lenses so much that we reckon Colored Contacts is just as good as colored prescription contact lenses boots and is sure to have more variety than colored prescription contact lenses Specsavers. All our contact lenses are FDA-approved so you can be sure that you will receive the best pair of lenses. Our lenses are soft, lightweight and breathable leaving your eyes comfortable and you free to enjoy the party!

    Like our non prescriptioncolored contacts, you may find your vision is slightly obscured. With contact lenses it is important to always put safety first. Before wearing a pair of prescription colored contact lenses it is essential you check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optician. If you have any questions or concerns the professionals are the best people to ask. Once you have established you are able to wear fashion lenses why not check out our blogs and how to guides for hints and tips on using lenses and which styles to try.

    Our prescription lenses vary in duration so you are sure to find lenses to suit you. Our daily colored contact lenses couldn’t be easier to care for. All you need to do is wear once and throw away. Make sure to keep everything clean while you insert your lenses to minimise the risk of infection. If you are looking for lenses to wear regularly for costumes and a change to your everyday style then why not check out our 90 day and 1 year contacts. These lenses do take more care and maintenance but as long as they are cleaned properly, are fully reusable. The time period begins from the first time you wear them. Check out our eye care solution and contact lens cases for a complete care kit. These are essential items for caring for your lenses and are easy to use.

    Running out of reasons not to try green prescription contact lenses? They give you a cool vibrant color and can be used for so many costumes! Become a forest fairy, greedy goblin or a natural beauty.

  • Gray

    Gray Prescription Contacts are often a little difficult to find, especially if you don’t want to compromise on quality. Many colored contacts sellers will either provide a prescription lens but will ignore the quality of the color or they will provide a solid color but without a prescription option. On some lenses with a prescription, you are actually buying tinted contact lenses instead of having a solid color. This often leads to dark eye colors bleeding into the colur, so what used to be Gray Colored Contacts become black. With all the different lenses on the market it may become a nightmare trying to find quality prescription colored contacts can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, if the hay was gray and straightened to look just like a needle.

    Getting Prescription Colored Contacts UK

    Fortunately for everyone, due to the demand for high quality prescription lenses, Coloured Contacts are now selling a range of colored prescription contact lenses that will leave everyone happy. When you see the quality of these lenses, you’ll only have eyes for us from now on. For years, our non prescription colored contact lenses have been the go to option for high quality color that works on brown and black eyes, but now that we have a range of prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out because of your vision.

    We understand that when you want to go out to a club, restaurant or just a friendly get together, you want to be able to swap up your style and add a little flare to your eyes. Going to that effort and then putting on glasses can distract from your initial intention. Many people find themselves in this situation and wonder can you get colored contacts for prescription? Well before there were few quality choices open to them. Thanks to some super special technology, we’ve managed to create solid color lenses that work on the darkest of eyes and still allow you to see clearly without a need for other vision correction.

    If you’re not looking for daily colored contact lenses you may instead have been creating a super accurate Cosplay costume that you want to finish off with a pair of colored contacts. Spending all that time and attention to detail can be frustrating when you either have to wear a pair of glasses over the whole outfit and ruin its authenticity, or maintain an accurate look but keep bumping into tables because your vision is blurry. This is a situation where a pair of prescription lenses becomes essential.

    Another similar situation would be during Halloween. You can spend hours fixing your make up to create a terrifying zombie or vampire appearance and the only extra item you need is a pair of lifeless gray eyes. Without a pair of Halloween prescription colored contact lenses you will find yourself in a sticky situation. Zombies and Vampires start to look a lot less scary when they have to wear a pair of glasses.

    Shop with Coloured Contacts For The Best Colored Contacts

    For whatever reason, our gray prescription contacts are an amazing option for your style. If you want to use a pair of gray lenses on black eyes to cover up that darkness, we can get it done on the daily. We understand that dark eye colors can be a little underwhelming and nothing is as unique as a pair of natural gray colored contacts to get the natural yet different look that compliments your everyday fashion. So if you’re looking for a natural look that you can use every day for 90 days, you should check out our Gray One Tone Prescription Lenses. The lens is a medium gray for the iris with a light gray speckled effect to replicate a natural eye. While wearing these it will look as if you were born with a super rare eye color.

    Alternatively you may want something a little bit special to add to your Halloween fancy dress costume. For instance, if you want to add some sparkle, the Silver Glimmer Prescription Contacts will make a glittering effect in your eye so you will shine out in the crowd of costumes. With an ever growing assortment of prescription colored contact lenses Halloween is guaranteed to get even better for you and your friends.

    All of our contacts have gone through the rigorous inspection and are FDA Approved so you know that they are completely safe and easy to use. It’s important that when you’re putting something in your eye that you know it’s going to work properly and not cause any damage, so don’t risk getting contacts from a source that isn’t approved by the FDA. Thanks to the special way that we have our contact lenses colored, the high quality pigments are completely opaque so your dark eye colors won’t be visible underneath the colored iris. Furthermore, the lightweight Polyhema material is made to stay breathable while wearing so you are comfortable while you spend the day looking incredible.

    The purchasing process is quick and simple; you just have to select your contact prescription from the drop down list of different powers so that you can see the same as if you were wearing a pair of your glasses or colorless contacts. The best part is that they are actually cheap colored contacts compared to other prescription lenses, and we also beat them on safety and color quality. There is no reason to shop anywhere else.

    So if you’re looking for a quality pair of gray prescription contacts, then be sure to check out our section dedicated to everything you need from a colored contact lens. You will be so in love with the way you look that you’ll wonder why you’ve haven’t been wearing them before now. Once you’ve decided on exactly what you’re looking to buy, be sure to check out the essential information in the description so you know everything before trying them out for yourself.

  • Halloween

    Are your glasses cramping your style at fancy dress parties? Then you need Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses! Not only will you be able to see clearly but you will have a creepy new style with prescription fancy dress contact lenses. We have plenty to choose from so you can transform yourself into a witch, zombie, vampire or werewolf. It is time to get creative and show off the fashion accessory that nobody else will be wearing. Dazzle your friends with some RX Halloween contact lenses.

    With Colored Contacts you can get your prescription just right with the ability to select a different strength for the left and right eye. Are you sick of your specs ruining your Halloween photoshoots? Then we are sure to become one of your favourite prescription Halloween contacts UK stockists. We will help you create all kinds of scary looks, from the seriously frightening prescription horror contact lenses to something a little more on the funny side of spooky. Whatever your scare style we will help you pull of the perfect costume!

    Looking for Contact Lenses Halloween Prescription?

    Halloween costumes can look seriously frightening with white prescription contact lenses. Give yourself a hollow soulless scare perfect for pulling off trick or treating. The White Mesh Halloween Colored Prescription Contact Lenses are sure to help you achieve this effect. These lenses completely cover the eye showing only dark minute squares to create the look of someone trapped in a possessed body. These prescription special effects contacts are part of the popular blind effects range which will completely cover your natural eye color and pupil but will leave you with vision. You can scare people for sure with this crazy effect and it proves just how vivid our pigmentation is. All the lenses at Colored Contact are made with the highest quality manufacturing process to ensure you get full color coverage no matter what you natural eye color. This leaves you free to enjoy startling your friends with your new lenses.

    Alternatively if you want to go for the creepy innocent style that is so popular in Horror films then why not try the blue angelic prescription colored contacts lenses. These bright blue lenses are sure to draw attention to your eyes and will give you the presence of a fairytale creature. These colored contacts don’t have to be used for just angel themed fancy dress. These could even be used as prescription zombie contact lenses uk due to their piercing blue color. It gives a freaky out of this world effect to the eyes. Want to turn from an angel to a devil? Then why not try red prescription contact lenses uk? You could even mix and match giving your character a split personality.

    Have you been watching all the vampire themed television programmes and films that have become so popular? Many of these programmes like to say that vampire’s eyes can sparkle and glimmer in order to hypnotise their victims. The silver glimmer colored prescription contact lenses will help you achieve this effect with ease. Finish off your gothic vampire outfit with a touch of silver, traditionally a harmful material to vampires. Become bloodsucking Dracula for the evening and lure in your prey with these dazzling lenses. These lenses are so diverse that you could come up with multiple costumes. Go for a more innocent ethereal look and become a spirit or angel. Whatever you choose, you are sure to look like there is magic behind your eyes!

    Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses Cheap And High Quality

    Sometimes with cheaper lenses you compromise the quality but we know how important eye health is which is why all our lenses are FDA-approved. This means you know you will be receiving lenses that are comfortable, soft and lightweight leaving your eyes free to breathe.

    To ensure that your eyes stay healthy we suggest talking to your eye doctor or optician for advice and guidance on using colored contact lenses. Here at Colored Contacts we have also created some helpful guides and blog posts if you need a little extra help. Not only do we discuss how to use our fashion contact lenses but we also have plenty of thoughts on styles and colors.

    Lasting from 1 day to 90 days to 1 year, you are sure to find the duration lenses to suit your needs. If you don’t want the hassle and fuss of caring for your lenses than the daily option is the one for you. You can use once and then throw away. If you want contacts that you can use again and again then the 90 days or 1 year lenses can be reused and are easy to care for. All you need is some eye care solution and a lens case to help you keep your colored contacts clean.

    Colored Contacts are one of the best retailers of Halloween contact lenses because our lenses are affordable and high quality. This leaves you with some spare cash to spend on other accessories! We know that the best costumes are created with attention to detail so it can’t get much more detailed than matching your eye color with your favourite character. Our quirky lens styles are sure to rival AmazoneBay and Specsavers Halloween contact lenses in price and quality. What are you waiting for? Take your costume game to the next level with the ultimate fancy dress accessory and try out prescription Halloween contact lenses!

  • Natural

    Always feeling left out when your friends try fashion contact lenses? At Colored Contacts we think everyone should be able to wear cool colored eye contacts, which is why we now have an awesome range of natural prescription contacts lenses.

    If your mates are always talking about their natural non prescription contact lenses while you are wishing you could ditch your glasses for the day then this is sure to be the most exciting news. Stop the press! Colored Contacts has an amazing new range of natural prescription colored contacts! Perfect for enhancing your natural eye color or switching up your look. You are sure to find something that will appeal to your sense of style.

    You may have thought that prescription colored contact lenses uk would be too expensive but when you shop with us we are sure you will find perfect cheap colored contact lenses uk. The best feature of our cheap lenses is they come with FDA-approval meaning you can feel confident that you are wearing high quality lenses. This means the material we use is lightweight, soft and most importantly breathable. Your eyes are sure to feel comfortable. Have you always been afraid of trying contact lenses? Put your fears aside and be brave. Our natural colored contact lenses prescription are sure to be more tempting than plain contact lenses.

    Colored Contact Lenses With Prescription

    If you look at your natural eye color what colors do you see? Have you got blue eyes with flecks of grey? Maybe your eyes are pure brown? Eye color is such a diverse thing that the trick to finding natural colored contact lenses is in the small details.

    For a pure eye color we recommend the prescription one tone range. The one tone lenses are made up of a single dominant color with slight shaded detailing. This gives a hypnotic innocent eyed look, especially if you try the bright piercing Blue One Tone Prescription Colored Contact Lenses. These gorgeous blue pools with leave admirers gazing dreamily into your new peepers. No more hiding behind frames. Let these lenses speak out for themselves and you will have found the starring accessory to your outfit. These lenses provide the perfect way to complete an everyday look if you want to try new colors. We change our hair color so why not our eye color too?

    For an extra bit of natural style we also have a prescription tri tone range with lenses that feature an enhanced limbal ring and contrasting inner color. The dominant color is made to appear even more dazzling thank to these features. Meet a stranger’s eye across the room and see if your dazzling new lenses will work their magic!

    No Need to Feel Left out With Natural Prescription Colored Contacts

    If you want to transform your brown eyes then we are sure you will love the effect of colored contacts for dark eyes before and after. Our lenses are made with only the highest quality pigmentation so you can feel confident that your cosmetic contact lenses will give you full color coverage and leave you without a worry. Whatever your natural eye color from dark to light our lenses are sure to completely transform your eyes. We make sure to only use the best manufacturers so that you can buy our prescription contact lenses with confidence.

    We have a variety of durations for our colored contacts. From 1 day to 90 days to 1 year. If you don’t want the fuss and hassle of maintaining and keeping your lenses clean then daily colored contact lenses allow you to simply throw away the lenses once used. If you are looking for one night of eye changing fun then this is the perfect duration. If you want to try a few styles or have plenty of parties to wear your lenses at then you are going to want something that lasts longer. The 90 day or 1 year lenses are easy to look after once you know how and can be worn again and again with the proper maintenance. Be sure to be hygiene conscious and use one of our contact lens cases to keep your contact lenses sanitary. Make sure to pick up a bottle of eye care solution too, to keep you lenses floating happily in their case and to kill off any bacteria.

    If you are new to using contact lenses make sure to talk to your eye doctor or optician first to check your eye suitability and ask any questions. For an extra helping hand we have plenty of guides and blog posts available so you are sure to find everything you need to know on the Colored Contacts website. If you do decide to try prescription contact lenses then you can be sure we have a great selection of color contact lenses uk and have plenty available for other countries too! Not looking for natural prescription contact lenses? We also have a range of colored contact lenses Halloween that may be more your style. Whatever the occasion Colored Contacts is here to help so you can sure to be a winner for costume parties and red carpet events. We are so confident in the quality of our lenses that we reckon they rival providers of colored contact lenses BootsArgos and Specsavers.

  • Red

    Horror heads and freaky fanatics will be delighted to hear that we stock a great selection of red prescription contact lenses! Get a set of scary red eyes with ease! When you shop colored contact lenses with us, you can choose from a whole range of prescription horror contact lenses. Red is a fantastic choice for a total eye color transformation; ideal if you’re looking to cause a stir.

    You can spend way too much time searching for the perfect pair of prescription Halloween contacts, so we think you should consider yourself lucky that you’ve found us! We have it all here in one place, a whole variety of creepy styles, colors, durations and prescriptions. Take your next fancy dress look to a new level of detail; a pair of red prescription contacts is sure to have people looking twice!

    If you wear glasses 24/7 and are fed-up of working them into your costumes, then a pair of prescription fancy dress contact lenses will be sure to remove such hassle. Ditch the specs and choose one of our prescription lenses instead! Become the stuff of nightmares without the frames cramping your style. The fun all begins with your very own pair of prescription zombie contact lenses!

    Red Prescription Contact Lenses Suited To Scare

    Get freakin’ freaky with a pair of our red prescription lenses! Vampires, demons and goblins beware! There’s definitely a new scary style on the block. No matter what style your fancy dress costume this year, we’re certain that you’ll find a pair of prescription zombie contact lenses with us. Go red if you’re really looking to send shivers down the spine!

    Red is the color of blood and is sure to let fellow Halloween-ers know that you mean business. A pair of our Red Halloween Colored Contact Lenses is sure to stand out. The color of blood is sure to strike fear; make sure to pair them with your very best Dracula outfit. Monsters with glowing red eyes are always an iconic sight. Why not replicate this look with your very own pair of cheap colored contact lenses?

    With your very own pair of glowing red peepers, you can be sure to easily Cosplay all your favourite horror characters. Prescription colored contacts Halloween are ideal for truly horrifying transformations. The prescriptive nature of these lenses means that even more people can enjoy a new look. Whatever devil or demon look you’re planning, you can forget working around glasses and pop in a pair of our prescription lenses instead!

    The quality of the pigmentation used in the lenses is sure to make the bold red lens colors stand out. Customers with darker eyes always ask us whether these lenses will work for them. We are confident in saying that our red lenses are prime examples of prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes. Due to the quality of our lenses, even dark brown eyed customers with a prescription can unlock a new eye style this Halloween!

    There are also plenty of durations to choose from in our online contact lenses store. Of course, if you’re just looking for a quick color change-up, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of daily colored contact lenses. Suitable for one use, these lenses mean you can enjoy a pair of contacts and then dispose of them easily. However, if you want your spooky style to last a little bit longer, make sure to check out our longer duration colored prescription contact lenses, which last anywhere between 90 days to 1 year, once opened.

    Prescription Contacts for Halloween

    Halloween is all about awesome costumes, and even more awesome makeup styles. All the attention is on how you can transform yourself into a truly terrifying being. As much as we love standout costumes, we think it’s all about the eyes. As well as red eyes, we think styles such as white prescription contact lenses should be top of your fancy dress wish list!

    Don’t delay in picking up the last piece of your Halloween costume puzzle! If not red, a pair of prescription white out contact lenses is sure to fit the bill. Red and white lenses are an ideal way to transform your eye color to something scary, so why resist any longer? Lenses are a fun and alternative way of preparing for Halloween. If you’ve got a fancy dress competition eyed-up, a pair of lenses is sure to have you onto a winner.

    Indulge in your very own pair of red colored contact lenses this Halloween. We can assure our customers, both prospective and current, that our lenses are both high-quality and safe to use. With guides and how-to’s galore, put your trust in Coloured Contacts for providing you with the very best prescription colored lenses. As well as providing you with the lenses, we always look to provide you with the know-how when it comes to putting our contacts to good use.

    Red prescription contacts are popular at Halloween, so make sure to keep the lens insertion very separate from all that makeup and fake blood. Handling lenses should be done in a clean and mess-free environment, so try not to get your hands dirty. It can be hard to look after crazy contacts, but we’re here to make that task a whole lot easier for you!

    So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for Halloween, Comic Con or just a quick horror style, these red contacts are sure to tick all the boxes. We’ve got it all when it comes to colored contacts; the lenses, the style and the quality. Even our competitive shipping means that you can shop red prescription contact lenses US and beyond.

  • White

    Are you getting ready for a fancy dress party? Step your costume game up a notch with a pair of white prescription contact lenses. If your glasses are cramping your style then why not ditch them for a night and get yourself a pair of prescription fancy dress contact lenses. Become a super freaky Halloween character or use for your next photoshoot. White lenses are the ultimate scary lenses because we are used to seeing colorful irises.

    If you are into makeup artistry either as an amateur or professional then white colored prescription contact lenses are perfect for creating eerie makeup looks. Fashion contact lenses can now be for everyone thanks to prescription novelty contact lenses. With Colored Contacts you can choose the prescription for each eye so you can be sure to closely match your prescription.

    Prescription White Contact Lenses UK

    The White Mesh Halloween Colored Prescription Contact Lenses are great as prescription white out contacts. These lenses cover both the iris and pupil so you can achieve a truly terrifying look. The mesh effect allows tiny squares of your natural color to peek through. This crisscross effect makes it look as if you are a trapped soul or a possessed zombie. They give a blind eye effect but are designed to be seen through. Please note they may slightly obscure vision. Surprise your family and friends at your next fancy dress party and they are sure to be given a fright.

    White Angelic Colored Prescription Contact Lenses give the effect of a pure white iris surrounded by a black limbal ring. This pair of lenses is surely one of the coolest pair of prescription zombie contact lenses UK. These are perfect for creating that innocent eyed look or emulating the look of an angel or ghost. We think the black detailing gives an animalistic presence to these spooky lenses. However you decide to dress up these contacts, one thing is sure. You are bound to look super scary this Halloween!

    You have seen a taster of our prescription white out contact lenses but the best way to explore your options is to get browsing through our online store. With plenty of pictures and blogs to help you choose your perfect style, it is time to get shopping!

    Prescription Horror Contact Lenses

    Our white prescription contact lenses naturally lend themselves to being Horror lenses thanks to their freaky hollow eyed look. We have lenses available in 1 day, 90 day or 1 year durations so you can be sure to find the perfect contacts for you. If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your lenses then our 1 day lenses are disposable so you can simply wear once and then throw away. If you are looking to reprise your winning roles as your favourite characters and creepy monsters then why not check out our 90 day and 1 year contacts. All you need to do to maintain these lenses is to clean with eye care solution and store in a lens case, both of which are available on our website. These lenses are reusable as long as they are kept sanitary and the time period starts from the first use.

    Our lenses are all safe for use because every pair of lenses is FDA-approved. This means you will receive a pair of lenses that are soft, lightweight and breathable. We know eye safety is of the greatest importance which is why we make sure to only sell the highest quality lenses. We know you will want to go to your usual lens supplier but you won’t find Specsavers Halloween contact lenses. Colored Contacts is sure to become your favourite retailer for prescription theatrical contacts for your costume parties and events.

    Before you wear fashion contact lenses it is best to check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optician. Be sure to ask any questions to the professionals as it never pays to take risks with eye health. Once you have established you are able to wear white zombie prescription contact lenses check out our huge selection of products on the Colored Contacts website and explore our how to guides and handy blog posts. Learn about the coolest styles and costumes and become an expert in inserting contact lenses.

    Our prescription colored contacts range is continuing to grow so if you haven’t found what you are looking for today check back soon and you are sure to find plenty of awesome new products including red prescription contact lenses UK for the perfect devil costume. Perfect for creating devil and angel couples fancy dress with one set of white contacts and one set of red contacts.

    It can be a worry that white prescription contact lenses cheap will harm your eyes but here at Colored Contacts, we keep the prices down without compromising on quality so you can be sure that your eyes are as safe as possible and can focus on enjoying the party of fancy dress event. We are just as good as eBay and Amazon with the added bonus that our site is dedicated to selling colored contacts lenses. What are you waiting for? Add a pair or two of our white prescription contact lenses to your costume accessory collection.

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Need a prescription to wear contact lenses? Always wanted to try our funky contact lenses? Well, our range of prescription colored contact lenses allows you to wear a huge range of awesome styles catered to your very own eye prescription. When you shop online with Coloured Contacts, you can pick up both crazy costume lenses as well as your very own natural effect prescribed color contact lenses. These lenses make it possible for even more customers to enjoy an ultimate eye color transformation.

If you’re wondering ‘can you get coloured contacts for prescription?’, then we’re delighted to say that you’ve found the site where you can do just that! Our selection of lenses covers ever unique style and taste with everything from freaky Halloween looks to beautiful blue eye blinkers! By picking up prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes, you can switch up your natural iris color in the blink of an eye.

The beauty of our colored prescription contacts is that they appeal to a huge variety of wearers. We’ve seen Cosplays brought to life, natural eye colors transformed and Halloween fancy dress costumes made that little bit more terrifying! By providing our customers with the option to shop colored contacts cheap with both non-prescriptive and prescriptive lenses opens up a whole new range of possibilities. What new lens styles will you come up with? We’re very excited to find out!

Prescription Colored Contact Lenses For Less

Here at Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality lenses with the most unique designs. We can assure both prospective and returning customer that we stock one of the best ranges of cheap prescription colored contact lenses online. We’ve had plenty of positive reviews where customers have had a hugely positive experience with our daily colored contact lenses, both through the visual effect and general comfort during use.

The quality of our lenses is down to the high quality of materials used, as well as the up-to-regulation manufacture of prescription colored contacts. The lenses themselves are breathable and are made from polyhema, which is a high-quality and lightweight material. The stunning designs and bright colors are achieved through strong pigments and bold lens colorings. It is this awesome pigmentation process which allows our prescription colored contact lenses to cover up dark, and even brown natural eye colors.

Putting in a pair of colored contact lenses with prescription is just as easy as a regular pair! We urge all customers to follow included instructions on both lens boxes and solution set instructions, to ensure that the lens insertion and removal is a safe and stable process. Your eye health and condition should be the pinnacle of importance so always be vigilant when it comes to creating a clean and hygienic environment. Wearing color contact lenses should be all kinds of fun, but most importantly, safe!

We’re confident in saying that our style selection, lens quality and contacts know-how rivals the likes of Boots and Specsavers. We’ve had many years experience in dealing with contact lenses, and strive to make sure that both your online user experience and your eventual lens experience is both positive and safe. If you’re determined to find the very best prescription colored contact lenses, then you can’t go far wrong when you pick up a pair of our lenses.

Did you know that we also offer a neat variety of lens wear durations? As well as the one-off daily wear lenses for parties and fancy dress; you can easily invest in long duration eye contacts that can be used for up to one year. If you’ve got a busy social calendar planned ahead, or want to make contact lenses part of your everyday get-up, then make sure to check out some of our 90-day ranges.

The Best Place To Buy Colored Prescription Contacts Online

Found your new favourite style of colored lenses but disappointed that they’re only available as non prescription colored contacts? Well keep a look out, with the handy prescription lenses button on the product page you can be taken instantly to the product’s prescription equivalent. There, you can select from different strengths of lenses – you can even choose varying strengths for each eye!

Before purchasing any pairs of our colored contact lenses, we always recommend that our customers visit an optician or eye care specialist. Even if you’re eyeing up a pair of Halloween prescription contact lenses for one night only, it is always recommended that you check your eye suitability and that you do not have any eye conditions, which would make you an unsuitable candidate for our lenses. US Customers should also be aware of the Rx verification system which is used to validate any customer purchases of both non prescription and prescription colored contacts from America. Each order must be verified by an optician, as the selling of lenses is classed as selling a medical device. As well as the FDA-approval rating, this system ensures that customers can feel safe shopping with us online.

Not only can customers shop color contact lenses UK, but our shipping and delivery options extend as far as the United States! We offer competitive prices for speedy and efficient postage, so if you’re buying lenses for an upcoming event or simply just for October 31st, there will be a delivery option to get your prescription colored contact lenses Halloween to you in time!

If you’re feeling left out of the colored contacts craze due to having a prescription, then you’ll be delighted to hear that our colored contacts prescription lenses have both short-sighted and long-sighted customers in mind. Suitable for every occasion, duration and now prescription, we want to ensure that all situations and tastes are catered for with our contact lens ranges. With plenty of options available, we think it’ll be difficult not to find your perfect pair of lenses.