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Welcome to the home of our Coloured Contacts Care Guides. On this page, you will find informative blog posts and guides that are here to help with any questions or queries related to contact lens care, cleaning and instructions for maintenance. New to colored contacts? We highly recommend watching our contact lens video tutorials for some contact lens basics.

 Download, print and keep our PDF Care Guide here. Please note that all advice and recommendations should be used alongside guidance from an optician.

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A Beginners Guide To Coloured Contacts

Our guides are a perfect starting point if you are new to contact lenses or are simply searching for a beginners guide to colored contacts. We want all of our customers to not only enjoy using our products but to take care of their eyes and maintain a high standard of ocular health during the process.

Educating yourself about colored contact lenses ensures you are using them correctly and safely. We encourage all of our customers to take the time to learn how to take care of colored contacts using our care guides and our affiliate tutorials. We have plenty of top tips to share and since they are always wearing colored contacts for their work, they are sure to know a thing or two about how to clean contact lenses.

Colored contacts are delicate products that need to be handled properly and with care. There are many contact lens guidelines that are put in place to ensure the safety of your eyes. We are here to give advice and recommendations, but the responsibility ultimately lies with the user. Even if you consider yourself an advanced contact lens wearer, there’s no harm in reminding yourself of the best practices on contact lens care, cleanliness and hygiene upkeep.

Our customers are always full of questions about the care and use of our products so as well as the use of the contact lenses themselves, we’ve made sure to cover everything from contact lens case care to how to use contact lens solution. By putting our lens accessories, such as tweezers, to good use you can ease your contact lens experience; making it easier to handle and insert your contacts.

Remember, while looking around our guides for contact lens cleaning, you can always get in touch with our customer services team for assistance with any questions you may have about contact lenses and any queries you may have regarding cleaning and upkeep. We want you to have the best routine for the care of contact lenses and are provided to help you achieve the best aftercare regime.

As we have already stated, all advice and guidance taken from our website should be used alongside instruction from a registered optician or optometrist. Your optician will be able to determine your exact prescription and best advise you on your suitability for colored contact lenses.