Captivating Snake Eyes With Mitsuki & Orochimaru Cosplay

Captivating Snake Eyes With Mitsuki & Orochimaru Cosplay

If you’ve watched the whole or just a few of the episodes of the Naruto series we’re sure you’re well aware of all of the fantastic powers and Dojutsu of the vast ninjas that populate the shinobi world. We try and stock as many character lenses as you could think of, so if you’re looking to finish off an amazing costume we’ll have just what you’re looking for. But with Boruto and friends now taking the spotlight it’s time to get ready for the next generation with Mitsuki and Orochimaru cosplay ideas!

If you’re looking for all things Naruto and fancy treating yourself to one of Sasuke Rinnegean contacts or some Mangekyo Sharingan; don’t forget to check out our full Naruto Contacts section here!

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The Perfect Orochimaru Cosplay

As one of the legendary Sannin, it’s clear that Orochimaru is one of the most interesting and powerful characters to cosplay as.  As well as being incredibly deadly, Orochimaru’s look features traditional Japanese garments, a pale face and bright yellow snake eyes; making him perfect for a quick but realistic Naruto cosplay! Although his quest for Immortality didn’t end perfectly; it’s almost guaranteed that with the right pair of snake contact lenses you’ll be talked about for miles around as the one who had the best Orochimaru cosplay!

Check out our full snake contact lens section here for more inspiration, or have a look at some of our best fitting Orochimaru contacts below: 

Fancy switching up the eye colour but still captivating crowds with your snake costume? Have a look at these options and don’t forget! We also offer prescription varieties on some of our most popular styles!

Mitsuki Sage Mode Cosplay Contact Lenses

Now that Naruto has truly finished and the story is now centred around 3 new protagonists Boruto, Sadara and Mitsuki we can begin to see and plan some amazing new costumes. One of the most interesting and smartest of the group is Ochimaru’s ‘son’ Mitsuki. Despite this, however, the only reptilian feature that can be seen are his bright yellow eyes. For those who are looking for an amazing new Mitsuki cosplay, we would have to recommend our Yellow Coloured Contact Lenses!

If you’ve perfected the best Orochimaru cosplay then we’re sure you’re going to want an extra challenge. With Mitsuki now being able to transform into Sage mode, if you’re looking for the ultimate snake costume, you can stop looking. Although it may seem like an incredibly challenging job to recreate the chakra snakes that can be seen below, we think that pairing up a pair of our anime contact lenses will perfectly bring this look to life.

Take a Step Back to Naruto Contact Lenses 

Although Boruto is the show that’s on everyone’s mind due to its continuing story, Naruto characters will always be a popular cosplay. Luckily we’ve got just the contact lenses to fit almost any character you can think of. From Sasuke’s Rinnegan Contacts to Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan: Kamui; Coloured Contacts has them all!

Don’t forget to check out our full Sharingan section for more amazing styles to finish off your cosplay! Show off your cosplay and interact with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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