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Red Prescription Contact Lenses

3 products found.
Prescription Contact Lenses
Red Vampire Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
3 for 2 Multibuy
Red Vampire Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
Red Angelic Vampire Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
3 for 2 Multibuy
Red Angelic Vampire Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
White Red Reaper Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
3 for 2 Multibuy
White Red Reaper Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)

Horror heads and freaky fanatics will be delighted to hear that we stock a great selection of red prescription contact lenses! Get a set of scary red eyes with ease! When you shop coloured contact lenses with us, you can choose from a whole range of prescription horror contact lenses. Red is a fantastic choice for a total eye colour transformation; ideal if you’re looking to cause a stir.

You can spend way too much time searching for the perfect pair of prescription Halloween contacts, so we think you should consider yourself lucky that you’ve found us! We have it all here in one place, a whole variety of creepy styles, colours, durations and prescriptions. Take your next fancy dress look to a new level of detail; a pair of red prescription contacts is sure to have people looking twice!

If you wear glasses 24/7 and are fed-up of working them into your costumes, then a pair of prescription fancy dress contact lenses will be sure to remove such hassle. Ditch the specs and choose one of our prescription lenses instead! Become the stuff of nightmares without the frames cramping your style. The fun all begins with your very own pair of prescription zombie contact lenses!

Red Prescription Contact Lenses Suited To Scare

Get freakin’ freaky with a pair of our red prescription lenses! Vampires, demons and goblins beware! There’s definitely a new scary style on the block. No matter what style your fancy dress costume this year, we’re certain that you’ll find a pair of prescription zombie contact lenses with us. Go red if you’re really looking to send shivers down the spine!

Red is the colour of blood and is sure to let fellow Halloween-ers know that you mean business. A pair of our Red Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses is sure to stand out. The colour of blood is sure to strike fear; make sure to pair them with your very best Dracula outfit. Monsters with glowing red eyes are always an iconic sight. Why not replicate this look with your very own pair of cheap coloured contact lenses?

With your very own pair of glowing red peepers, you can be sure to easily Cosplay all your favourite horror characters. Prescription colored contacts Halloween are ideal for truly horrifying transformations. The prescriptive nature of these lenses means that even more people can enjoy a new look. Whatever devil or demon look you’re planning, you can forget working around glasses and pop in a pair of our prescription lenses instead!

The quality of the pigmentation used in the lenses is sure to make the bold red lens colours stand out. Customers with darker eyes always ask us whether these lenses will work for them. We are confident in saying that our red lenses are prime examples of prescription coloured contact lenses for dark eyes. Due to the quality of our lenses, even dark brown eyed customers with a prescription can unlock a new eye style this Halloween!

There are also plenty of durations to choose from in our online contact lenses store. Of course, if you’re just looking for a quick colour change-up, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of daily coloured contact lenses. Suitable for one use, these lenses mean you can enjoy a pair of contacts and then dispose of them easily. However, if you want your spooky style to last a little bit longer, make sure to check out our longer duration coloured prescription contact lenses, which last anywhere between 90 days to 1 year, once opened.

Prescription Contacts for Halloween

Halloween is all about awesome costumes, and even more awesome makeup styles. All the attention is on how you can transform yourself into a truly terrifying being. As much as we love standout costumes, we think it’s all about the eyes. As well as red eyes, we think styles such as white prescription contact lenses should be top of your fancy dress wish list!

Don’t delay in picking up the last piece of your Halloween costume puzzle! If not red, a pair of prescription white out contact lenses is sure to fit the bill. Red and white lenses are an ideal way to transform your eye colour to something scary, so why resist any longer? Lenses are a fun and alternative way of preparing for Halloween. If you’ve got a fancy dress competition eyed-up, a pair of lenses is sure to have you onto a winner.

Indulge in your very own pair of red coloured contact lenses this Halloween. We can assure our customers, both prospective and current, that our lenses are both high-quality and safe to use. With guides and how-to’s galore, put your trust in Coloured Contacts for providing you with the very best prescription coloured lenses. As well as providing you with the lenses, we always look to provide you with the know-how when it comes to putting our contacts to good use.

Red prescription contacts are popular at Halloween, so make sure to keep the lens insertion very separate from all that makeup and fake blood. Handling lenses should be done in a clean and mess-free environment, so try not to get your hands dirty. It can be hard to look after crazy contacts, but we’re here to make that task a whole lot easier for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for Halloween, Comic Con or just a quick horror style, these red contacts are sure to tick all the boxes. We’ve got it all when it comes to coloured contacts; the lenses, the style and the quality. Even our competitive shipping means that you can shop red prescription contact lenses UK and beyond.

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