Grey Contacts on Dark Brown Eyes

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-1.25 (1)
-0.65 (1)
180/0 (1)
10 (1)
15 (1)
90 (1)
±0.00 (Plano) (5)
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-0.50 (4)
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30 Day (4)
90 Day (1)
Made From
Polymacon (1)
Lotrafilcon B (2)
Phemfilcon A (1)
Hioxifilcon D (1)
Prescription / Corrective Lens
Yes (4)
No (1)
Water Content
55% (1)
38% (2)
33% (1)
54% (1)
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Prescription (3)
Toric (1)
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1 Per Pack (1)
14.5 (1)
14.2 (4)

Grey Contacts on Dark Brown Eyes

5 products found.
Plano Non Corrective
Storm Cloud Grey Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day)
3 for 2 Multibuy
Storm Cloud Grey Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Horizon Grey Toric Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Horizon Grey Toric Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
Air Optix Colours Grey Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Air Optix Colours Grey Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
Air Optix Colours Sterling Grey Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Air Optix Colours Sterling Grey Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
Freshlook Colorblends Grey Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Freshlook Colorblends Grey Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses (30 Day)

Are you looking for grey contacts on dark brown eyes? Well with a range of non-prescription coloured contacts for dark eyes you will be able to fully cover any eye colour thanks to our high quality manufacturing process. We use the best pigmentation to make sure you get a lens with vivid colour and complete eye coverage.

You can be assured whichever colour you choose will be bright and bold. If you have dark eyes, especially brown or hazel then know you can shop for any coloured contacts in our range, light or dark and still achieve complete colour coverage. However, if you are looking to transform your eyes into a cool smoky grey colour then you are in the right place. We know you are all brave independent explorers ready to venture into the world of coloured contact lenses but we wanted to give you a little taster of just some of the lenses you could try out, to help you on your way.

Adventurers, This Way To Discover Grey Contacts On Dark Brown Eyes

Here at Coloured Contacts we have a pair of coloured contacts for every occasion. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next costume, heading to a party or just trying a new everyday look we know you will find something to suit your style. We know our colored contacts for dark eyes will offer you a great look and completely cover your original eye colour due the boldly coloured lenses.

We are exploring plenty of options for how grey lenses could transform your look. Grey is an extremely rare eye colour and with non-prescription coloured contact lenses you can experience what it is like to be a smoky eyed beauty.

  • For a realistic look we think you will love our Solar Dark Gray Coloured Contact Lenses. These are the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes. With a two tone starburst effect these opaque colored contacts give an extra shaded dimension to the iris. Eyes naturally have several tones or colours so our lenses are made with this in mind. These contacts will cover your natural color and give you new authentic real look grey eyes.
  • Are you looking for some fancy dress lenses? Then the best coloured contacts for dark brown eyes are sure to be the Gray Black Dragon Remix 2 Coloured Contact Lenses. With a reptile effect pattern these are the perfect finishing touch to a costume. If you love dragons then these could be worn with your best dragon themed outfit. Want to fool people into thinking you are a shape-changing wizard? Then freak them out with these light grey contacts for brown eyes. Take before and after pictures to show off your transformation.
  • Having brown eyes with grey contacts will not change the effect our contacts have on your eyes. Your natural colour will be completely covered with the Gray Sorcerer Coloured Contact Lenses. We know that grey eyes are extremely rare so maybe they are a sign of witchcraft. For a Celtic wizarding twist, these Sorcerer’s grey eyes can make you look even more unique. The swirled pattern gives the effect of having ocean waves in your eyes. These contact lenses are truly hypnotising so don’t let anyone stare into them for too long! It really is hard to look away from these stunning contacts and once you have tried them you will fall in love with your new mesmerizing gaze.
  • Last on our list, we have a range of lenses inspired by The Terminator film. Here is just one example with the awesome Grey Terminator Text Coloured Contact Lenses. Giving a solid grey colour to the eye, these will give you a robotic look. Featuring writing around the top and bottom of the iris reading ‘The Terminator’ these lenses will help you achieve number one fan status. The mechanical grey contact lens is bold and would be great at completing an outfit for costume parties or film nights.

Enjoy a Rare Treat! Shop Our Grey Contacts Range at Coloured Contacts UK

Accessorizing with Grey Contacts on dark brown eyes will help you to open up your costume options or will give you a new realistic eye colour with our natural range. Be anyone or even any animal with our range of grey contact lenses. All our lenses are FDA-approved so you are guaranteed to get a pair of contact lenses that feel light and natural. For extra advice on using cosmetic contact lenses we recommend visiting your opticians or eye doctors. We are also here to give some assistance with our handy guides and blog posts on Coloured Contacts.

Our fabulous range is up there with eBay, Amazon and Solotica coloured contacts. There is no better place to get your non-prescription colored contacts for brown eyes. All our lenses come with easy to follow instructions to help you use them safely. If you don’t want the hassle of looking after the lenses then we have plenty of daily contact lenses in our range. If you want something long lasting then we have got it covered too with lenses that last from 30 days to 90 days to 1 year. Transform your eyes and try out coloured contacts for dark eyes so you can experience one of the rarest eye colours and have the excitement of stunning before and after photos.

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