Our Grey Eye Contact Lens Pictures

Need help choosing your next pair of grey coloured contacts? Check out our affiliates' awesome pictures for inspiration and to see our lenses in action. From natural styles to costume designs; see them all in one place on our gallery page.


Our Grey Eye Contact Lens Pictures

Have you always desired the perfect set of grey eye contacts? Maybe you’re on the search for some grey Halloween contact lenses or some contacts to match your cosplay costume? Whatever style you’re wanting, when it comes to high-quality contact lenses, we’re able to transform your look with hundreds of options to choose from. You’re sure to find the ideal pair of contact lenses when there are such broad and unique styles! It doesn’t matter what your natural eye colour is; when you place these grey eye contact lenses on, you’ll fall into a world of crazy coloured eyes and be able to reinvent your look with ease. Our Coloured Contacts gallery has an array of choices and broad styles that have been created by our affiliates, these can be seen on our beautiful Instagram (@colouredcontacts).

One of the best elements of our pure grey contact lenses isn’t just how durable and reliable they are. It’s also not how bright and beautiful they look when applied to your eye. It’s that they’re FDA approved meaning they’re entirely safe to use. It’s important to choose only the best and highest quality of contact lenses, so you’ll be more than happy to know our collection of grey contacts is fully approved by the FDA.

We have a huge collection and range of grey contact lenses to choose from, whether you’re wanting some Asian colour contacts or cosplay contacts, in our gallery you’ll be able to be inspired by the various styles created by our affiliates. You may also find contact lenses to enhance your everyday outfit or create an utterly terrifying costume – the choice is up to you!

Styles of Dark Grey Contacts Available

  • Realistic Cosplay Circle Lenses – add a little fun into your daily routine by trying some of our realistic collection, we know that contact lenses aren’t just for scary Halloween costumes and it might be that you want a natural grey eye, and that’s totally possible! The designs available replicate the natural iris of those with sterling grey eyes, so you can either fool your friends or try a new subtle eye colour.
  • Scary Grey Halloween Contact Lenses – perhaps they’re not practical for all year round, but when you’re wanting to step up your Halloween costume, a grey contact lens can make everything that little crazier. Try out being a zombie or a ghost for the seasonal favourite, everyone is sure to appreciate the added depth that can be given by your contacts. Trust us! In our gallery you can also see various light grey eye contacts too. These can be a welcoming style if darker lenses aren’t what you’re looking for. These scary grey contacts are sure to add some terror to your outfit without too much effort.
  • Galaxy and Sky Grey Coloured Contacts – Are you looking for grey contacts that are totally out of this world? There is a whole collection of galaxy style and sky grey contacts to try out. They’re certainly not as realistic as natural styles, but that’s one of the reasons to try them. These styles of lenses are unique and truly wonderful to see! If you don’t believe us, make sure to flick through the Gallery for yourself! Be aware that you can also pick between grey contacts prescription if you require a new look with corrective vision.

Choosing Your Light Grey Contacts

Having coloured contacts is becoming a popular way to perfect your look for the most special occasions. When it comes to choosing your grey contacts, you may be overwhelmed by the number of affiliate ideas you can scroll and browse through. You may be looking for something suitable for everyday use, or perhaps it’s just something casual. We know it’s not an easy decision to choose your favourite, but if you still can’t after much deliberation; we’re always here to help! Our vast range of patterned and realistic lenses will mean you can create a completely new look any day of the week. Both women and men can rock the grey contacts whenever they like and bring their whole outfit together in a blink of an eye. As you can see above, you can match your costume with these grey eye contacts too, there are hundreds of characters to choose from. Take a look at some of our ideas below:

  • Robot Contact Lenses - Bender from Futurama
  • Frozen Princess Contact Lenses - Elsa from Frozen
  • Ninja Contact Lenses – Sasuke’s Rinnegan  from Naruto
  • Zombie Contact Lenses – Full Eye/ Blind Contacts  Style
  • Dragon Ball Contact Lenses – Ultra Instinct Goku Cosplay

Why Not Try a Grey Contacts Prescription?

There is a range of our styles that are available as prescriptions for those who may need glasses and want to change up their routine. After you’ve purchased your contact lens prescription, you can get some extra solution and a lens kit meaning you can insert them on the go or whenever you want. Many people think that contact lens prescriptions are only available for simple and non-coloured lenses, but that’s far from the truth. We love grey lenses as they can be super-natural and realistic yet mysterious at the same time. The lenses that are available in prescriptions are available in an array of light grey contacts and dark natural styles.

When you’re sure of the grey contact lenses you want, it’s all about experimenting with the designs and styles you love to find those that are most suitable for you. Our huge ranges of coloured contacts are sure to blow your mind, especially when you can see the extraordinary transformations from our affiliates! The choice is greater than you can imagine and the collection is pretty impressive, no matter what design or style you love.

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