Our Costume Contact Lens Pictures

Browse the creative makeup ideas created by our affiliates of popular culture characters, original artwork, and Instagram trends. All including our costume coloured contact lenses.



Our Costume Contact Lens Pictures

Costume makeup encompasses a wide variety of genres including character makeup, creative makeup, and Halloween makeup. Experimenting with makeup is a fun way to explore and practice your skills. With so much inspiration on platforms such as Instagram, there are always new trends and ideas emerging for you to try. Here are some of the creative makeup looks that our affiliates have designed, featuring our coloured contact lenses.

Our amazing affiliates are artists with makeup brushes. Whether they are creating full works of art on their face and body or adding cute details to eye makeup, we are always blown away by the ideas that they come up with. Creative makeup encompasses so many different types of makeup art and the latest trend on Instagram is using face charts to bring a design to life that someone else has imagined. Alternatively, the TikTok trend for using filters to choose your makeup creates some beautiful or sometimes hilarious results. All of these types of costume makeup show off the incredible artistic skills of our makeup artists. If you are looking for inspiration whether it is for seasonal makeup, SFX makeup or classic designs such as skulls and characters you will find it all in our gallery. We also love optical illusion makeup. Whether it is gory or just plain crazy, the amazing ways you can trick the eye with makeup is so exciting to see.

Adding costume contact lenses to a makeup look is a great way to complete your design whether you want ice blue eyes for winter or rainbow lenses for pride makeup. One of our favourite types of makeup transformation is animal makeup looks. These impressive illusions turn a human face into anything from a cat to a reptile.

Included in our collection of lenses are prescription costume contact lenses so that you can enjoy completing your costume without needing to wear glasses and still be able to see clearly. Some of our affiliates use costume contact lenses prescription in their makeup looks so that they can still achieve fun eye colours while matching their eye requirements.

Other costume makeup trends include styles such as fairycore, clowncore, and Gothic subcultures that all use coloured contact lenses as part of their aesthetic. We adore the idea of adding costume contact lenses to your daily look. While most everyday coloured contact lens users will opt for a natural style, with a rise in popularity for coloured contacts why not rock a pair of White Manson or Pink UV lenses every day? This is where prescription contact lenses can be useful to help you make this daily switch as easy as possible.

If you want to create a contact lenses costume why not give yourself a challenge and choose a pair of lenses before deciding on a makeup look to go with it? Our amazing affiliates come up with all kinds of creative looks from the contact lenses that we provide for them and we are always astounded by their creative thinking. It leads to amazing makeup art that we would never have imagined ourselves.

When you think of costumes your first thought is likely to be fancy dress. This is also included in this gallery since some of our best costume contact lenses are for specific characters or are popular during Halloween. We love seeing our favourite pop culture characters re-created using makeup so you will find cool makeup looks of superheroes, horror movie villains, and Disney characters. See characters from huge franchises such as Harry Potter, Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars.

While you will find most of the Halloween character costumes in our dedicated Halloween Gallery Section, we have also included some of the character makeup looks here so that you can see a variety of makeup styles and see the many ways in which one pair of coloured contacts can be paired with different makeup looks.

Our costume contact lenses UK allow for fast shipping to a range of countries so if you need a last minute costume for a party or event, you can take it up a level with a pair of coloured contact lenses. This can totally refresh a costume that you have worn before or upgrade a store-bought fancy dress outfit. Costume contact lenses offer bold and colourful designs to change your eye colour so that you get movie screen quality looks or bring fantasy characters to life.

Whether you are looking for costume inspiration or want to see how our coloured contact lenses look when paired with different makeup styles, make sure to browse our costume coloured contacts gallery for ideas. We regularly update our gallery sections with new content but to keep even more up to date make sure to follow our social media pages.

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