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Enhance your eye colour with bright, bold and comfortable Air Optix contact lenses. The vibrant eye colour shades will allow you to switch your look in the blink of an eye while giving you optimum comfort for long periods of use.

The Air Optix contact lenses online are available from Coloured Contacts in a variety of coloured shades including sterling grey, gemstone green and true sapphire. These prescription and non-corrective coloured lenses feature exclusive SmartShield technology for improved breathability and enhanced moisture retention, as well as featuring leading Freshlook colours.

Get Air Optix Contact Lenses Monthly

Whether you’re new to contact lenses or have always longed for a new eye colour, the premium range of Air Optix coloured contacts can give you the chance to experience cosmetic contact lenses with the highest grade of comfort.

If you’ve been trying to find where to buy Air Optix contact lenses at a reasonable price, look no further than Coloured Contacts. We make sure to only stock leading coloured contact lenses that are FDA approved; CE marked and can offer long-lasting premium comfort to our customers. Plus you can always be sure to get great offers and excellent service from Coloured Contacts.

When shopping with us you will find some of the best prices on Air Optix contact lenses available that span across both Plano and prescription contact lenses types. This range of contact lenses is known for their leading specification including SmartShield Technology and improved breathability.

People who use contact lenses will understand why Air Optix is such a premium brand within the market. Our own collection of Air Optix monthly lenses includes almost the whole colour range so that you can create nearly any natural look you desire. With bright and vibrant styles that can give an extra enhancing glow to your natural eye colour or a bright and bold shade that can mask your eyes and give full coverage; look no further than contact lenses Air Optix.

When shopping at Coloured Contacts you will not only be able to find customer favourite styles including Air Optix Aqua soft contact lenses and more; we can also offer detailed safety advice to enrich your contact lens experience if you are a complete newcomer. As well as safety guides on storing and maintaining your Air Optix monthly lenses, you can take advantage of our detailed blogs and transparency scale that will inform your decision and help you choose the perfect pair of coloured contacts to suit your eye colour.

See our Air Optix Coloured Contact Lenses styles below:

  • Air Optix Brilliant Blue Contact Lenses
  • Air Optix Sterling Silver Contact Lenses
  • Air Optix Gemstone Green Contact Lenses
  • Air Optix Amethyst Coloured Contacts

View our full natural contact lenses section to choose between over 100 styles of Plano and corrective contact lenses.

Best Prices On Air Optix Contact Lenses

One of the biggest selling points for Air Optix monthly contact lenses is their 30 day durations and premium material composition. While providing an affordable and bold eye colour transformation to almost anyone, their soft composition and design allow for an easy transition into monthly lenses to almost all users. 

As well as this, Air Optix coloured contacts have been developed with new technology that allows for lasting comfort, hydration and an easy clean cycle that will please even daily coloured contacts wearers. As a monthly pair, Air Optix contact lenses, become even more affordable as wearers can enjoy reusing the lenses.

With Coloured Contacts cosmetic contact lenses range we provide a variety of Air Optix coloured lenses in various eye colours. One of the biggest features that are included in this range is their unique Smart Shield Technology. Air Optix SmartShield technology provides an ultra-thin layer within the surface of the lens which unlike other brands reduces the build-up of irritating deposits that are produced from usual wear. This increases the comfort of the lenses and their viability as a monthly coloured contact lens. Wearers of natural coloured contacts with a daily duration will be able to transition to these with ease, knowing that everyday cleaning and maintenance is made easier.

As well as being able to provide some of the best prices on Air Optix contact lenses, customers will be able to experience soft and comfortable usage that is nearly on par with disposable daily contact lenses. Our Air Optix monthly lenses have the following features:

  • Air Optix SmartShield Technology – Reduces irritating deposits from eye proteins during wear.
  • Maintains Moisture – Locks in moisture so eyes stay fresh and hydrated.
  • Improved Breathability – The highly breathable Lotrafilcon composition allows for improved oxygen permeability to maintain continuous oxygen flow to the eye.
  • Freshlook Aesthetics – Experience comfortable wear with the distinguished vibrant Freshlook colour shades.

Air Optix Coloured Contact Lenses Styles

As well as their advanced levels of comfort and colour pigments that can be achieved for natural looks and styles, you can trust in this brand knowing that they are FDA approved and CE marked. These premium safety ratings ensure that Air Optix contact lenses are safe, comfortable and durable for customers within international markets, which also proves their outstanding quality. If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable and premium cosmetic contact lenses to enhance your everyday look, be sure to try Air Optix Contact Lenses.

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