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Blends Contact Lenses


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Our range of blends contact lenses is here to bring a new colour dimension to your eyes. These coloured contacts are classed as colour enhancers which means that they add a new tone to your iris rather than completely covering it up. It is because of this that we solely recommend these colour blend contact lenses for those with lighter eyes, or an eye colour similar to that of the lens.

There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to wearing enhancement blend contact lenses. A key aspect of wearing natural coloured contact lenses is that the difference in eye colour is subtle, yet effective. These lenses help you to maintain a natural look whilst providing a new shade to your iris. To some, it may not be evident that you are wearing contacts, but others will certainly notice a brightening or tonal difference in the visual appearance of your eyes.

Picking Your Colour Blend Contact Lenses

When it comes to natural eye colour, there’s a huge range of possible shades and iris looks. As everyone’s eye colour is unique, the ability to make subtle changes can do wonders for your facial appearance and complexion. The blend coloured contact lenses add subtle hints of new colour and style to your eye colour; giving you the power to unlock a brand new look. All that’s left to do now is explore our variety of blends colours. Choose from a variety of durations and prescription types.

We’re pleased to offer the entire range of natural blend contact lenses from Chromaview. This includes a variety of natural colours including blue, green, brown and grey. If you’re looking to blend some more specific shades of colour then make sure to look at colours such as emerald, hazel or aqua blue. Start blending this exciting spectrum of colours into your everyday look. If you’re wondering which colours will work well for you then please refer to our colour blend guide below.

  • Colour Blends For Light Eyes – having lighter eye colours such as blue and green gives you flexibility when it comes to colour blend contacts. The lighter your natural eye colour the more noticeable the effect of the lenses will be. To maintain a realistic effect, we often recommend picking a colour of blend contacts similar to that of your own natural colour.
  • Colour Blends For Brown Eyes – having darker eyes can make it harder to enjoy the full visual effect of these coloured contact lenses. However, if you are sporting a natural, nutty brown eye colour then there’s no reason why you can’t use shades such as brown or hazel to amplify your warm chestnut tones. Add a new aspect to the way that your eyes look.
  • Colour Blends For Dark Brown Eyes – whilst we’ll never say never, from customer feedback, we’ve experienced that blend contact lenses often have a limited effect on very dark eye colours. However, this can often be due to the fact that the user is expecting full coverage from the lenses. As enhancing lenses, you should only expect a slight colour change on any eye colour which is why this style may not be successful on dark eyes.

We’re always asking influencers and affiliates to try out and model contact lenses for us. This makes it easier to get a realistic idea of how our contact lenses look when worn. If you head over to our natural contact lens gallery you’ll be able to see some of our very best contact lens styles in action. Note the colour of the wearer’s eyes when trying to pick out the lenses which work for you.

We have also added information to our products as well as including product pictures of the lenses on different eye colours to help you see how our coloured contact lenses truly look.

Chromaview Blends Contact Lenses

This range of contacts is brought to you by Chromaview. Their range of Chromablends contact lenses not only delivers in terms of colour and style, but also in terms of quality and construction. The level of comfort is of paramount importance; which is why the lenses are made from high-quality materials designed to maintain hydration and breathability throughout wear.

Some have said that the softness of Chroma blend contact lenses allows you to forget you are wearing contact lenses at all. As many regular contact lens wearers are already used to super soft contact lenses for everyday wear, it is very important to be opting for coloured contact alternatives with the same level of premium comfort.  With a pair of blend lenses at your disposal, we’re sure that the transition to this new type of contact lens will be an easy one.

If you require blend contact lenses with a prescription then we have that covered too. With the variety of prescriptive and corrective strengths available, you can shop for prescription blend contact lenses that match your exact eye requirements. With clear vision and subtle colour addition to your eyes, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of these contact lenses. When buying any coloured contact lenses whether they are prescription or non prescription, it’s very important to match your own eye measurements. This ensures a proper fit for the contact lenses as well as excellent comfort during wear.

The extensive range of colours in the blends coloured contacts range allows you to find the perfect match for enhancing your natural eye colour. Give an extra hint of colour to your iris for a natural everyday change to your look. All while enjoying a soft and lightweight feel from these breathable coloured contact lenses.

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