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To get the most out of the Coloured Contacts website be sure to sign up for a customer account. To create your account simply click the Create an Account button above and fill out our form, or create your account during the checkout process. You will receive the following benefits of creating your Customer Account:

  • Update Your Information: Freely update your personal and contact information and opt-in to our mailing list.
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As well as the items above our customers are the first to receive our latest updates and store offers. Sign up for an account and our mailing list to receive these benefits.

For our returning customers we offer an account upgrade loyalty system. Our account upgrade process is performed automatically once you meet specific criteria. Once your account has been upgraded you will receive an email notification outlining the new active promotions applied to your account.

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Our Customer Loyalty programme is exclusive to our most loyal returning customers and account holders. We regularly review our customers and provide additional account benefits such as lower prices and free delivery. If you have been chosen to receive one of our exclusive offers you will be able to see it when you’re logged into your account and using the website.

Account FAQs

How do I verify my account?

Once you have successfully signed up for an account you will receive verification, this will be sent once you have placed your order, or you have submitted the Create An Account form. 

If you have not received a Verify Your Account email be sure to check all of your email folders to ensure it has not been automatically moved. You can submit a request for a new verification email via the log in section of the website.

Once you have verified your account you can edit your details or view/track your recent order(s).