Our Black Eye Contact Lens Pictures

Black coloured contacts are one of the most popular styles of Halloween lenses but this isn't the only time of year that this classic style can come in handy. Check out our talented affiliates to see some of the ways you could style your black contact lenses!


Our Black Eye Contact Lens Pictures

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your eyes? Maybe you have considered a dramatic change that would really stand out in a crowd or perhaps you are just on the hunt for an eye color that will blend well with your costume or project. If so, you have come to the right place! We have a large selection of black eye contacts featured on the Coloured Contacts gallery page (above) that are sure to impress as part of your next costume. Just think of how many black eye contacts cheap you could buy with these low prices. Your project’s unique look or costume creation will be under budget and super stylish.

Recreating Costumes With Black Eye Contacts

Finding the right color and design in a contact can be difficult, that is why we have created our Coloured Contacts gallery page for inspiration. For those of you who have darker colored eyes, it can be hard to wear a light colored lens as darker brown eyes colors can often show through. But, do not let that get you down because we have a solution. Check out our red and black eye contacts. They can conceal your natural dark eye color and give you an all new look that you have never seen before.

Additionally, we have all black eye contacts that can cover your original eye color and black out your eye, or black eye contacts Halloween that were made for the spookiest of nights. The design and style you pick is really up to you, but we promise you one thing, it is not going to be easy to narrow it down to just one pair. We have so many amazing eye contacts black that you will likely go home with multiple designs and colors. That is okay though because they never go out of style.

Duration of use and prescription are two things to be considered as you’re on your journey to find new contact lenses. Black eye colored contacts and black lenses with Halloween looks or character inspired designs are ideal for Halloween, cosplay events, photo shoots, music videos and more. Most commonly, one day lenses are used for these occasions. If you prefer to use a bold black eye contact for a longer duration, we have plenty of options for you too. With options ranging from 1 day all the way to 1 year, with or without prescriptions included in them, we know you will surely find the perfect black eye lens for every occasion.

Amazing Looks and Costume Ideas featuring Black Eye Contacts

  • Zombies- The crazy dead zombies in film and photography often have a variety of looks, just like humans would, except they are dead! You might see them with white out eyes, ice blue eyes like the white walkers or even blacked out eyes. A zombie look is definitely one that you could replicate with our one-of-a-kind black eye contact lenses.
  • Vampires- In films, folklore and video games, we have all seen vampires with daunting and haunting eyes. Whether they look blood red, ice blue or if they even have big black eye contacts, we can accommodate any of the vampire looks you may be going for. To give you an example of a black eyed vampire, one of our favorite black eyed vampires is Marceline the Vampire Queen from the hit TV show, Adventure Time.
  • Demons- Whenever you see a demon in film or costume you often see those all black eyes that look insanely possessed. Well, we can help you achieve that look by using our all black eye contacts such as the Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses. When people look at you they will be freaked out!
  • Animals- So many animals have dark colored eyes. For example, you could dress in costume as owls, raccoons, monkeys, rodents and more.
  • Anime Characters- There are so many anime characters with black eyes, making it essential for any cosplayer to find the perfect lens for your cosplay outfit or character creation. Well, stress no more because we have the black lenses that you have been looking for. You could dress as characters such as:
    • Jellal Fernandes Fairy Tail Eyes - Black Blackout Halloween Colored Contact Lenses
    • Kirito SAO Eyes - Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses
    • L Death Note Eyes - Black Halloween Colored Contact Lenses

There are so many unique costumes and Halloween looks that could be pulled off with our black lenses, do not think that you are limited to these few ideas. In fact, we know you will come up with some amazing costume looks on your own so be sure to share with us how you have decided to use them. We love to hear more about how artists and stylists like you use our black eye contacts. If you are short on ideas, consider browsing through our coloured contacts gallery; we are certain that you will find something that inspires you there.

Rock Your New Style

Now that you have found the ideal black eye contact lenses of your choosing, get ready to rock them for your special occasion or even every day if that is what you desire. No matter what you choose to do, be sure to come back to visit us for more. We can’t wait to see what you think of our black eye contacts.

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