Our Blue Costume Contact Lens Pictures

Browse through our blue gallery page to see our most popular styles being worn by our talented affiliates. Check out all the ways you can style the Ice Walker Lenses as well as other must-have styles such as Blue Angelic and Blue Elf.


Our Blue Costume Contact Lens Pictures

Blue costume contacts are an excellent way to enhance your look for Halloween costumes, office parties, cosplay events, work, and more! With so many crazy blue contacts to choose from, we will surely have something that you have been looking for! So go ahead and take a peek at our amazing collections featuring everything from light blue costume contacts to blue Halloween contacts. Be sure to grab your favorite selections before they are gone!

Which Blue Costume Contacts Will You Choose?

Are you looking for unique and interesting contacts that will enhance your Halloween costume or scary photo shoots? If so, consider looking into the following contact lens selections, we think you are really going to love them.

  • Blue Vampire Contacts - Whether you are looking to be a specific vampire character like the ones from your favorite movies, or simply looking to amp up the scare factor for your vampire Halloween costume you will sure enjoy the spooky, yet attractive look that our blue vampire contacts can provide.
  • Blue Costume Lenses - This style of costume eye contacts is a super unique way to personalize your look. You can use them for creepy zombies, angels, heroes and more. You will also be happy that you have chosen a blue contact Halloween that not only looks good but also gives costumes an added feature that is unlike your friends. Most importantly, all of our creative blue lenses are FDA approved, ensuring your eye’s safety and overall quality of our lenses.
  • Blue Galaxy Colored Contact Lenses - These attractive blue contact lenses offer some shimmer and shine that can complete your galactic inspired costumes. Many of our affiliates have tried lenses from our galaxy range so be sure to check them out in our gallery. As you can see, when paired with a shimmering eyeshadow they really can give you the appearance of stars in your eyes.

How cool are these costume contact lenses?! Grab some of your favorites or try something new to mix and match with your go-to costumes. All blue colors, even the blue fx contacts are enticing to the eye. There is something wonderful about gazing into blue eyes and now those beautiful eyes can be yours thanks to our inexpensive blue lenses.

Uses for Special Effects Contacts

Special effects contacts, especially in blue, are in popular demand everywhere. In fact, you may even have friends, family members or co-workers who use super cool colorful contacts and they look so natural that you do not even notice. Although they can be worn every day for any occasion, Special effects contacts are most commonly used for popular films and photography.

Cosplay is another great way to use special effects contacts. Costume eye contacts give everyday people like you the chance to dress as comic book characters, mythical creatures, and superheroes. Just think about how great your costume could be at your next major cosplay event by simply adding blue contacts costume.

Amazing blue contacts of various shades, designs, and inspiration can be used to help you complete your costume and create the ultimate look you have been dying to achieve! Here are some of our favorite characters with blue eyes for your inspiration.

  • Ice Walkers - As one of the most dreaded characters in The Game of Thrones series, the ice walkers are infamous for their eerie blue eyes and pale complexion. As you look into those ice-cold eyes, it’s like you know something bad is about to happen. To replicate that look, consider using one of our crazy blue contacts to spook your friends, attend a GOT viewing party, or to complete your ice walker Halloween costume.
  • Queen Elsa Costume - Everyone’s favorite ice throwing princess has gorgeous blue eyes perfectly suited to her special ability. Grab a bright blue contact lens from our shop to enhance your princess costume or to simply to achieve that gorgeous blue for color for your everyday look.
  • Harley Quinn - Some versions of Harley Quinn costumes rock blue eyes or one blue eye with another color. No matter how you decide, blue can make a great contrast with the red costume of Harley Quinn.

Lastly, wearing special effects contacts for everyday use is another creative way to wear our one-of-a-kind contact lenses. Additionally, when you have eyes that are not like the others, you are sure to stand out in a crowd.

Find Your Style

Have you found a light blue contact that will take your cosplay or Halloween costume to the next level? Perhaps you have found fx contacts to take your vampire costume to the next level. Or maybe, you have found several different designed pairs, one for every occasion! Whatever it is you are dressing up as we hope you love your look even more with our coloured contacts! Even more importantly, we hope you enjoy our high-quality contacts.

Our gallery is full of pictures of our blue costume contacts in action so be sure to take a look at how our affiliates have styled them. From some of the characters mentioned in this article to awesome creations of their own, there is nothing quite like seeing our lenses in action to gain a realistic idea of how the contacts will look in your eyes.

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