Our Before and After Blue Pictures

We have gathered pictures of our blue contacts before and after by our amazing team of affiliates to help you imagine how the lenses may look on your eye colour or with your skin tone. We have asked them to leave the lenses unedited so you can get a clear idea of how the lenses will look on you. By including before pictures of their natural eye colour, you can find a close match to your own eyes and see the results once the artist has added a pair of coloured contacts. Find pictures of someone with a similar eye colour to your own and compare the results to help you choose the lenses with the effect you are hoping for. 

Before and After Blue

Our Before and After Blue Pictures

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is will blue contact lenses work on brown eyes? If the lenses are vibrant and highly pigmented then the answer is yes, these types of blue lenses are suited to brown eyes. However, if the lenses have transparent sections or are a very light shade of blue, you may find that they are not successful as blue contacts for brown eyes. To help you decide which blue contact lenses for brown eyes you would like to try, you can browse our gallery to see how our natural blue contacts look in real life.

There are a range of different effects that natural blue contacts can have on your iris and everyone has their own opinion on which lenses look the best. We supply a range of natural lens designs to cater for a range of personal tastes. For some people, blue contact lenses are something that they would like to wear every day while for others coloured contacts are saved for special occasions or cosplay.

There are three main types of coloured contact lens designs for natural lenses that offer different coverage so the choice you make is likely to depend on your natural eye colour and how obvious you want the lenses to be. Some natural lenses are designed to add a bright and exaggerated look to the eye while others are intended to look like a natural iris.

Enhance Tint Lenses are only suitable for adding vibrancy to eye colours that are close in tone to the lenses. They offer even coverage thanks to the colour tint that covers the iris and pupil but this may also give a tint to your vision.

Circle Lenses: Circle Lenses and other types of natural lenses such as the blends collection are designed to only cover the outer ring of the iris with colour. This enhances your natural eye colour without completely covering it. Blue circle lenses have the best results on light eye colours due to the transparent sections.

Full Coverage Vibrant Lenses: Lenses that are highly pigmented and have full coverage of the iris are likely to give vibrant results on most eye colours. However, some tones may not show up against certain eye colours as they will blend in or will be dominated by the existing colour. Generally, vibrant blue coloured contact lenses are the best type to choose if you want to cover dark eyes.

Some of these designs offer a dark limbal ring while others have no limbal ring so you can choose depending on your personal preference.

On our product pages as well as our gallery sections you will find additional images of the lenses on a range of eye colours and paired with different skin tones to help you see how the lenses may look on your eyes. We aim to give an accurate depiction of the lenses which is why our team of affiliates is always ready to try out new lenses for us.

Different eye colours will give different results so you will need to choose lenses according to your natural eye colour. For example, blue contacts on brown eyes will only give good coverage if you have chosen a vibrant and highly pigmented lens. This is because blue is one of the lightest eye colours while brown is one of the darkest. For covering green eyes, you may also need a highly pigmented lens so that the colour does not blend and become overpowered by your green eyes. Blue lenses are great for enhancing grey eyes or changing the tone of different shades of blue eyes.

Having pictures of different people wearing the blue lenses with a before and after picture for comparison is designed to help you find your dream pair of blue lenses that will work successfully on your eye colour. Make sure to consider all the factors when choosing your coloured contact lenses and use all the pictures and product content that we have provided to shop smarter. Our talented affiliates are a great resource for inspiration. These makeup artists create amazing natural makeup, glam makeup, cosplays and costumes to pair with our coloured contacts to help you get inspired to give your daily look a refresh.

Before and After Blue