Our Natural Eye Colour Contact Lenses

Want to see how our natural coloured contacts look when paired with different eye colours? Take a look through our gallery to see our affiliates showing off our natural lenses so you can see how they look in action. 


Our Natural Eye Colour Contact Lenses

Your natural eye colours are determined by the amount of melanin your eye pigmentation contains. The most common human eye colours include blue, green, grey, brown and hazel. Even within these colours there are variations in shade and tone. Eye colour percentages can also predict which colour you are most likely to have based on the eyes of your parents.

What if we could change our eye colour? Coloured contacts are the easy way to instantly switch up your eye colour and enjoy seeing yourself with a new iris tone. If you aren’t sure about changing your natural eye colour then why not browse through pictures of our affiliates trying out our natural lenses?

As you know, your natural iris can determine how brightly the colour of your contact lenses will show up so in our gallery you can see our lenses in action for an insight on how they truly look on different eye shades.

There is a huge amount of variation in eye colour in humans, including rumours that it is possible to have violet and amber eyes. While the online community still seem to be divided about whether violet eye colour actually exists in humans, here at Coloured Contacts our affiliates and customers are able to use purple and violet contact lenses to create this effect.

The purple style is particularly popular with fans of cosplay and kawaii style influences. Many of our purple lenses are designed to look like natural violet eyes because they have added colour flecks and dark limbal ring. As you can see in our gallery, these are a popular option for pairing with purple hair, just like @lindsayh_model.

Another unusual colour to try is amber eyes. This is the lightest version of hazel contact lenses. They can also be classed as gold contact lenses and give a honey coloured hue to your iris. Many affiliates love using this shade to enhance their natural brown eyes and give a lighter tone. Amber eyes can be a fun colour to pair with bold makeup looks.

Among our other natural colours are green eyes. One of the rare human eye colours, this shade blends perfectly with brown or hazel eye shades. If you choose our Tri Tone styles, they can cover dark eye colours and are particularly successful at covering blue irises.

If you are looking for a classic eye colour then trying out a blue eyes is a must. This sought after eye shade is a popular choice and many of our affiliates love to try out a pair of baby blues. However there are different shades of blue eyes to try, from bright piercing blue lenses to darker iris colours and even turquoise tones. If you browse our gallery you can see how our blue contacts work with brown eyes, as well as finding makeup inspiration.

While most people are searching for coloured contact lenses to cover dark brown eyes, if you don’t have brown eyes it can be fun to experiment with this rich eye shade. The deep tones in dark brown lenses are a perfect way to try out new colour palettes and can definitely make your eyes stand out.

What are all the different eye colours?

If you want to change your eye colour with one of our pairs of natural lenses, there are plenty of options:

  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Hazel
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Violet

There is also the option to try on a pair of lenses with our virtual mirror. It will give you an idea of how the lenses will look. Simply upload a selfie then our system will use an eye color scanner to highlight the area to change. Next, choose any pair of lenses across our online store to add to the image.

While most of our affiliates use natural coloured contacts to create glamorous makeup styles or awesome natural makeup looks, they can also be used in cosplays and costumes. Check out @avada__kedavra for ideas on how to incorporate natural contact lenses in your cosplays.

How To Style Natural Coloured Contacts

Our affiliates always surprise us with their imagination and creativity. When it comes to natural lenses there is an endless list of ways you could style your contacts.

@jassilallmua often uses contact lenses to enhance her natural makeup styles by either matching the colour of her eye makeup or choosing a complimentary palette. Adding a pair of natural contact lenses, even if the colour is only a shade or two different from your natural tone, will add sparkle to your eyes.

Customers often ask are hazel eyes rare, as well as a range of other colours. If you would like to try out a rare eye colour then there are plenty of places to look for inspiration. @ladyparadoxx and @makeupmadhouse have both created fantastic natural series’ with us so you can truly see how our lenses will look when worn.

We are always adding new pictures from our affiliates so be sure to check back at this page for more natural looks. If you want to keep up to date with the latest styles then be sure to check out our Instagram feed on our main gallery page. With so many colours to choose from, why not start ticking off different natural shades on your makeup ‘To Try’ list!

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