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Contact Lens Cases

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Blue/White Standard Contact Lens Case
Blue/White Standard Contact Lens Case
Silver Antibacterial Contact Lens Case
Silver Antibacterial Contact Lens Case
Dark Pink Cupcake Contact Lens Case
Dark Pink Cupcake Contact Lens Case
Dark Pink Heart Contact Lens Case
Dark Pink Heart Contact Lens Case

If you’re thinking of treating your eyes to some new contact lenses, don’t forget to keep them safe and clean with one of our stylish Contact Lens Cases!

As we’re sure you know by now, Coloured Contacts has one of the biggest ranges of coloured lenses and contact lens cases out there! From cosplay to Halloween we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve got styles to give you some of the most gorgeous looking natural eyes going and even ones that will make your peepers glow with our dazzling UV range of coloured lenses. But that’s not all that’s changed over time with our extensive contact lens range. We’ve developed our diverse range to cater for a variety of daily, monthly and yearly novelty contact lenses so you can keep your eyes looking gorgeous for weeks at a time!

But if you are planning on grabbing yourself an epic pair of new creepy contact lenses, why wouldn’t you keep them safe with a fancy new contact lens case? With the bygone days of only being able to buy a pair of colourful novelty lenses for disposable purposes; many people don’t realise that in order to keep their contact lenses in tip top condition they’re going to need a special contact lens case.

Keep Your Lenses Safe With One Of Our Contact Lens Cases

One of the most important things we adhere to when we provide you with colourful lenses is that all our contacts will be affordable, durable, FDA approved, but most of all they must be safe. We can take care of all these factors with our high-quality manufacturing process and sterile packages, but once our stunning lenses are in your hands and their containers are opened it’s up to you! That’s why we’ve now dedicated ourselves to providing you with a vibrant range of different coloured contact lenses cases so you can truly keep your eyes fresh and safe. 

If you’ve been looking for contact lens cases cheap or want some of the most unique contact lens cases around; you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you want just the right contact lense case to match a specific pair of our lenses? Not to worry! We’re sure you’ll find it within our section.

Don’t believe us? Check out a few of our top picks below to grab some inspiration on some of the crazy combo’s you can go with:

  • Pink Heart Contact Lenses Cases:  If you’ve just picked up a pair of our Pink Love Heart Novelty Coloured Contact Lenses then you’ll be silly not to match them up with one of our perfectly suited contact lens cases! Available in both light and dark pink shades; you’ve never had a better reason to show some love to your lenses! 
  • Animal Contact Lens Case: Are you a massive cosplayer or just love getting yourself into the costume contact lenses scene? Then why not check out our awesome range of animal themed contact lens cases. If you’ve picked up a pair of our werewolf coloured contacts recently then why not keep them safe in some of our dog contact lens cases? If you’re looking at grabbing yourself some awesome Halloween lenses soon, just don’t forget to keep these cool contact lens cases in mind when you’re shopping through our animal contact lens section through our website!
  • Plain Coloured Contact Lenses Cases: If you’re not into over the top and exaggerated styles, and prefer a more sophisticated look, maybe these are the contact lens cases for you! Featuring a plain colour design, these lenses are great for a more subtle look. Or maybe you’ve just bought yourself a pair of our amazing natural look or all over blind coloured contact lenses? Why not colour coordinate them and make picking out a pair from your collection less of a hassle?!

Having trouble getting in a pair of contact lenses? Putting something in your eye is never easy, but if you keep a look out for one of our cheap contact lens kits, you’ll be able to get them in in a flash! Not only do some of our amazing contact lens travel case kits come with a nifty case to store lenses you may also be able to find an application wand and a pair of tweezers!

Make Your Lenses Last With One Of Our Contact Cases!

As you’ll be well aware by now, our massive Coloured Contact lens range are classed as medical devices, so we make sure they are of the highest quality with their FDA approval. But as we mentioned previously, in order to truly keep them lasting for their whole recommended duration and are safe for your precious eyes, you’re going to need a few things.

To keep your lenses in tip top condition you’ll need to be sure to pick yourselves up one of our incredibly affordable contact lens holder novelty cases as well as some of our contact lens solution. Not only will this give them a fancy place to live when you’re not using them, but with the correct usage of the solution and our contact lens kits; they’ll be able to last for months at a time!  

So don’t forget! If you’re thinking of using a pair of multi-day lenses; it really isn’t complete without one of our awesome contact lens cases!