Chainsaw Man Anime & Manga Cosplay: Denji, Makima, and Aki

Chainsaw Man Anime & Manga Cosplay: Denji, Makima, and Aki

The Chainsaw Man series is an original manga that was published in 2018. In 2022, it saw a surge in popularity as the first season of the Chainsaw Man anime show was released.

The origin story for the central character of the Chainsaw Man anime, Denji is that he makes a contract to fuse his body with Pochita, a devil with the ability to turn parts of his body into chainsaws. Then Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters to fight against devils. However, the antagonist, Asa Mitaka is in a contract with the war devil, Yoru to hunt down Chainsaw Man in order to reclaim Pochita.

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One of the most popular characters in the anime series is Makima, who leads the Public Safety Division team that Denji is part of. Other popular characters include Aki Hayakawa, Power, and Himeno.

Is Makima a devil?

Like many of the other characters that are part of the Public Safety Division team, Makima is a devil. She is a control devil which gives her the ability to regenerate, has super strength, and form contracts with humans. She is incredibly powerful and has a unique ability to control and command humans and animals.

Chainsaw Man Cosplay: Denji

Chainsaw Man Denji has two forms. Before he fuses with Pochita, he has scruffy blonde hair, honey colored eyes, and sharp pointed teeth. He has an eyepatch due to a missing eye and is often wearing a tank top, green jacket, and black trousers. This outfit is easy to re-create; with a wig and natural honey colored contacts, you can complete your Chainsaw Man cosplay.

Further into the story, Denji loses his scrawny appearance and eyepatch to become more muscular and strong. Once Denji Chainsaw Man fully fuses with Pochita, he has a chainsaw chord in the middle of his chest. He tends to wear either his Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform or Fourth East High School uniform. The first outfit is a simple cosplay consisting of a white shirt, black tie, and black trousers. He usually has his sleeves rolled up and his blonde hair unkempt. Denji’s school uniform is a classic Japanese black long-sleeved button-up shirt and black trousers. He often has his shirt unbuttoned to reveal a wrinkled white shirt underneath. To complete your outfit, add a pair of red and white sneakers or high tops. In his fused-devil form, he also has brown or honey colored eyes which can be achieved with a pair of natural colored contact lenses.

Chainsaw Man Cosplay: Makima

Chainsaw Man Makima is the character everybody is talking about due to her complex personality and cool look. To make your own Makima cosplay you will need a white fitted shirt, black tie, black trousers, and brown brogues. She wears her Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform very neatly, unlike Denji. She has distinctive long pink hair that is usually braided so you can achieve her hairstyle with hair dye or a wig.

Makima’s most unusual feature is her eye color. Her eyes are yellow with red circles. To achieve this eye color, try red and yellow lenses such as Crazy Clown, Darth Maul, and Red Wild Fire. Alternatively, create her black and white eyes from the manga with White Rinnegan Ring Lenses.

Here are some of the other popular characters to cosplay from Chainsaw Man:

  • Chainsaw Man Power: Power is a Blood Fiend sometimes known as a Blood Devil. This devil possesses the body of a dead woman who has long pale pink/peachy hair with small red devil horns. Power has red and yellow eyes with a cross in the center. This unusual eye color is hard to find as a specialist contact lens but you can achieve a similar style with the Red Assassin Lenses. Power wears the Devil Hunter uniform very carelessly with ¾ length black trousers, an unbuttoned jacket, a scruffy white shirt, and a black tie.
  • Chainsaw Man Aki: Aki Hayakawa is part of Makima’s Public Safety Devil Hunter team. His special abilities are due to a Curse Devil and Future Devil. His distinct top-knot hairstyle and vibrant blue eyes set him apart from the other characters. Achieve natural or costume blue eyes with a pair of blue colored contact lenses.
  • Chainsaw Man Asa Mitaka: Asa is a high school girl who is Denji’s love interest and nemesis. She has long black hair and wears a school uniform. She has scars on her cheek so you will need to practice your SFX makeup skills. Her eyes are similar to Makima’s so the White Rinnegan Ring Lenses are a good match.

Whether you fell in love with the Chainsaw Man manga when it was first released or have jumped on the anime series hype, there’s no doubt that fans will be looking for this series to continue far beyond Chainsaw Man season 2. The amazing characters and cool storyline are so exciting to watch!

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