@artbybmazz has created a full Emily cosplay and body paint in this Corpse Bride makeup look. Complete with skeleton, worm, and bridal bouquet, this cosplay has every element you could wish for in a Corpse Bride costume. The final detail is a pair of our White Halloween Colored Contact Lenses, to give the illusion of Emily’s wide animated eyes.


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@artbybmazz has taken it one step further by showing Corpse Bride Emily alive with a cool before and after shot. She even keeps her adorable cartoon eyes in the before shot!


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For an extra large look to the iris of the eyes, @fx_freak has paired White Mini Sclera Colored Contact Lenses with her Emily Corpse Bride makeup. To create a skeleton style, @fx_freak has used contouring to enhance her Corpse Bride Emily. The bone makeup details paired with worm and headdress complete this Emily makeup. @fx_freak created this makeup as part of her Halloween series and as you can see this would make the perfect Corpse Bride Halloween costume if you wanted to recreate this look yourself.


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@queenofluna has incorporated her hijab into this Corpse Bride costume makeup. Paired with accessories such as a blue flower garland and White Halloween Colored Contacts, this awesome makeup look is just like Emily from the Corpse Bride. This cool face makeup includes the skeleton detailing on the side of the face.


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@queenofluna has also created Victor’s other love interest, Victoria and we absolutely love it! Would you have chosen Corpse Bride Emily or Victoria for Victor? For both characters, @queenofluna has added White Colored Contacts to her makeup so if you are looking to Cosplay lots of characters for Halloween or any other occasion then choosing longer duration lenses means you can re-use your contacts for multiple makeup looks.


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Make sure to add White Colored Contacts to your Corpse bride makeup kit just like @seabz46 who created this Emily Corpse bride makeup for a cosplay event. Complete with full costume and makeup, we are so impressed that she made all this herself! We love the extra addition of the butterflies as a nod to the events in the Tim Burton film.


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@mua_theresa has created this gorgeous whimsical Corpse Bride makeup in beautiful shades of blue. Just like @seabz46, she has added butterfly detailing to her makeup. 

How do you do Corpse Bride makeup? If you are looking for a Tim burton corpse bride makeup tutorial make sure to scroll through to find @mua_theresa’s Corpse Bride makeup tutorial video. 

Make your own easy Corpse Bride makeup for your next Halloween costume or fancy dress party. Emily from the Corpse Bride is so much fun to cosplay as proved by all these talented makeup artists. Don’t forget to add your corpse bride contact lenses to your makeup to complete your Emily costume. Visit our White Colored Contact Lenses collection to choose your perfect pair.