Beetlejuice Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Makeup Madhouse

Beetlejuice Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Makeup Madhouse

Talented makeup artist Carrie A.K.A @makeupmadhouse has teamed up with Coloured Contacts to bring you a Beetlejuice makeup tutorial that you can follow along with at home to create your own Beetlejuice fancy dress. Whether it is Halloween and you are getting ready to trick or treat or you are heading to a themed fancy dress party, this Beetlejuice costume is sure to go down a treat because ‘What’s the good of being a ghost if you can’t frighten people away?’

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‘It’s showtime!’ Here’s a look at Carrie’s fun Beetlejuice makeup that you could try for yourself. This easy Beetlejuice makeup is designed so that you can try it at home with makeup products that you are likely to already own. If you want to take it that extra step further you can add a green wig and switch your eyeshadow for body paint but eyeshadow will work just as well. You could even save some pennies by using a temporary green hair dye instead of a wig.

Our amazing affiliates are often saying how a pair of colored contact lenses can pull a whole costume together so why not complete your Beetlejuice Halloween makeup with a pair of costume colored contacts? In this Beetlejuice face makeup, @makeupmadhouse has used the Rinnegan Colored Contact Lenses to mirror the black and white stripes in her eyeliner but you could also opt for a range of other white or green colored contacts to complete your Beetlejuice fancy dress.

Our favourite choices of Halloween colored contact lenses for Beetlejuice inspired makeup includes:

  • White Halloween Colored Contacts
  • White Mini Sclera Colored Contacts
  • Green Hulk Colored Contacts
  • Green Witch Colored Contacts
  • Yellow Avatar Colored Contacts

You can easily switch the gender of your Beetlejuice costume so if you want to dress cute for Halloween you can always swap Beetlejuice’s suit for a striped dress or short dungarees to pair with your Beetlejuice makeup girl.

Easy Beetlejuice Makeup Tutorial

He’s the ghost with the most and now you can create your own Beetlejuice movie makeup with @makeupmadhouse. The best way to learn is by watching so make sure to check out Carrie’s female Beetlejuice makeup tutorial video. To help you go at your own pace, we have written out the steps below so you can try it out for yourself.

  • Step 1: Wash your hands then soak your lenses in fresh solution, storing them in a lens case before you start your makeup. Your costume lenses need to be soaked for at least 2 hours prior to use, even for single-use colored contacts. For full instructions on how to prepare your colored contacts for use, see our guide here.
  • Step 2: Apply primer and foundation to your skin then blend.
  • Step 3: Apply concealer to your eyes, nose, upper lip, forehead, and chin then blend.
  • Step 4: Apply powder under your eyes.
  • Step 5: Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil and then comb for even coverage.
  • Step 6: Apply concealer using a flat brush under your eyebrows then blend.
  • Step 7: Apply your eye primer then blend.
  • Step 8: Apply a bright purple eyeshadow to the center of your eyelid in an oval shape.
  • Step 9: Apply a lime green line of eyeshadow in a ring around the purple, like a rainbow design.
  • Step 10: The next color in your rainbow is a darker purple eyeshadow which can be applied next to the green.
  • Step 11: Highlight the edge of the eyeshadow using a light purple color on the inner edge of your eyelid and a dark green eyeshadow on the outer edge.
  • Step 12: Wipe away any excess powder and wipe or conceal the edges of your eyeshadow for a defined line.
  • Step 13: Apply a glitter primer to the central purple oval on your eyeshadow and add glitter.
  • Step 14: Using white body paint or eyeliner, create a bold cat eye.
  • Step 15: Draw diagonal black lines on top of the white eyeliner to create stripes using body paint or eyeliner.
  • Step 16: Add some extra touches of glitter to your eyelids.
  • Step 17: Apply a bright green eyeshadow and eyeliner underneath your eye.
  • Step 18: Add a light yellow or green eyeshadow underneath your eye and blend with your bright green line.
  • Step 19: Apply mascara.
  • Step 20: Heavily contour your face to create a hollowed-out effect.
  • Step 21: Apply blush.
  • Step 22: Apply a neutral color to your lips to blank them out.
  • Step 23: Add hints of green eyeshadow to the center and corner of your lips and blend.
  • Step 24: Add green eyeshadow to your forehead in patches and blend.
  • Step 25: Add a hint of glitter to your green lips and forehead.
  • Step 26: Apply highlight to your cheeks.
  • Step 27: Use a toothbrush to create a paint splatter effect using green face paint to complete your makeup.
  • Step 28: Add your false lashes if you are using them.
  • Step 29: To complete this look you can add a green wig.
  • Step 30: Don’t forget your final essential step – insert your Rinnegan Colored Contact Lenses or other chosen design.

We would love to see how your Beetlejuice costume turned out so make sure to tag us on social media if you try out this tutorial. Don’t forget to also let us know when you wear our lenses online – we absolutely love seeing your makeup ideas! Check out more from @makeupmadhouse, here.

If you are looking for more Beetlejuice makeup ideas then make sure to check out our inspo blog, here.

‘Go ahead, make my millennium!’ 

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