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Adorn your eyes and stimulate your senses with the strikingly lovely aqua colour of the sea and sky. It’s time to shimmer and shine with an utterly magnetic stare! You’re guaranteed to achieve a breath-taking result, when you buy aqua coloured contact lenses from us!

Get Yourself Some Aqua Eye-Candy!

Unlike the vivid, almost turquoise shades of aqua seen in nature, our aqua lenses come in a cool light blue tone, and are surreally exquisite, with a lustrous jewel-like quality. So bring some glamour into your life, and make your friends envious when you show off your striking elegantly pretty peepers! Aqua coloured lenses are created to look natural on people with all different coloured eyes, and work just as well for dark eyes. They have also been designed to look spectacular on all skin tones, and are perfect for fair skin as well as for dark skin. All our blue colour shades are specially formulated with such rich pigment that they have the same effect on brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, and every other colour under the sun. So, be bold, be beautiful, be blue!

If you’re searching for a pair of icy hued aqua lenses, then why not check out our eye-catching designs and choose from our exceptional display of colours, styles, and special effects lenses? With everything from realistic, natural look contacts through to freakishly feline Cat Eye lenses, no matter what style you choose, you can be sure to be the centre of attention! Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions like HalloweenNew Year’s Eve, or Cosplay conventions, our lenses will kick your look up a notch and bewitch everyone you lock eyes with!

Stuck for styling ideas? Then we’ve got your back! Whilst aqua lenses provide a subtly stylish transformation that’s perfect for day to day wear, they’re also great for adding a splash of fantastical style to any fancy dress costume or extra special going out look. Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Team a pair of aqua contact lenses with a smart business suit, thick framed glasses and slicked back hair for a Clark Kent inspired look that’s sure to dazzle at Cosplay events. For extra nerd points, wear a Superman costume under your suit and perform a quick-change that’s faster than a speeding bullet!
  • Want to create a super striking costume using aqua contacts? Then why not transform yourself into a White Walker? You’ll need lots of liquid latex and white face paint to create the same textured, pallid complexion as the infamous ice creatures, so make sure you’ve got plenty of supplies to hand before you begin this look!

Unlike other retailers, we offer our contact lenses in a few different use durations, so you have ultimate flexibility in choosing your ideal look. Our contact lenses are available in the following duration periods: 1 day, 30 day, 90 day and 1 year. So, you have the option of an easy once-off use and then chuck them, something semi-permanent, a pair of everyday lenses, and everything in between. Coloured Contacts makes certain you and your peepers are prepared for every possibility!

Amazing Prices, Fantastic Styles

Unlike other online retailers, we purchase our aqua lenses directly from the manufacturers, so there’s no middleman present to drive up prices. This means you can be sure to always buy aqua coloured contact lenses that are high quality, but cheaply priced. In fact, our lenses are so reasonably priced, you can experiment with dozens of different looks without breaking the bank!

No prescription? No problem! Our lenses are non-corrective, so there’s no need to input your prescription details to order your perfect pair. We exclusively stock non-prescription, novelty contact lenses that have no impact on the clarity of your vision, meaning anyone can wear our range! So, why not try us instead of purchasing Comfort Plus contacts? Even though no prescription is necessary to order and enjoy our lenses, we recommend booking an appointment with your optician, optometrist or healthcare professional prior to placing your order to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate to wear fashion lenses. This is an essential step, as persons suffering from any form of chronic eye condition may find they are advised against wearing these lenses. We offer rapid delivery options for your convenience, as well as simple payment options. For those who live in the UK, there’s a lightning fast next day delivery option to ensure that you get your lenses in a flash! International customers can have their lenses sent direct to their door in as little as 2-3 business days, perfect for those eleventh hour party invitations!

We know that contacts must not only look good, but they must feel good too! This is the reason why our contacts are produced using only high quality materials. We only stock designs from leading UK brands such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), to ensure that we offer optimum quality and an unbeatable range of styles. All of our lenses have a high water content to keep your eyes feeling fresh all day long and come in a sealed case with eye-friendly solution, keeping them in immaculate condition until you’re ready to pop those beauties in!

In our opinion, there’s no better place to buy aqua coloured contact lenses than through us, as we simply cannot be beaten on price, availability and customer service. Instead of trawling through AmazoneBay or Specsavers to search for your ideal new look, why not make Coloured Contacts your one-stop-shop for all your fashion lens needs?