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Looking to buy anime coloured contact lenses? Want something that's guaranteed to bring your costume to life? Then look no further!

Here at Coloured Contacts, we know that Cosplay can be an expensive business! Not only do you have to factor in the costs of your costume and accessories, but you've got things like travel and accommodation to shell out for as well. Sometimes, it can leave you a little more financially stretched than you'd like, especially if you're looking for a rare colour or style when shopping for your lenses. Well, this is where we've got your back! We've got more styles than you can shake a stick at, all offered at low prices, so you'll never go broke in the pursuit of finding your perfect pair of lenses. With an unbeatable collection of unusual designs hand-picked by our team of experts, our anime range is one of the most comprehensive in the UK, featuring plenty of choices you won't see on Amazon or FreshLook. In our opinion, there's simply no better place to buy anime coloured contact lenses!

Quality Products From Trusted Brands

Whether you're looking to buy anime coloured contact lenses for a Halloween party, a Cosplay convention or simply to add a splash of cartoon style to your everyday look, we know that safety and comfort will be at the forefront of your mind. As such, we endeavour to only source the hottest fashion lenses from the biggest UK based brands including Eyefusion(formerly known as EDIT), so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are the best of British and are high quality and easy to use. What's more, every pair of lenses we sell have been approved by the FDA and produced in accordance to ISO guidelines, international hallmarks of safety that attest to the high quality of our anime lenses.

Another great thing about our anime collection is that our lenses are perfectly suitable for dark eyes, as they feature richly pigmented colours that provide great coverage. Our coloured fashion contacts are great for people who have trouble finding vibrant lenses to provide full coverage for darker eyes! Our extensive range of anime contacts are the ideal solution for anyone seeking a complete colour change, covering the iris with a pool of luminous colour and giving the wearer a fresh new look. Check out Coloured Contacts to see our extensive choice of special effect anime lenses, which provide complementary looks for fair skin, olive tones and darker complexions alike!

Whether you’re looking for a cheap accessory to complete your look for an anime convention or Cosplay event, you can be sure to grab your perfect look when you shop with us, as we offer a brilliant variety of fashion contacts for all your needs. If you’re strictly after lenses that will last the night, our single-use1 day contact lenses will be the best option for you; giving you the option to rock a crazy look for one night only and to dispose of them once you’ve finished tantalizing your audience with those big old peepers!

However, if you plan on attending several different fancy dress parties or events this season, particularly over the Halloween or holiday period, then why not treat yourself to an accessory that you can wear again and again with a pair of 90 day reusable contacts? We know that even 90 days might not be enough for regular Cosplayers or those wanting to show what they are made of and express their style and identity all year round, which is why we also offer a range of Anime contact lenses with a 1 year reusable design; giving you plenty of opportunities to make an impression!

Whichever Anime fashion lenses you chose to wear, all of our contact lenses that we sell here at Coloured Contacts are non-prescription, so you can show off a big -eyed stare without affecting your sight in any way. (Before you order, make sure to visit an optician or optometrist to verify the health of your eyes and determine that you’re a suitable candidate to wear cosmetic contact lenses.) This means that you will not require corrective lenses, so you can swap and change fashion lenses as much as you like. You can experiment with numerous fashion looks at a great value price by working your way through our anime range!

What Big Eyes You Have!

When you buy anime coloured contact lenses from us, you can be sure that your lenses will look good, feel good and complement your look perfectly! Our anime contact lenses come in a great variety of designs from mini sclera and circle lenses to designs inspired by your favourite manga and anime characters' peepers. Some of our popular designs include:

  • Full Sclera
  • Mesh
  • Screen
  • UV Reactive
  • Character Inspired
  • Animal Style

Take a look through our range of unique coloured lenses and you will find a plethora or styles and colours to suit all your costume needs! Whether you want to create a wheel eye look, a sharingan effect, big anime doll eyes or a dramatic coloured look to create a special effect, we guarantee to have the right pair of anime contacts for your needs.

So get into character and grab yourself a pair of lenses from our fantastic range of anime contact lenses and you will not be disappointed. Anime fashion lenses are the perfect companion for Cosplay enthusiasts, allowing you to recreate the aesthetic of your favourite anime and manga characters, right down to the smallest detail. The choice is endless!