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Doesn’t it get boring having the same coloured eyes day in day out? If you’re looking for some natural look dark contact lenses, then Coloured Contacts is your one stop shop! We now stock an extensive range of non-prescription cosmetic coloured lenses that unlike some other brands, can be worn with both dark and light coloured eyes. Even if you’re dying for some blackout lenses, why not substitute them with some of our coloured black contacts.

So, if you’re looking for some dark hazel natural looking contact lenses or even some with a fancy and intricate design to draw some extra attention, Coloured Contacts will definitely have that unique style that you’re looking for!

Are you desperate for some opaque Coloured Contacts? The biggest difference in our lenses that makes us stand out from the rest is the strong deep colours provided by our pigmentation process that all our contacts receive. No matter your natural eye colour, whether it’s dark brown or a bright shade of green, you can rest assured that the quality of our lenses will always block any interfering colour, so your eyes remain vibrant and true.

As well as this, the unique manufacturing process that our lenses receive means that our contacts will always have true lifelike colours and be durable enough to use every day. So if you’re looking for some of the best coloured contact lenses for brown eyes, we always have a vast selection of reusable lenses so you can maintain your desired look in the coming months.

Our Dark Contact Lenses Selection

Our range of dark coloured contact lenses consist of a variety of colours, meaning no matter the mood or occasion, you can find the exact natural looking contact lenses to complete your look! It may be easy to switch up your wardrobe to engage and impress your friends, but it definitely won’t have the impact of our non-prescription coloured contact lenses

As well as providing you with black contacts, our shades of brown and hazel contact lenses are perhaps the most natural looking for dark and light eyes alike. However, some of our most stunning lenses we offer are the natural dark grey contact lenses, bound to keep the eyes on you wherever you go! Even if you choose some of our natural look dark green contact lenses or dark blue contact lenses, then have no fear; even dark eye colours such as brown won’t show through! So you can really delve into your new look knowing you look authentic!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve picked a small list of our lenses to show that they can really be worn for any occasion. Every day natural look lenses:

  • Hazel Tri Tone – Perhaps some of our most natural looking lenses we have; the tri tone lenses show 3 different shades of brown to give your new chosen eye colour the depth and impact you need in your day to day life.
  • Grey One Tone – These grey lenses are bound to draw everyone’s eyes! Although these lenses a little bit different from regular eye shades, the natural iris print makes sure that these lenses look natural but still stir the intrigue of your friends and family. Perfect for every day or even a special event!
  • Purple Violet Tri Tone – Dull colours are a thing of the past with these vibrant lenses. The bright colours are bound to make your eyes really pop, but like rest of our natural look lenses, sill make you look the part! Although these lenses are great for every day, they are also a perfect choice for anyone looking to spice up their fancy dress/cosplay. 

If you’re looking to take your look in new natural directions, then dark lenses are the way to go! Ensure your lenses enhance your everyday natural eye colour with these darker tones. You’re sure to attract plenty of positive attention when your eyes transform to a whole new shade of awesome!

Style and Substance Combined

At Coloured Contacts our most important goal is providing you with a pair of non-prescription coloured contact lenses that ultimately look amazing and are of outstanding quality. We provide you with hundreds of different colour combinations and styles, so gone are the days of being forced to stick with your natural eye colour! But the most important service we provide is making sure our contact lenses are comfortable and safe for you. All of the products that we sell have received FDA approval through a three-tier screening process and manufactured using the highest quality, lightweight materials, which will fit comfortably in your eyes for both daily and monthly use.

So if you’re looking to try out coloured contact lenses for the first time or fancy switching up your current eye colour; Coloured Contacts dark contact lenses selection is a perfect place to start. All of our contact lenses are cheap and affordable, but more importantly adhere to outstanding quality.

On our website you’ll find vast selections of hundreds of different styles all at an affordable price. So you can shop in one place, knowing that whatever the style you choose, you’ll never really need to break the bank! So don’t forget, if you’re looking for some of the best coloured dark contact lenses, Coloured Contacts makes it stylish, safe and affordable!