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Love experimenting with freaky contact lens styles? Then we think a pair of blind lenses is sure to make any costume a whole lot scarier! These unique contact lenses cover both the iris and the pupil giving an overall eerie effect. Make sure to stand out in a horde of zombie eye contacts or in a Halloween gathering of the undead!

If you want a blind contact lenses Halloween, then our site is certainly the right place to start! With a huge range of high-quality lenses and contacts, you won’t need to search too far to get the perfect pair of lenses. We’ve got some wonderfully weird styles of no pupil contacts that will work perfectly in any costume you choose!

Blind eye contacts are even an ideal option if you want to perfect your Cosplay look! If you have a character in mind with a blank eye effect or a single colour pupil, then these are an ideal way to replicate that look. Pupil less contacts are different to any other style you’ve tried before, so why not try something new for your next costume look. Add an extra level of detail to any of your favourite – you’re sure to get noticed!

Look the Part with Coloured Blind Lenses

Looking for blind contact lenses no pupil? Well we’ve got plenty of them! Easily recreate a dead eye contact lens look with these contacts. There are numerous different colours available, all offering the opaque contact lenses style that you’re after. Each style can easily work in a whole host of creepy costume options. 

  • Horror Contact Lenses – if there’s one thing that suits a good horror look its opaque blind contact lenses. It’s a totally unnatural look that will certainly get people talking. How often do you see a colourless eye effect? Make you stand out from the crowd with these novelty contacts.
  • Zombie Contact Lenses - love everything about The Walking Dead? Want to show off your love for everything apocalyptic? Then make sure that you bag yourself some blind lenses. Matched with your favourite SFX makeup, scary fancy dress and plenty of fake blood for the ultimate scary zombie look. Make your scary style stand out.
  • Monster Contact Lenses – you’re certain to terrify if you pop blind lenses into your monster look. Do more than just bear your fangs with these weird lenses. The Green Blind Lenses are sure to give your Frankenstein’s monster costume a little more freaky! Don’t forget to always rely on blind lenses white for any creepy character.

Blackout blind lenses are always a popular option. The dark sclera style pupil covers a large majority of your eye, giving a look that’s totally out of this world! This awesome design would make the perfect addition to any demon or devil costume. A black full eye lens finish is certain to be pretty unnerving for any onlooker, no matter how brave they claim to be.

Is a black contact lens not what you’re looking for? Many customers love experimenting with full white out contacts. Since we are so used to seeing a select range of iris shades, a colour matching the white sclera of your eye is sure to stand out. All white contact lenses no pupil are always sought after, so make sure to grab your own pair before it’s too late!

The best thing about our blind contact lenses is that they’re guaranteed to completely cover your natural eye colour (no matter how dark your natural shade). The strong pigment used in the contact lens manufacture allows for bold and brilliant colours. If you’ve been struggling to find a pair of coloured contacts that will work with your dark brown eyes, then be sure that these will do the trick.

The Low Down on Wearing Blind Contacts

There are just too many costume possibilities which you could pull off. If you really want your fancy dress look to pop, then make sure to try out some colour blind lenses. Let us give a little more information about this unique style of non prescription coloured contact lenses.

Since these lenses sit over the pupil as well as the iris, customers should count them as no vision contact lenses. They will greatly obscure your vision, and we recommend not driving or operating machinery during use. Our experience with customers and affiliates shows that a lens in one eye can be an interesting look. No vision contacts can often make it difficult to navigate from A to B, so plan your look before you head out to a party or a big Halloween bash!

If you’re desperate for that awesome eye shot, you could get away with wearing both for a killer photo shoot. Searching for blind eye contacts see through or even blind contact lenses with vision? We recommend checking out our mesh contact lenses. Achieve a similar effect but with the ability to see through them thanks to the standout tiny netted effect finish.

By all means, search for blind eye contact cheap, but make sure that you’re purchasing a high-quality pair from a trusted retailer. We have plenty of experience in dealing with and distributing contacts. Trust us when we say that we have a selection to be reckoned with. From scary Halloween blind contact lenses to the most natural everyday styles, we’ll have something that you’d be happy to show off. Get blind lenses now and be ready to amaze!