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  • Solution

    Properly maintaining and caring for your lenses is essential when wearing any type of contact lenses. Keeping your lenses clean and sterilised will, in turn, ensure that your eyes stay healthy. When contact lenses are not prepared in the proper manner and are stored incorrectly it can lead to problems such as eye infections. When you purchase contact lenses you should always consider adding Contact Lens Solution to your order too.

    Coloured Contacts sells a variety of lens solution items but our most popular is the 60ml Eye Care Solution. This travel size bottle will help you pack lightly for your holiday or comic con event. If you are intending to regularly wear your lenses then you may need a larger bottle or can stock up with several 60ml bottles. For those who use costume contact lenses or only wear our lenses to occasionally change their eye colour, this size is sure to come in handy. If you need contact lens solution for sensitive eyes, make sure you know which brands suit you in order to avoid causing any unnecessary irritation to your eyes.

    The contact lens solution price means you don’t need to worry if you do need more than one bottle. The cheap price reflects our commitment to keeping your eyes safe and you can be sure it is of the highest quality. Our cheap contact lens solution has all the essential ingredients for keeping your lenses clean and disinfected. It also has a resealable lid to keep the solution free from contaminants.

    What Is In Contact Lens Solution?

    You may be concerned about buying lens solution from online retailers but we can assure you at Coloured Contacts we make sure our products are safe for their purpose. The lens solution is CE and FDA approved.

    The contact lens solution ingredients vary for each product but most contain boric acid. This is the ingredient that actively fights fungus and disinfects your lenses. The contact lens solution boric acid will ensure your lenses stay clean and have no unwanted bacteria.

    Many people ask the difference between saline solution and contact lens solution. Saline solution will rinse the lenses so may help you to easily insert your contact lenses because of the moisture, however, contact lens solution contains the cleansing agents that will keep your contact lenses safe for use.

    How Do I Use Eye Care Solution?

    Before wearing your lenses it is important to soak them in eye care solution. Whenever you are handling your lenses or any related products such as your lens case or solution bottle make sure your hands are clean. Remove the safety lid on the lens solution bottle. Rinse each lens with eyecare solution to clean the lens. Place the lens in your case in fresh solution and leave to soak. You can take your lenses directly from the case, after they have been soaked, and insert them.

    Before using your contact lens case make sure to also clean this with contact lens solution. Never wash any of your contact lens equipment with water as this can contain potentially harmful bacteria. Here at Coloured Contacts, we offer complete kits which include both the contact lens solution and the case at a cheaper price. All our contact lens cases are sold at pocket money prices so you can enjoy funky designs that will keep your lenses secure when not in use.

    Purchasing a case with your lens solution is recommended because this gives you a clean environment to soak your lenses. Carry your case and lens solution with you in case you would like to remove your contacts. If you clean and store the lenses as soon as you have taken them out of your eyes then you will be able to re-use them.

    This only applies to 90 day and 1 year contact lenses. If you have daily lenses then soak them before wear and dispose of them in your normal household waste after a single use.

    All contact lens solution brands will offer different advice on how to use their solution. Make sure to read the bottle for advice about how long to leave your contact lenses soaking and how much solution to use. We usually recommend a minimum of 2 hours soaking before use but please be aware that this can vary.

    Our contact lens solution reviews are sure to prove that this solution is a must have whenever you check out at Coloured Contacts. Eye safety is of the utmost importance and must always be the first thing you think about whenever you are using contact lenses. Remember, we always advise checking with your optician before wearing our contact lenses. The contact lens solution can be used with any brand of soft contact lens for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing.

  • Cases

    If you’re thinking of treating your eyes to some new contact lenses, don’t forget to keep them safe and clean with one of our stylish Contact Lens Cases!

    As we’re sure you know by now, Coloured Contacts has one of the biggest ranges of coloured lenses and contact lens cases out there! From cosplay to Halloween we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve got styles to give you some of the most gorgeous looking natural eyes going and even ones that will make your peepers glow with our dazzling UV range of coloured lenses. But that’s not all that’s changed over time with our extensive contact lens range. We’ve developed our diverse range to cater for a variety of daily, monthly and yearly novelty contact lenses so you can keep your eyes looking gorgeous for weeks at a time!

    But if you are planning on grabbing yourself an epic pair of new creepy contact lenses, why wouldn’t you keep them safe with a fancy new contact lens case? With the bygone days of only being able to buy a pair of colourful novelty lenses for disposable purposes; many people don’t realise that in order to keep their contact lenses in tip top condition they’re going to need a special contact lens case.

    Keep Your Lenses Safe With One Of Our Contact Lens Cases

    One of the most important things we adhere to when we provide you with colourful lenses is that all our contacts will be affordable, durable, FDA approved, but most of all they must be safe. We can take care of all these factors with our high-quality manufacturing process and sterile packages, but once our stunning lenses are in your hands and their containers are opened it’s up to you! That’s why we’ve now dedicated ourselves to providing you with a vibrant range of different coloured contact lenses cases so you can truly keep your eyes fresh and safe. 

    If you’ve been looking for contact lens cases cheap or want some of the most unique contact lens cases around; you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you want just the right contact lense case to match a specific pair of our lenses? Not to worry! We’re sure you’ll find it within our section.

    Don’t believe us? Check out a few of our top picks below to grab some inspiration on some of the crazy combo’s you can go with:

    • Pink Heart Contact Lenses Cases:  If you’ve just picked up a pair of our Pink Love Heart Novelty Coloured Contact Lenses then you’ll be silly not to match them up with one of our perfectly suited contact lens cases! Available in both light and dark pink shades; you’ve never had a better reason to show some love to your lenses! 
    • Animal Contact Lens Case: Are you a massive cosplayer or just love getting yourself into the costume contact lenses scene? Then why not check out our awesome range of animal themed contact lens cases. If you’ve picked up a pair of our werewolf coloured contacts recently then why not keep them safe in some of our dog contact lens cases? If you’re looking at grabbing yourself some awesome Halloween lenses soon, just don’t forget to keep these cool contact lens cases in mind when you’re shopping through our animal contact lens section through our website!
    • Plain Coloured Contact Lenses Cases: If you’re not into over the top and exaggerated styles, and prefer a more sophisticated look, maybe these are the contact lens cases for you! Featuring a plain colour design, these lenses are great for a more subtle look. Or maybe you’ve just bought yourself a pair of our amazing natural look or all over blind coloured contact lenses? Why not colour coordinate them and make picking out a pair from your collection less of a hassle?!

    Having trouble getting in a pair of contact lenses? Putting something in your eye is never easy, but if you keep a look out for one of our cheap contact lens kits, you’ll be able to get them in in a flash! Not only do some of our amazing contact lens travel case kits come with a nifty case to store lenses you may also be able to find an application wand and a pair of tweezers!

    Make Your Lenses Last With One Of Our Contact Cases!

    As you’ll be well aware by now, our massive Coloured Contact lens range are classed as medical devices, so we make sure they are of the highest quality with their FDA approval. But as we mentioned previously, in order to truly keep them lasting for their whole recommended duration and are safe for your precious eyes, you’re going to need a few things.

    To keep your lenses in tip top condition you’ll need to be sure to pick yourselves up one of our incredibly affordable contact lens holder novelty cases as well as some of our contact lens solution. Not only will this give them a fancy place to live when you’re not using them, but with the correct usage of the solution and our contact lens kits; they’ll be able to last for months at a time!  

    So don’t forget! If you’re thinking of using a pair of multi-day lenses; it really isn’t complete without one of our awesome contact lens cases!

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Contact Lens Accessories are essential for anyone looking to buy contact lenses. Keep your lenses clean and ready for use with our contact lens equipment. While our main focus is on the health and safety of your eyes, there’s no reason not to enjoy the designs of our funky contact lens cases. Search through the different styles to find something that suits your vibe.

Shop with us for a complete contact lens kit and you will soon be feeling like an expert when you are using your contact lenses. From simple cases to all important lens solution to handy gadgets, you can choose exactly what you need.

Essential Contact Accessories

We recommend that you always purchase contact lens solution when you are buying any type of contact lenses. This serves several purposes and all are essential to ensure your eyes remain healthy.

Firstly, the lens solution contains an active ingredient which disinfects the lens. Clean off any debris after you have worn your lenses and soak your lenses in solution then your lenses will be ready to use again. While the active ingredient does vary, most contain contact lens solution boric acid. This disinfectant ingredient is what sets it apart from saline solution.

We know that it can be difficult to buy contact lenses online but there are ways you can ensure you are buying high-quality products. Our products are FDA approved and CE marked so you can be sure they adhere to top standards and are fit for purpose.

Need your accessories in a hurry? When you buy a pair of contact lenses UK you can get speedy delivery so if you need your lenses in time for a special event then remember us if you have left it to the last minute. You can also add contact lens cases UK and solution to your order to receive a complete care kit.

Contact Case Accessories

Next on your list of contact accessories should be a lens case. Even if you are planning on purchasing daily lenses, you will need to soak your lenses in solution for several hours before use. For this, you will need a lens solution and a lens case. Remember to always check on the lens solution bottle for the duration of time to soak your lenses, as different brands can vary.

When it comes to choosing a contact lense case there are plenty of options. If you have decided you would like to purchase a case without the added accessories then there are plenty of designs to browse. We offer plain styles, for those wanting a subtle case or some funkier styles such as animal designs and cupcakes. We are always adding new styles so if you get hooked on trying out novelty designs then be sure to pop back later!

We mentioned our animal contact lens case designs already but wanted to tell you that some of these designs include gadgets to help you clean and insert your lenses. Here is a selection of the accessories your kit could include:

  • Contact Lens Inserter: This neat little wand will help you insert your lenses without having to touch them so if you are worried about ripping your lenses with your nails then this tool is sure to come in handy.
  • Mini Tweezers: Make sure your lenses are correctly positioned in their case, using the tweezer set. You can also use them to gently pick up your lenses to avoid introducing unwanted bacteria onto your lenses.
  • Compact Mirror: Some of our lenses come with a handy travel mirror so you can insert your lenses on the go.
  • Lens Solution Bottle: Sometimes you don’t need to take a large bottle of lens solution with you so fill up your lens solution bottle and you will have enough liquid for one use.

As you can see our cute contact lens case isn't just for show – it is practical too! Select your favourite kawaii look and check which accessories come with it. Enjoy adorable teddy bears and fun lollypop designs. We also have plenty of cases for cat fans, from super sweet paw prints to kitty faces.

Contact lens accessories are a must for everyone who is serious about keeping their eyes safe during use of their contact lenses. While we love all the fun designs and adorable characters, we also know how important these cute cases are in keeping your lenses clean. Plus, you don’t want to end up not being able to use your long duration lenses just because they haven’t been stored properly so here are some last minute tips.

  1. Always make sure your lenses are fully submerged in lens solution to prevent the lenses from drying out and to stop any unwanted bacteria from developing. 
  2. Make sure to clean all your lens equipment in solution before using it. This includes your cases and gadgets.
  3. Use the outer case of our lens kits to keep all the accessories and inner case in one place, so it doesn’t get lost on your travels or in your handbag.
  4. Replace your contact lens case regularly to ensure your lenses are properly sealed away and cleaned.
  5. Check the expiry date on your contact lens solution and be sure not to use it once this has passed.

While it can sound scary, we want you to know how seriously we take eye health and safety before you have fun with our lenses. We know you won’t need any help browsing through and choosing your favourite contact lens kit designs and we always love seeing the looks you come up with when styling our contacts!