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Cosplay contacts are becoming more and more popular in recent years and with so many different designs to choose from, all allowing you to perfectly imitate your favourite characters, it’s no surprise that these are some of our biggest selling coloured contact lenses

Cosplay or ‘costume play’ is an immensely popular hobby throughout several countries across the globe! The activity involves dedicated fans creating costumes or their favourite fictional characters and attending conventions. Cosplay conventions go on throughout the year with some of the biggest events being Comic-ConAnime North and Anime ExpoCosplay fans also take to the internet to share their inventive costumes with the world via Youtube and blogs, giving Cosplay contacts an incredible amount of media-attention. 

Cosplay Contacts: Sharingan Contacts & Much More! 

Whether you are a seasoned Cosplayer, or you are looking to dabble in costume play for the first time, our array of Cosplay contacts is the first place you should look to find your accessories. With lots of styles to choose from, we can find something to suit any character. So whether you’re attending a Cosplay convention of simply looking to find the best Halloween accessories, our non-prescription Cosplay contacts are just what you need. 

Some of our most popular designs stem from recognisable anime and movie characters like the Sharingan contacts and even Terminator inspired contact lenses. It really doesn’t matter what look you’re trying to pull off, because our Cosplay contacts section has one of the best selections, giving you the freedom to buy Cosplay contacts online without having to hit the streets. 

One of the best things about Cosplay contacts, is that they have such unique and vibrant designs, often featuring prints and motifs, that they look great for fair skin as well as for dark skin; so you never need to worry about whether or not these costume contacts will suit you. You might be worried that our coloured contact lenses won’t work on your naturally dark eyes, but you’ll be pleased to hear that thanks to their high quality, richly pigmented colour these Cosplay contacts provide excellent coverage for dark eyes as well as blue eyes! 

There are many popular options for Cosplay costumes and you can choose just about any character from a book, film, TV show or game to replicate. Here are a few of our favourites, and which Cosplay contacts we would recommend finishing them with: 

Deadpool: White Sclera Contact Lenses 

Link: Blue Contact Lenses 

Naruto: Blue Contact Lenses 

Naruto: Sharingan Contact Lenses 

Pokemon: Whichever colour contact lens suits your character! 

With these being just a drop in the ocean of ideas for Cosplay, it may be worth taking a look at our Cosplay section to see if there are any Cosplay contacts to inspire you further! 

Another great thing about our Cosplay contacts is that they are completely cosmetic and do not affect your vision at all. So you are free to wear these awesome accessories without a prescription, just make sure you visit an optician or optometrist prior to purchasing to check the health of the eyes and ensure you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic contact lenses. 

The Best Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes! 

Because Cosplay fans are always looking for the next cool convention to attend, we know it’s likely that you will want to flaunt your coloured contacts again and again. For this reason, at Coloured Contacts we offer a variety of reusable options, as well as our disposable 1 day contact lenses. We stock wear durations of 30 days90 days and even 1 year, giving Cosplay fans plenty of opportunities to become their favourite characters throughout the holidays and beyond! 

Even if you’re not a Cosplayer yet, our selection of Cosplay contact lenses are great for bringing some authenticity to a Halloween or party costume. So ditch the tired old Halloween mask and do scary in sophisticated style this year in a pair of Cosplay contacts

Thanks to their increasing popularity, Cosplay contacts are now available to buy everywhere from Walmart and Amazon to market stalls, so it can be tricky to know where is the best place to buy Cosplay contacts online. At Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing only high quality products from reputable brands like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), giving you a safe, easy and comfortable wearing experience.