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You may be thinking that to get a vampire look is an easy task, but in reality there is more to it. It’s not all about the amount of money you spend on make-up and costumes, but also about the type of items that you buy. Simple additions such as cheap fangs and contacts often make big changes to your look, but this only happens when you buy the right items. Our Vampire Contact Lens range has been carefully selected by experienced professionals to help you to get the best vampire look at a low price. We would like to notify you that all our products are non-prescription.

In order to give you the best quality, we source all of our items from top rated manufacturers such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT). Our Vampire Contact Lens range is one of largest available on the UK market, so whenever you buy from us you get the best designs out there. Our lenses are cheap but this does not mean they are of low quality!

Our Vampire Contact Lens range perfectly covers the pupil and gives you a freaky look without obstructing your vision. With these cheap lenses you will be able view the world from a vampire’s eye!

Whilst you can use our lenses without a prescription, we advise seeking professional advice and having an eye examination before using any of the products in our Vampire Contact Lensrange. This precaution is there to ensure that your eyes are healthy and you’re aware of the correct insertion, removal and aftercare procedures involved. As an additional safety measure, we provide clear directions for use with every pair of contact lenses you buy from us, so you can be fully confident when shopping on our site!

Why buy Vampire Contacts from us?

You will achieve great results by combining our cheap novelty contacts with your costume. Since our Vampire Contact Lens range is available in 1 day30 day90 day, and 1 year varieties, you can find the right duration for your needs when you shop with us. Quality is paramount when it comes to contact lenses, so to ensure our items are of high quality, each pair is personally inspected by a team of experts to ensure it meets our exacting standards. What’s more, you won’t break the bank when you shop with us, as we firmly believe that high quality lenses shouldn’t cost the Earth!

Our Vampire Contact Lens range comes in a wide range of colours and designs. No matter the uniqueness of your costume, you will find a matching lens on our site. Wear our lenses and transform into a fang-tastic bloodsucker this Halloween. You can be sure to scare your friends and family!

If you are a bit of a last minute shopper, then you’ll be sure to love our next day delivery option. We understand how it feels to miss out on having fun during an important celebration just because you are not in full costume, so we can deliver your order to any UK address within a day. Pretty great, right? The experience you get from the moment you visit our site to the moment you get your items delivered will testify to you why we are rated among of the best online sellers of vampire contact lenses in the UK.

Vampire Contact Lens Range for your Celebration!

Us our Vampire Contact Lens range to get the look of a perfect bloodsucking monster! Whether it’s Christmas, your birthdayHalloween or you just want to turn into a horror movie icon, our vampire contact lens are perfect for your vampire costume collection. Our selection ranges from black lenses that will make you the master of darkness to red bloody-looking ones that will turn you into an eerie vamp.

Wear our Vampire Contact Lens range and transform yourself into the unforgiving vampires that you see in horror movies tormenting humans endlessly. Remember the vampires in the movies Dracula, Kali the Little Vampire, Vampires Suck, Twilight, Nosferatu, The Vampires of Bloody Island, Dark Town? With our range of Dracula lenses you have the opportunity to turn into those nasty creatures, get into the spooky spirit and freak out your friends!

Add our Vampire Contact Lens range to your Halloween costume and catch your friends and family off guard. This is your chance to become the creepiest person anyone can encounter during the celebration!

We have a wide range of golden contact lenses that are suitable for dark eyes, like all of our products. Combining them with the right costume will make you the most frightening character during Halloween or any other festival. We have several designs for you to choose from, and since we only select the best products any piece you select is one of the best in the market. So what are you waiting for? Transform quickly into a bloodthirsty animal with our Vampire Contact Lens range!