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  • Animal

    Get animalistic eyes in an instant with our range of novelty animal contact lenses, perfect for fancy dress, cosplay and showing off your wild side!

    We have a wide range of animal contact lenses for fans of both furry and scaly critters to get their paws on, allowing those that wear them to change the appearance of their peepers for wild and freaky eyes.

    Walk On The Wild Side With Animal Contact Lenses

    If you happen to be a huge fan of animals, then you can’t afford to miss out on our varied collection of animal contact lenses. From cat eyes to those of reptiles like snakes (and even fantasy creatures like dragons), there are plenty of weird contact lenses to choose from which allow the wearer to transform their look like an Animorph to take on the characteristics of another beast.

    From high quality cosmetic contact lens brands such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), we stock some of the best animal contact lenses you can find, all with styles that are certain to give you wild and spooky eyes. These colorful contacts with animal inspired designs are sure to bring out your inner feline or lizard.

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

    Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

    • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
    • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
    • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
    • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections.

    Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them. What's more, with selected pairs of monthly lenses, you'll get a complimentary care kit to ensure your lenses stay fresh and ready to use in a flash!

    Suitable for those with a furry fetish, our animal contact lenses are perfect for Halloween fancy dress, cosplay and dressing up just for fun. Coming in a wide range of colors, from red to bright yellow, some of our animal contacts are also UV reactive and are reusable between 30 and 90 days, meaning you can wear them over and over again for parties and other events.

    Cool For Creature Cosplay - Check Out Our Animal Contact Lenses

    Simple to use and easy to care for, if you’ve ever dreamed of switching up both the shape and shade of your eyes for something more exciting then make sure not to miss out on our animal contact lens collection. Full of reptilianfeline and even other styles that include bats and spiders, whether you’re looking for something weird and freaky, there are contact lenses for all tastes.

    If you prefer to live life on the wild side, then hunt down like a predator some animal contact lenses. With cat eyes, lizard eyes and plenty more animalistic styles that allow you to take on a ferocious new appearance for fancy dress or perhaps even just for fun. Take a look at our entire collection of creature contacts today!

  • Anime

    Looking to add a dash of kawaii cuteness to your look? Want something that'll kick your cosplay creations up a notch? Then look no further than our collection of awesome anime contact lenses, the perfect way to transform your gaze in the blink of an eye!  

    Perfect for Halloween, special occasions or fancy dress events, these quirky lenses are sure to attract plenty of attention. Whether you're after transformative circle lenses, cute big eyes lenses or some breathtaking special effects lenses, we've got just what you need! With one of the biggest collections of anime contact lenses available online, we guarantee that you'll find your perfect pair here at Coloured Contacts!  

    Anime Contact Lenses: The Ultimate Cosplay Accessory 

    Need something to take your look from zero to hero? Then a pair of anime lenses could be just what you need! These little beauties are great for a fresh look, or any occasion where you want all eyes to be firmly on you.  

    Anime contacts are the simplest way to complete your look in style! Great for any occasion, these quirky lenses are a great addition to any Cosplayer's accessory stash. More versatile than traditional cosplay contacts, these little beauties are guaranteed to add some cartoonish vibes to any ensemble.  

    For an iconic stare, look no further than a pair of Sharingan contacts. These edgy black and red lenses are inspired by Kakashi from the Naruto series and will have you looking like the iconic ninja in an instant. If you prefer to live life on the kawaii side, then a pair of anime big eyes lenses are just what you need! Available in both natural tones and bold block colors, these contacts give an exaggerated doe eyed look that's simply perfect for giving a sweet and chic feel to any ensemble. Prefer something a little more subtle? Then check out our range of anime circle lenses for size! Great for boosting the diameter and appearance of your iris, these lenses are suitable for everyday wear as well as for Cosplay.  

    Looking for contact lenses that are suitable for dark eyes? Look no further! Each pair of lenses we sell feature rich and vibrant color pigments, to provide superior color coverage so that even the darkest of peepers can be transformed! Searching for contacts that are suitable for fair skin? Worried about finding the perfect pair of contact lenses for dark skin? Then worry not! With a multitude of different shades available, we've got a pair to suit any skin tone, from light to dark.  

    Amazing Style, Low Prices 

    Our huge collection of non-prescription anime contact lenses come courtesy of some of the biggest brands on the market, such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), so you can buy with confidence, knowing you're purchasing a great quality product. We've also ensured that we've got plenty of choices available, so you can purchase our anime lenses in a variety of styles, colors and durations. Whether you're looking for single use lenses that'll give you the edge on that special night out or a pair of reusable lenses for repeated uses, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. With 30 days90 days or 1 year durations available, you can rock your perfect anime look for as long as you like! What's more, no prescription is necessary to sport these cosplay lenses, so you can simply order, wear and enjoy! It is advisable to visit your optician prior to ordering a pair of these cosmetic lenses, in order to assess whether your eyes are healthy and that you're a suitable candidate for these accessories. 

    There's no need to trawl through Amazon or Freshlook to get the best deals on anime contact lenses in the UK. Here at Coloured Contacts, we're committed to providing a huge array of high quality products at low prices, so you can experiment with your look to your heart's content! The hardest decision you'll face is picking a pair to try first... 

  • Blind

    Perfect for HalloweenCosplay or any occasion where you want to dial up the freak factor, blind contact lenses are the ideal way to totally transform your look in the blink of an eye!

    Create a Shocking Look With A Pair Of Blind Contact Lenses

    There's no better way to up the ante on a show stopping fancy dress costume than with some blind contact lenses, the ideal way to take your look from normal to nightmarish in an instant. Ideal for completing any creepy costume or adding an unexpectedly macabre twist to an everyday ensemble, blind full eye contact lenses are guaranteed to attract attention!

    For a spook-tastic look, try teaming a pair of blind white contact lenses with a ghostly costume and lashings of freaky face paint for a truly spectral style. Prefer things a little more...horrifying? Try a pair of colored blind lenses (In black or red for maximum freakiness) with an old fashioned frock or smart suit for a look straight outta the pages of Creepypasta.

    Whether you're looking for a pair of stark white out lenses or some solid black contacts, you're sure to find the perfect pair for you here at Coloured Contacts. With full sclera lensesblackout contact lensesno pupil styles and solid lens options from amazing brands, the hardest choice you'll have to make is which pair to try first!

    High Quality Contacts at Pocket Friendly Prices

    Not only are all of our blind contact lenses of the highest quality possible, they're also affordably priced, so you won't need to break the bank in order to experiment with your look. Plus, if you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear

    Contact lenses are a super fun way to switch up your style, but they must be used responsibly. So, even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures. 

    Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

    • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
    • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
    • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
    • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections. 

    What's more, each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a fully sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them.

    No matter what you decide to pair your blind contact lenses with, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd in style!


  • Blue Eye

    The sea, the sky, whales, music. A whole bunch of best things in life are blue so having blue eye contacts makes for a pretty spectacular look. But what if you weren’t randomly lucky enough to be born with blue eyes? Or what if your blue eyes just aren’t special enough for you? Then the best option is to change up your eye color with a pair of blue eye contacts. Well we have some great news. At Coloured Contacts, we have a whole range of blue eye contact lenses that are waiting to be used by you.

    The best part about the high quality pigment in our contacts is that anyone can wear them. These non prescription coloured contacts for dark eyes are the best. Other contacts will have a tinted color and dark brown eyes will bleed through and ruin the color effect. So make sure that your eyes look blue instead of just feeling blue from wasting time and money. There are no tears when it comes to the products at Coloured Contacts.

    If you want natural colored contacts then check out the range of One Tone and Tri Tone contacts that come in a variety of shades. They make for an amazing fashion accessory and can be complimented with your make-up to either accompany or accentuate the new color of your eye. If you plan on going to a party with friends or family then add some contacts to your look and they will love it. You will have whole conversations about your eyes when you decide to make the swap.

    If you’re looking for something a whole lot more crazy for your bright blue eye contacts then we have the contacts for you. Make a Halloween fancy dress costume look even spookier with a pair of deathly blue contacts. They also help to increase the authenticity of your Cosplay if the character you love has blue eyes.

    So now is a great time to get searching through our blue eye color contacts to find the one to suit your needs. Before you go however, let us tell you a little more about some of the quality contacts that are available to you.

    Get a Blue Eye with the Best Colored Contacts.

    If you’re looking for a natural eye color with a bit of flair then take a look at the Blue Mystic Colored Contact Lenses which provide the natural eye color but with two dark blue rings around the pupil and iris to highlight the colors in the iris. These contacts come in 1 day and 90 day periods so you can decide how often you want to wear them and purchase based on your needs.

    There are a lot of raves that use black lights to make the place more vibrant, people with UV friendly clothes that light up. Now you get have glow in the dark contacts that react to the black light as well. If you like to host parties then investing in a black light and a pair of these lenses will definitely secure you a place as the greatest party thrower out of all of your friends. So get the Blue i-Glow Colored Contact Lenses for your event.

    When it comes to colored contacts dark eyes can be a big hindrance, but with the blue mesh screen of the Blue Screen Colored Contact Lenses, you can make your eye color work for you. These contacts cover your iris and pupil in a mesh which looks completely unique. They also come in a UV option so you can look great in the dark as well.

    If you want some novelty to your eyes then why not celebrate your culture with our range of Flag contacts. We have a pair of British Flag Contact Lenses as well as contacts for Argentina and France in the blue section of our contacts. These are great for sporting events so grab the chips and dip and get everyone round to watch the world cup, or Wimbledon, or any sport that you can convince people to party while watching.

    Shop Blue Contacts at Coloured Contacts UK.

    When it comes to contacts we’re on par with larger retailers like Amazon and eBay so you know we’re professional when it comes to securing quality contact lenses. All of our lenses are FDA approved so we can guarantee safety and effectiveness of color. They are also super lightweight and breathable because of the Polyhema material that comprises all of our lenses.

    There is no need to feel blue anymore. Get looking through our many options of blue contact lenses and get the blue eye look that you love. The next party or Halloween event that you attend can be made into a fantastic time with the simple addition a pair of contacts. Or if you’re just bored of your natural color then enjoy the opportunity to live life from a new perspective.

  • Cat's Eye

    Switch up your style in the blink of an eye with a pair of cats eye contact lenses, the quickest and easiest way to take your look from plain to paw-some in an instant!  

     Create An A-Meow-Zing Look With Our Cats Eye Contact Lenses!  

     Think cats eye contact lenses are just for Halloween? Think again! These freaky feline accessories are purr-fect for completing cosplay ensembles, all manner of animal-inspired fancy dress costumes or simply for bringing a ferocious twist to your everyday look.   

     Available in a whole host of bright vibrant shades, our selection of cat contacts are packed with vibrant color pigments so that even the darkest eyes can be transformed! Great for helping you to create a bespoke style, these lenses are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.  

     Not just the preserve of creepy  costumes, a pair of yellow cat eye contact lenses can add a certain je ne sais quois to plenty of other fancy dress looks! If you're planning to don a slinky cat suit and channel your inner Selena Kyle, then there's no better finishing touch to you ensemble than a pair of yellow cat lenses. Prefer stray into nerdier waters with your costume choices? Then we've got just the thing for you! Team these gleaming golden lenses with some navy body paint and a leather military jacket to recreate the iconic comic book look of Nightcrawler from the X Men, perfect for any fan of the teleporting mutant.   

     If you're craving something a little more nightmarish, then red cat lenses could be just what you need! Whether you team them with a vampire costume, a monster ensemble or a seductive kitty costume, you can be sure to sport the creepiest peepers on the block! From blood red and vermilion to crimson and scarlet, these cat contacts are perfect for adding a dash of primitive fashion to your look.    

    Great for adding a dash of otherworldly style to your look, green cat eye contact lenses are a must have item for any fancy dress fan. The ideal accompaniment to all manner of creepy creature creations, you're sure to attract plenty of attention when you wear these cosmetic lenses! Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Cheshire Cat inspired costume? Then look no further! With aqua cat lenses and brilliant blue cat eye contact lenses available, you can grab the ideal accompaniment to your mischievous feline look.   

     Cats Eye Contact Lenses: Great Quality at Low Prices  

     Whether you're looking for a pair of single use lenses for a big night out or a reusable pair for repeated use, you can be sure to find your perfect pair here at Coloured Contacts. From disposable lenses to pairs that can be worn for up to 90 days or even 1 year, there's plenty of choices available.  

     We've got a huge range of designs from some of the biggest brands on the market including Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), MesmerEyez and Eyecasions and all of our cat contacts are made from high quality materials, making them both safe and comfortable to wear. With everything from cat eye circle lenses, feline lenses for dark eyes and UV reactive cat contacts, we're the best place to buycheap cat eye contacts online!  

     What's more, all of our lenses come at purse friendly prices, so you can experiment with different styles, durations and colors without breaking the bank! 

  • Crazy

    On the look-out for the perfect finishing touch to your costume? Want something a little unusual? If you want to make a real style splash, then look no further than our crazy lens range! Jam packed with the freshest, funkiest and freakiest designs on the market, our collection of crazy contacts are sure to complete your look in style and attract plenty of attention in the process.

    Whether you're shopping for Halloween, a Cosplay event, a show-stopping everyday look or you're searching for those perfect special effect contacts, you can be sure to find your perfect pair in our crazy lens range!

    Create Your Ideal Look With Our Crazy Lens Range!

    Here at Coloured Contacts, we've got one of the largest ranges of non prescription fashion contact lenses in the UK, with dozens of designs that you just won't find elsewhere. So there's no need to hunt high and low on Amazon or eBay to find your ideal pair of crazy lenses, because we've done all the legwork for you! Our team of experts have hand-picked the best collection of lenses available  to build our crazy lens range and bring you an incredible selection of super cool and unusual contact lenses.

    From bold, solid color lenses to eye-catching printed motifs and incredible finishes, there really is a little something for every taste in our crazy lens range. Some of our most popular designs include:

    • Cat's Eye Contacts
    • Anime Style Lenses
    • Unusual Colored Contacts (Orange, pink, purple and more!)
    • Mesh & Screen Lenses

    No matter what style you choose to rock, you can be sure to be the centre of attention!

    Fancy a freaky look? Then you're in luck! With everything from eerie zombie contact lenses and blackout contacts to all white sclera lenses and blood red designs, we've got everything you could ever need to scare the pants off your friends and provide your costume with a perfect finishing touch. Spooky eyes are literally, just a blink away! If zombie eyes don't float your boat, then we've got an amazing collection of vampire, demon, SFX and horror lenses to choose from, great for customizing any spine-chilling costume.

    If you're searching for something a little less creepy and a little more dynamic and daring, then why not try out our UV reactive lenses? These glow-in-the-dark contacts are great for raves, '80s parties and any occasion where you want your stare to command attention. Simply switch on a black light to get your glow on! What's more, these lenses have a stunning, solid color finish when under normal lighting conditions, so your stare will stun no matter where you wear them!

    Unbeatable Quality, Purse Friendly Prices

    We know that when it comes to buying colored contact lenses, comfort, style and price are the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing what to order. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a pair of crazy contact lenses that tick all three boxes, but when you shop with us, we guarantee that you'll never have to compromise on comfort for style and that no matter what your budget, you're sure to bag a great new look!

    It can be tricky to find fashion lenses that provide adequate color coverage for dark eyes, but that's not the case when you check out our crazy lens range! Our lenses feature rich and vibrant color pigments to ensure that even the darkest eyes can take on a bold new hue and be totally transformed in an instant! Plus, all of our lenses have been manufactured by reputable brands using high quality materials to provide a comfortable wearing experience. All of our lenses have full FDA approval, so you can shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you're purchasing a genuine and safe product.

    Why not check out our crazy lens range and make us your one-stop-shop for all your cheap contact lens needs?

  • Creepy

    Creepy contact lenses are the most spooktacular way of completing your favourite and freaky fancy dress costumes. A must-have Halloween makeup accessory, our creepy contacts are going to make your unique style stand out from the crowd! Become the ultimate eerie ghost, petrifying monster or evil vampire with an awesome pair of creepy contacts! No Halloween costume should go without an added touch of an evil glare.

    Anyone can put on a fancy dress Halloween costume, so make sure your creepy look is out of this world for your next Halloween party or Cosplay/fancy dress event by adding some creepy contact lensesHalloween contacts lenses are a super fun and super safe way to switch up your style. Browse our extensive range of creepy contacts and you’re sure to find a color, style and duration to suit your every need. What’s not to love about our scary and spooky lenses, find a new style to fall in love with!

    Chill ‘Em to the Bone with a Pair of Creepy Contacts!

    All non-prescription and all kinds of awesome, it’s just too easy to fall in love with the detailed and intricate designs featured in our extensive range of creepy lenses! The manufacturing process involved with our colored lenses uses high-quality pigments which include a huge range of standout designs. The quality of the pigment ensures good coverage over the darkest of natural brown eye colors.

    You’ll be winning all the Halloween costume contests with a new terrifying stare, the question is, which scary style will you choose first? Our selection of blind lenses is a perfect way to create the creepiest of looks. Available in a variety of colors, this style covers the iris and masks the pupil. Creating a haunted and lifeless look? Make sure you add a pair of white out contact lenses to any costume dedicated to the undead! The blind effect will void your eyes of any color, leaving onlookers chilled to the bone!

    While you’re frequenting the various Halloween fancy dress events this year, you’ll certainly want to show up with a creepy pair of UV i-Glow lenses! Light up the dance floor with a pair of funky, yet creepy, glowing eyes. Any and every Halloween costume can be taken to a whole new level with a glowing pair of eyes! We’ve got UV reactive lenses including Wolf’s Eye, Zombie, Cat’s eye lenses which will all complete a totally terrifying look.

    Feeling the need for some Halloween costume inspiration? Here are some ways in which you can bring your new pair of creepy contact lenses to life:

    • Demon – make sure you get some Black Mini Sclera lenses into your possession if you’re out to pull off the evil demonic look. A classic creepy contact lens style, this bold black and soulless style is sure to totally transform your gaze.
    • Ghosts – ghosts, ghouls, spirits and spectres are the sort of Halloween costumes which deserve a killer pair of creepy contact lenses. Blind and sclera lenses are the best way of showing off your spooky style. Or, for something a little different, our White Mesh lenses an equally creepy way of rocking a new pair of lenses.
    • Vampire – it doesn’t get more Vampire than a glowing blood red pair of eyes! As well as plenty of dedicated creepy Vampire contacts, our bright red colored lenses are sure to shock. The Red Blood Halloween lenses feature a delicious color for you to sink your teeth into!
    • Werewolf – if you’re planning a creepy creature of the night costume this Halloween, then check out a pair of our beastly and creepy colored contacts! Our Green Werewolf or Twilight Werewolf lenses are sure to terrify. Make sure you’ve got your claws and fangs sharp to totally pull off these creepy contacts!
    • Witch – for an absolutely wicked Witch look, the Green Witch Eyes lenses are sure to complete your creepy costume! The pale green and mystical tones of this lens are sure to have you cackling. Wear your witch costume as you like, but green makeup and light green face paints are a must with these lenses.
    • Zombie – another undead costume option, a pair of White Manson lenses are the perfect selection when it comes to shopping creepy contact lenses. Our Zombie Grey lenses will certainly ensure that your cold and vacant stare will not be rivalled.

    These are simply a few ideas on how you can put a pair of creepy lenses to good use, but there are no rules when it comes to trying out lenses. Switch up your styles with new looks and create yourself a new creepy look. The possibilities are endless with our range of contact lenses!

    Shop Halloween Contacts Lenses with Colored Contacts UK!

    Our creepy contacts may be cheap, but this by no means lessens the quality. When you shop with Colored Contacts, you can be assured that you are receiving well-made and high-quality lenses. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, these FDA-approved lenses are sure to feel comfortable while they’re being worn.

    When choosing yourself a new pair of creepy lenses, you should consider how long you need your Halloween lenses for. If you’re solely rocking the creepy contacts style on October 31st, then a pair of daily contact lenses will be perfect for you. Wear once and then dispose of, they’re a totally temporary and hassle-free option. Or if you’re out every night until the witching hour then maybe you’ll need your contact lenses to last a little longer. Choose from 30-day90-day or 1-year duration to find a pair of contacts that will cater to as many events you need!

    Colored Contacts is your one-stop shop for shopping Halloween contact lenses UK! Our extensive range is on par with the likes of huge online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. When you shop with us, you can shop high-quality Halloween lenses at a cheap and affordable price. Take your Halloween style to whole new heights with a freaky pair of our creepy contacts!

  • Crow

    Are you searching for something a little different for your Halloween costume this year? Crow contact lenses could be the perfect edgy accessory to take your outfit from try-hard zero to fancy dress hero!  

    Animal contact lenses are some of our most popular designs, allowing the wearer to unleash the beast and bring an animalistic edge to any ensemble. Whatever your chosen creature, you can guarantee that at Coloured Contacts you will receive high quality colored contact lenses that provide excellent coverage and a stand out finish. 

    Crow Contact Lenses: Create Your Spooky Eyes! 

    Crow contact lenses are one of the more unique costume contacts on offer with an eye-catching printed design. These contact lenses feature a striking crow print that incorporates your own black pupil into the design by sitting directly over the top, without affecting your vision. This simple design has a great effect that is sure to have passers by doing a double-take to see what it is that’s so unusual about your stare. 

    One of the best times of year for Crow contact lenses is Halloween, but you can wear these creepy lenses whenever you feel like; bring a sinister edge to your next fancy dress party or simply add some alternative style to a night out. Fans of Cosplay love these Crow contact lenses because they can be added to many different character costumes to give an authentic finish. 

    Our Crow contact lenses are available in various colors, with everything from yellow crow lenses to white contacts, you’re sure to find just the right pair to accessorise with. Why not pair some of our novelty Crow contacts with a hooded black cloak to create the perfect spooky eyes this Halloween. 

    One of the most appealing parts of Crow contact lenses is that due to their stand-out design, they look great no matter what your skin tone or natural eye colour. The vibrant colors look spooky when off-set against dark skin or even for fair skin, so there is no need to worry whether or not these novelty lenses will suit you.  

    Great Coverage Even For Dark Eyes                                         

    All of our colored contact lenses are made from high quality materials and are richly pigmented with colour, giving you maximum coverage and colour purity no matter what your natural eye colur is. Because of this reliability, Crow contact lenses are some of the best designs for dark eyes, but also look fantastic over paler blue eyes. 

    Not only are our contact lenses richly colorful, but we are committed to sourcing products from the top reputable brands like Eyefusion (AKA EDIT). So you can get your wild eyes on without ever having to worry about quality, we offer cheap contacts that are safe and comfortable to wear. 

    We want you to get the best out of your Crow contact lenses, so we offer completely reusable styles that will last for up to one year after opening; great news for regular Cosplayers or those of us that like nothing more than attending every fancy dress party we hear of! 

  • Demon

    When it comes to Halloween accessories, Demon contact lenses are a sophisticated way to bring some serious scare-appeal to your costume. So for those that are tired of the same, cheap old Halloween masks, why not step things up a notch at your next fancy dress party with a pair of Demon contact lenses

    The great thing about our Demon contact lenses is that they include a huge variety of different designs, colors and styles; giving you the freedom to create the perfect scary look to suit you. One of the most popular kinds of Demon contact lenses are black Sclera lenses, which give an authentic possessed black effect and remove all signs of human life from your eyes; leaving you with a hollow, haunting stare that really is the stuff of nightmares! Just one of the reasons so many customers opt for full black eye contact lenses to pair with their Demon outfits, is because they actually cover a portion, or even the entirety, of the Sclera (white space) of the eye. These special effect contact lenses are one of the most effective ways to take your costume from try-hard zero to fancy dress hero. 

    Demon Contact Lenses: Black Sclera Lenses 

    It’s not just full eye contacts that we offer in our Demon contact lenses range, we also have a wealth of other creepy contacts including white contacts and red contacts, which are also incredibly effective for glazing over your stare! So if black isn’t your color, why not try a pair of demonic white contact lenses that give your eyes the appearance of containing just an eerie black pupil? Or try out some red Demon contact lenses that flood the iris with a rich, bloodied pigment? Whichever color Demon contact lenses you choose, you’re sure to create a terrifying effect. 

    Halloween might be the most obvious time of year to flaunt a frightening Demon stare, but the versatile nature of Demon contact lenses means that they you can experiment with them all year round. Try bringing a scary edge to your other costumes for fancy dress parties over the Holiday season, increase your spookiness at a Cosplay convention, or even just give your outfit the creepy edge for a night out. For anyone who loves alternative fashion and is always after new ways to bring some attitude to their attire, Demon contact lenses are an effortless accessory that’ll give you maximum impact! 

    You may be wondering if Demon contact lenses would work with your natural eye color or skin tone and the good news is that our contact lenses are made with high quality materials and are richly pigmented with color, offering fantastic coverage for dark eyes. In fact, because of the nature of Sclera contact lenses, they are one of the best contact lenses for dark eyes, because the color covers the iris completely and will not show any traces of your natural brown eyes. In regards to skin tone, Demon contact lenses are designed for fair skin and dark skin alike, giving a mesmerizingly creepy effect no matter what! For an even scarier effect, you can even pair your creepy contacts with some face paint to complete a Halloween outfit. 

    The Best Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes 

    Whether you’re looking for Demon contact lenses to wear for just the evening, or you’d like to flaunt possessed peepers all year round, at Coloured Contacts we offer a variety of durations of wear. We stock everything from disposable 1 day contact lenses to reusable 1 year contact lenses, so you’re bound to find just the right accessory for your fancy dress box! 

    Cosmetic contact lenses are becoming more and popular in recent years with companies like Amazon and Freshlook all offering a variety of different styles, colors and designs. With all these options, it can be difficult to know where is the best place to buy Demon contact lenses online. The most important thing to consider when purchasing non-prescription contact lenses is whether they are reliable and safe, so at Coloured Contacts we are committed to sourcing only from reputable brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). You can rest assured that when you shop with us for your Demon contact lenses, you will not only receive high quality, durable accessories that are easy to use and comfortable to wear, you will also benefit from our experienced customer care team who are always on hand to answer your questions! 

  • Devil

    If you’re looking to add a demonic twist to your look, then be sure to check out our range of devil contact lenses, great for HalloweenCosplay or any freaky fancy dress occasion! 

    The Devil’s In The Detail 

    If you've ever wanted to showcase your dark side, then a pair of devil contact lenses are just what you need! Available in dozens of dark designs, these bright and bold lenses are guaranteed to attract plenty of attention.

    Whether you opt for sizzling, flame motif lenses, glow in the dark contacts or primal animal lenses, you can be sure to unleash the demon in you! If these styles don't float your boat, check out the rest of our best-selling designs: 

    • Mesh & Screen Lenses 
    • Flame Effect Contacts 
    • Full & Mini Sclera Designs 
    • Solid Color Styles 

    Can’t decide how to style your lenses? Need some costume inspiration? We’ve got your back! 

    • To finish off a classic devil costume, team a horned headband with a trident, swishing tail and a pair of bright red devil lenses. Your look may be traditional, but your stare will be anything but!  
    • Want to bring a modern, menacing edge to your outfit? Then look no further than our range of black sclera contacts! These blackout contacts are great for adding a scarily sinister quality to your look and bringing a touch of darkness to your stare. 
    • For a glowing glare, team a pair of UV reactive contact lenses with your costume. To really dial up the drama and light up the night, accessorize with some ultraviolet fake blood and face paint to create a bespoke, nightmarish look. 

    Whether you opt for pure white, blood red or pitch black devil contact lenses, you can be sure to astound and terrify everyone you meet whilst wearing them! 

    Totally Tempting Lenses at Prices That Won’t Scare Your Pants Off! 

    Here at Coloured Contacts, we know that it can be a hard task to source devil eyes lenses that are high quality and inexpensive, so we’re immensely proud of the huge range of cheap, stylish and superiorly designed lenses we have to offer! Our team of lens experts have hand-picked each pair to ensure that our range is one of the most extensive and exciting collections of demon lenses available online. Plus, with prices that can’t be beaten on the UK high street or on sites such as Amazon or eBay, there really is no better place to shop! 

    Got an important party on the horizon? Need your lenses in a hurry? You’re in the right place! With a vast range of speedy delivery options available, you can get your contacts delivered direct to your door in as little as 1 business day, so you’ll always be party ready when you shop with us.  

    No prescription is necessary to order our devil contact lenses, so there’s no complex ordering process and no risk of ordering lenses that may compromise your vision in any way. The hardest part is deciding which pair to purchase first! 

  • Dragon

    For the ultimate fiery finish to your look, the make sure to check out our range of dragon contact lenses. Warning, here there be dragons! Make boring costumes the thing of myth once you’ve picked up some new and exciting colored contact lenses. Our styles are an ideal solution to finding realistic dragon eye contacts, so swoop yourself a pair of colored lenses today. Our lenses offer a quick and magical eye color transformation, guaranteed to set your new style alight!

    Dragons are sublime creatures of myth and legend, with detailed and fascinating eyes. With your very own pair of green dragon eye contact lenses, you too can transform into a ferocious beast! Dragons have been brought to life with plenty of TV and film appearances, so fantasy contact lenses have become ever-so popular. So keep on trend and start planning a brand new dragon costume. There’s a huge range of famous and iconic dragon styles, which one will you try out first?

    If you want dragons, then we got ‘em. From reptile dragon eyes to fiery lava lenses, we’ve got all aspects of dragon eyes covered! Shop UV contact lenses for some extra glow, fire lenses for some extra heat or, even discover an emerald dragon print finish. The Green Emerald Dragon Lenses make it possible to have an awesome dragon printed on your eyes!

    Dragon Contact Lens Costume Ideas

    Cosplayers and fancy dress fanatics are sure to love witnessing their very own dragon transformation! If you’re thinking of picking up a pair of green dragon eye contacts, well let us give you a dose of inspiration on how to put them to good use! You won’t believe some of the styles available. Let your creativity take flight as you blaze a trail through our red dragon contact lenses collection.

    Easily achieve a sinister Smaug look with a pair of our Dragon Eye Colored Contact Lenses! These dragon lenses are ideal for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Cosplays, if you’ve been hunting the whole of middle earth for a new eye color, then you simply to have to check out the Eye Of Sauron Colored Contact Lenses – ideal for both dark Necromancers and your very own dragon Cosplays!

    Or maybe Game Of Thrones is more suitable to your dragon taste? Get glorious new Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion-inspired looks with some awesome new Halloween contact lenses. We think the Red/Yellow Death Dealer Lenses are the ideal way to bring these legendary beasts to life. Pair with awesome makeup styles or a full scaled outfit for a truly terrifying look. You’re sure to have onlookers bending the knee with this fearsome finish!

    Not all dragons are big and scary, right? Check out the Cobra Colored Contact Lenses for an adorable Toothless-inspired eye finish! The reptilian edge to these lenses is sure to add some bite to any boring fancy dress look. If you’re not just about fire and flames, then perhaps a pair of our white mesh contact lenses will help your creativity bring your very own Ice Dragon to life!

    Looking to turn up the heat even more? Then some of our fire contact lenses are sure to complete a sizzling dragon style. Unleash some wildfire with our Yellow Dragon’s Breath Lenses or even the Flame Eyes Colored Contacts! Dragons are notorious for their terrifying fire-breathing ability, so a pair of these gorgeous lenses is sure to make you look hot, hot, hot! Onlookers will be truly mesmerised by this spectacular finish, so don’t delay in ordering your very own pair of dragon contacts.

    The possibilities are well and truly endless when it comes to dragon eye lenses. Whether it’s Hungarian Horntails, Mushu, Spyro or even Maleficent, we’ll have all your dragon fancy dress needs covered here. Even styles like the blue cat eye contacts are the perfect choice to help you on your way to an awesome dragon look. Seasoned Cosplayers and won’t want to be without a pair of these lenses for their next dragon costume!

    Shop Colored Contacts for Dragon Contact Lenses UK!

    Here at Coloured Contacts, we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the very best natural styles but some of the very best scary contacts. Dragons are just one of many Halloween styles that we cater for. Our selection of contacts is sure to rival the likes of big retailers like Amazon! Our reptile and purple dragon contact lenses are of style and quality which we’re sure you’ll be impressed by.

    The impressive colors featured in our lenses are created through high-quality pigments used in the coloring process. Dragons are beautiful majestic monsters, so make sure to do them some justice. Make sure to pick up some of the best fancy dress contact lenses for the ultimate costume. Once you’ve tried our lenses, you won’t want to shop anywhere else.

    Not only are our colored lenses bold and bright, but they are made from high-quality and comfortable materials designed to feel comfortable and breathable in your eyes. Even the fiercest of dragons want their eyes kept comfortable, so make sure to pick up a pair from us. Whether you’re shopping for non prescription or prescription dragon eye contacts then you’ve found a safe and reliable retailer in Coloured Contacts.

    A dragon outfit is an ideal look for Halloween, so properly prepare with your very own funky contact lens look. Worried about getting your lenses in time for your next big event? Then let our delivery and shipping options put your mind at ease. We offer safe and secure delivery to a variety of countries including the USA. Choose everything from free delivery to a whole range of delivery options. We don’t want you to be without your green dragon eye contact lenses, so take all the steps to make sure our lenses get to you on time.

  • Enhancing

    If you’re tired of your natural appearance, why not take your look to the next level with a pair of our extraordinarily excellent enhancing contact lenses? We know you crave to stand out from the crowd – who doesn’t? – and our range of cosmetic contact lenses will give you the chance to really get everyone’s attention! So if you need something to just add that little bit extra to your appearance, then why not dive into our incredible selection of enhancing contact lenses? Now you can finally shine and shimmer like you were always meant to!

    One of the best things about Coloured Contacts’ selection of enhancing contacts is that they come in a range of style and can serve a number of needs... Whether you want some color enhancing contacts to brighten up your eyes or some enhancement tint contacts just to add that extra bit of sparkle, we’ve got you covered! We believe that our enhancing contact lenses are perfect for everyone – whether you’re interested in taking your natural everyday look or something for an extra special occasion like a party or a cosplay convention. So up your eyeball game and dive into the world of our enchancing cosmetic contact lenses!

    The Best Contact Lenses To Define Your Look!

    The aim of our enhancing contacts is to really take your appearance to next level. Eyes can be an incredible way to totally transform your look, really taking it up a notch! Even if you don’t alter anything else, a quick change of your eye color can really redefine how people look at you completely!

    So if you’re tired of your old appearance and are desperately craving something new, what are you waiting for? Our enchanting lenses are perfect for just about everyone – and we mean everyone! We’re happy to say that we stock colored contacts for brown eyes, as well as other dark colors, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your newly upgraded eye colour not showing up properly! Whether you want an intense new color or perhaps just tinted lenses, we’ve got you covered.

    If you’re still not quite convinced by Coloured Contacts’ totally incredible range of cosmetic contacts, then we’ve got the perfect thing to convert you... We’ve put together a list of absolute favourite types of enhancing lenses, demonstrating how just about every look is within your reach. Exciting, right? So take a look...

    • Green Contact Lenses – Is there a better way of enhancing your look than through green contacts? Swapping out your natural eye color for one of our beautiful shades of green – and trust us we say there are a lot of them – can be a great way to add some life to your look. So if you’re after a fresh look that’s full of color, definitely give our green lenses a go.
    • Blue Contact Lenses – Excuse us for this awful pun, but our blue contact lenses are nothing less than absolutely blue-tiful! Like our green lenses, our range of blue contacts really scream of freshness and the open world! Even if you already have blue eyes, some of our pairs like the Blue Glimmer ones can really add some oomph!
    • Brown Contact Lenses – To be totally honest, brown eyes get a bad rep these days. Sure, they’re not for everyone, but you’ve got admit there’s something alluring about that earthy and oaky shade? If you’ve had blue or green eyes for all your life, why not take a trip to the dark side and try on one of our pairs of brown contacts?
    • Purple Contact Lenses – If all these colors seem a little bit too safe and normal to you, then purple contacts might be the way to go! Sure, they’re not really a natural color, but isn’t that a good thing in some ways? Isn’t the thought of people double taking at your bright and beautiful eyes kinda awesome? So if you want to really stand out for the crowd, this might be the eye colour for you!

    And trust us when we say there are plenty more colors were these came from. So if you’re interested in getting a pair of color enhancing lenses – whether you want to take your current eye color to a new level or get a new one completely – you should definitely have a browse of our range. Coloured Contacts can really give your look the boost it needs!

    Order Contacts Online With Coloured Contacts UK!

    I think you’ll agree that when it comes to ordering enhancing cosmetic lenses online there really is no better place than Coloured Contacts! Don’t spend your time getting lost on eBay or Amazon looking for the perfect lenses for your look when you can find them with ease on our website! If you’re looking to enhance your eyes then there’s really no reason to shop anywhere else!

    Still need convincing? Well, another great thing about our contact lenses is they’re incredibly affordable! If you’re looking for cheap contact lensesColoured Contacts really are the best, offering impeccable choice – you’re sure to find something to love! And despite their cheap price, our lenses definitely don’t compromise on quality... All of our products are formed from high quality materials and are completely FDA approved! So really, what’s the point in paying more?

    Still not good enough for you? Well then, we’re also happy to say that all of our contact lenses are completely prescription free, meaning that you can get a totally terrific temporary look with the minimum amount of hassle! Just about anyone can wear our contact lenses, so there’s no need to worry about getting a prescription beforehand! However, we do recommend consulting an optometrist before taking the plunge on our lenses – just for safety reasons. It’s just a precaution, but quite an important one!

    So are you ready to enhance your beautiful eyeballs and, as a result, take your entire look to the next level? Get the eye color of your dreams – or simply take your current eye color to the next level with Coloured Contacts’ amazing range. There really is no better place to shop for colour enhancing contact lenses!

  • Freaky

    Are you on the hunt for a pair of spectacular lenses to complete your fancy dress costume? Want to knock the socks off of everyone you meet this Halloween? Then we think you’ll love our incredible selection of freaky contacts, the perfect way to enhance your ensemble and achieve a truly scary stare!

    No matter what kind of costume you’re planning to sport this All Hallow’s Eve, when you shop our collection of freaky contacts, you can be sure to send shivers down everyone’s spines.

    Get Your Freak On!

    Sometimes, only the spookiest of styles will suffice, which is why we’ve hand-selected every pair of lenses in our range of freaky contacts. Whether you’re off for a spot of trick-or-treating, attending a haunted house or party hopping,  you can be sure to find your perfect pair of scary lenses when you shop with us! Our spine-chilling range of freaky contacts includes:

    • UV reactive styles - Whether you choose a bright and bold shade, an animal style or bold white, you can be sure to light up the night with a pair of our glow in the dark lenses!
    • Mesh and screen lenses - Delivering a textured, cyborg-style look, these daringly different contacts are sure to get you noticed.
    • Red contacts - With everything from UV styles to mini sclera and blind designs, you can be sure to create a supremely spooky stare with a pair of our bold red lenses.
    • Black contact lenses - Achieve instant spookiness with a pair of our deep and intense black lenses, perfect for adding a nightmarishly creepy touch to any costume.
    • White contacts - Whether you’re looking for white out lenses, milky Manson contacts or bloody, trauma inspired designs, our range of bright white contacts have a little something to suit all tastes and occasions!

    With one of the best ranges of FX and Horror lenses on the market, there’s absolutely no limit to the number of fearsomely freaky looks you can create! If you need a little inspiration or tips on how to use these Halloween contact lenses, here are some of our favourites:

    • For a lycanthropic look, pair some of our wild Werewolf lenses with shredded clothing, lashings of fake blood, fangs and strategically applied fake fur. Don’t forget to howl at the moon for full freaky effect! If you fancy something a little more Twilight and a little lessDog Soldiers, then pair your lupine contacts with a brooding expression, dark denim, sturdy boots and a plaid shirt to pay homage to Jacob Black and his wolf pack.
    • Want to achieve a sinister, death eater inspired look? Then our black sclera lenses are just what you need! Perfect for replicating the blank, dead-eyed stare of Voldemort’s masked band of followers, these contacts cover the entire iris and a large proportion of the sclera (Aka, the white bit of your eye) to give a void like appearance. Team with a black hood, a dark mark temporary tattoo and an ornate mask for full effect.
    • If you fancy creating a costume that’s a little more ‘out there’, then we think we’ve got the perfect solution for you! To achieve a spooky old crone appearance, simply pair our blue blind lenses with a scraggly grey wig, prosthetics and lashings of ageing makeup to totally transform your look. Pair with a ragged outfit and an air of uncertain malevolence for extra creep points!

    With so many incredible styles on offer, the only limit to the creeptastic costumes you can create is your imagination!

    Freaky Contacts: A Halloween Must Have!

    No prescription? No problem! All of our lenses are non-corrective (I.e. They don’t have any ‘power’ and therefore cannot alter your vision), so you can simply select the style you like the most without worrying about inputting your prescription correctly and being left with lenses that don’t meet your needs.

    Fans of fashion contacts know that it can often be difficult to find high-quality lenses at affordable prices and often, this means that you have to compromise on aesthetics in order to not bankrupt yourself! However, here at Coloured Contacts we’re committed to delivering superior quality products at low prices, so you can experiment with your look to your heart’s content without breaking the bank!

    If you love the look of freaky contacts but are a bit concerned about comfort, then worry not! Our super-thin lenses are made from lightweight and breathable materials and feature a high water content to keep your eyes feeling moist and hydrated all day long. What’s more, every pair of lenses we stock have been FDA approved and manufactured in the UK in accordance to strict EU guidelines, so you know you’re purchasing a safe and genuine article.

    Not only are our lenses cheap and of a high, reliable quality, they’re available in a simply unbeatable range of styles. With dozens of darkly different designs to choose from, we’re the home of one of the most extensive collections online. Plus, with a wider selection of styles than you’ll find on marketplace sites such as eBay or Amazon, you can make Coloured Contacts your one stop shop for all your lens needs! So, if you want to upgrade your Halloween or cosplay looks, check out our complete range of freaky contacts today and see for yourself why we’re one of the UK’s best retailers of spooky contact lenses!

  • Funky

    Wanna create a show-stopping new look? Seeking something super unique and creative? Then you're sure to love our funky lens range! Perfect for taking your stare from zero to hero in the blink of an eye, these cool contact lenses are the ideal accessory for any look or occasion.

    Great for dialing up the drama in time for Halloween, bringing a touch of authenticity to your Cosplay costume or simply for bringing a fresh and fun new look to your gaze; our funky contacts are guaranteed to make you the centre of attention!

    Super Funky Styles

    In our opinion, there's nothing better than standing out from the crowd. Whether you choose to create a style statement with a bold hair color, a snazzy outfit or some editorial style makeup, your look isn't complete without a pair of contacts from our funky lens range!

    Some of the most popular designs in our funky lens range include:

    • UV Reactive Styles
    • Flag Lenses
    • Animal Style Designs
    • Full & Mini Sclera Contacts

    Bored of natural, normal colors? Want to bring some pep to your peepers? Then check out our selection of block color lenses! These novelty colored contacts are great for bringing a dose of vibrancy to your stare and turning the ordinary, extraordinary. From grassy green and lemon yellow to punchy purple, outrageous orange and radiant red, there's sure to be a hue to suit you! With dozens of different hues available, you can build your own custom look easily and simply.

    Want to bring a splash of texture or pattern to your stare? Then be sure to check out our collection of printed lenses, jam-packed with dozens of striking, intricate motifs that will enhance and alter your look in an instant. Whether you're searching for delicate flower print designs, Goth-tastic coffin or skull print eye contacts or some rainbow patterned lenses, you can be sure to find the look of your dreams here at Coloured Contacts!

    A New Look That Won't Break the Bank!

    We live and breathe contact lenses here at Coloured Contacts and over the years, we've learned a thing or two about sourcing the best products on the market! Our team of experts have hand-picked each product you see in our funky lens range, making it one of the most diverse and dynamic collections of contact lenses in the UK.

    Our entire funky lens range is non-prescription, so you can place your order quickly and simply, without worrying that you've not input your prescription information correctly.  With no effect on your vision (Aesthetic changes not withstanding), these lenses are suitable for anyone to wear, regardless of whether you require corrective lenses or not.

    What's more, as we buy our stock directly from the suppliers, there's no middleman present to drive up the prices, meaning you save money! Pretty ace, right? We guarantee that you'll never pay over the odds for your lenses when you shop with us, so you won't find better deals on Amazon or eBay. With no need to shop around for a great deal, why not make us your one-stop-shop for all your cheap fashion lens needs?

  • FX

    If you’re looking for accessories that give your look maximum impact with minimum effort, FX contacts are a great option. Whether it’s for HalloweenCosplay or even a night on the town, our range of sfx contact lenses has a pair that will leave you fluttering your lashes with pride. 

    If you’re not very familiar with cosmetic contact lenses, you might be wondering what FX contact lenses are, or what they do. It’s simple really; special effect contact lenses are simply any cosmetic lenses that provide the wearer with an effect that changes the look of their eye in one way or another. There are so many different kinds of FX contacts to cater for any taste or occasion and at Coloured Contacts we have a diverse range to choose from. 

    One of our favourite varieties of FX contacts are the mesh contact lenses. These unusual accessories completely cover the pupil and the iris, giving it a mesh-effect film that creates the illusion of a pixellated eye. These come in various colors including red contacts and white contacts, which is great news for anyone who’s looking for a specific finishing touch to a costume. The mesh variety of FX contacts looks best when coupled with a roboticAI themed Cosplay or Halloween costume; however, you can also use them as an eerie final addition to any costume or evening outfit. These mesh FX contacts are a great way to bring an edge to your look. 

    FX Contacts: The Perfect Theatrical Accessory for Halloween! 

    FX contacts fall firmly into the category of theatrical contact lenses, so whilst you may not feel like flaunting some special effects day-to-day, these contacts should definitely be in your fancy dress box. 

    Cosplay fans are always on the look-out for new ways to bring authenticity and originality to their costumes and FX contact lenses are a cheap and simple way to do just that; giving the wearer a more sophisticated transformation than a traditional mask. If you are a Cosplay enthusiast, you may be pleased to see that our FX contacts section features several designs inspired by famous movies and TV shows including The TerminatorTwilight and The Avengers. So if you’re a Cosplayer, or you’re just looking for a seriously cool costume for this year’s Halloween party, you have to check out these awesome FX contacts

    As well as meshscreen and Cosplay lenses, our FX contacts section is also bursting with UV contact lenses! These glow-in-the-dark contacts are a great way to give your eyes a show-stopping special effect when the lights go out and the great part is, with vibrant colors and designs, they still look fabulous in the daylight! As far as special effects go, the ability to bring a UV glow to your glare is a firm favourite with customers, so if you think you might like to light up the night, check out the UV styles in our FX contacts range. 

    Included in our FX contacts is also an array of animal-inspired styles that use special effects to actually manipulate the pupil and give the illusion of anything from a cat eyedragon eye or even a lizard eye! Whatever creature you think you might suit; these FX contacts feature a shaped black pupil that sits directly over your own pupil, without affecting vision. 

    Despite their interesting appearance, FX contacts are cleverly designed to provide complete coverage without having an impact on your vision. All of the contact lenses in our special effects section are purely cosmetic, meaning you won’t need a prescription to experiment with a new look; just make sure you visit an optician prior to purchasing to check your eye health and confirm that you are a good candidate for FX contacts

    SFX Contact Lenses are Great For Fair Skin 

    If you’re worried that FX contacts won’t look good on you, don’t worry! These high quality SFX contact lenses are richly pigmented with color so they offer great coverage for dark eyes and blue eyes alike. The striking appearance of these costume contacts gives them an effect that compliments all skin tones, so they are a great option for fair skin and dark skin too. 

    For several years, the FX contacts industry has been growing as demand increases rapidly. With so many fancy dress fans searching for cosmetic contact lenses, and so many companies like Freshlook and Amazon offering them, it can be hard to know where to buy FX contact lenses online. The important thing to remember when searching for your perfect pair is that they need to be safe to use and comfortable to wear, so at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on sourcing products from only top brands like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). The fact that we only stock high quality contact lenses, as well as having our friendly customer service team on hand to help, ensures that you will have a hassle-free shopping experience, so what are you waiting for? Browse our FX contacts today! 

  • Galaxy

    Are you enthralled by the universe and love all things outer space? Then you are going to love our galaxy contact lenses. These galaxy eye contacts come in all different patterns so you can decide how you want the world to look from your viewpoint. Our galaxy print contact lenses are perfect for costumesHalloween or an alternative everyday look.

    Feel yourself being gravitationally pulled towards these intergalactic contacts? Perfect for an out of this world make up look. Create a smoky-eyed makeup look with some added glitter, paint on some delicate stars then blend in gold colours with blues and purples and you will have a majestic presence, just right for a photoshoot or party.

    Our fashion contact lenses are even perfect for festivals. Release your free spirit and match the starry sky you are sleeping under. Bring out your glowsticks and glitter paint to really enhance your universe contact lenses. Check out all our galaxy eye contacts for sale before heading off to your next big music event. Want to be a trendsetter? Then coloured contact lenses could be the way to get you noticed.

    If you are looking for fashion contact lenses for dark eyes with a space theme then you have come to the right place. Our lenses are all made with high quality pigmentation so you can be sure whichever colour you choose, your natural eye colour will be fully covered. Transform your brown eyes into light grey peepers with a selection of galactic lenses. Time to delve into the range of galaxy coloured contacts and help you find the lenses that are perfectly mystical for you.

    Choosing the Best Galaxy Contacts For You

    Get stars in your eyes with the Silver Glimmer Coloured Contacts. These light grey contacts will work for every eye colour whether light or dark and will give you a sparkle to your eye. Got a fancy dinner coming up but still want to hint at your alternative style? Light up your eyes and add a little glitz to your evening. If you are drawn like a magpie to all things sparkly then you are going to find these pretty hard to resist. Find your shining spotlight in the universe.

    Blue Hypnotic Dream Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for a dark starry eyed look. The star effect bursts right to the edges of the iris, leaving a subtle blue peeking through. These stars contact lenses leave you with the look of a larger pupil due to the black star. Mesmerise your friends and watch them sink into the black holes of your eyes. Perfect for costumes, why not use these lenses to dress up for a party.

    Be a unique universe with Butterfly Blue Coloured Contact Lenses. If you want to step away from the crowd then why not see what costume ideas you can up with for these space contact lenses. Featuring an all-black background with an electric blue ring, these lenses will make you feel like you are in deep space. If you love to feel pretty but still want to release your inner science geek then these space butterfly coloured contacts could be the lenses of your dreams. The electric blue line will make you look as if you have got space plasma in your eye, what could be cooler? Complete your next outfit with these funky lenses.

    Want to make an impact when you walk into the room? Then these bold Purple Tempest Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to help you do just that. Featuring the brightest of purple infused with white to create a hypnotic effect, perfect for adding the finishing touches to a night out.

    Get The Whole World in Your Eyes With Galaxy Contacts

    Blast into outer space for just one night or stay a while. With our 90 day and 1 year lenses you can recreate your look over and over, just make sure to pick up some eyecare solution. If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your lenses then we have 1 day options too, so you can go on an adventure for one night only. We have plenty of galaxy contact lenses for sale so you can be sure to find the style and duration you are looking for.

    Our galaxy contact lenses are up there with AmazoneBay and Solotica. We know that eye safety is of utmost importance to you so all our lenses are FDA-approved and we have plenty of helpful guides on how to care for and maintain your contacts. If you have any concerns or are looking for guidance we would advise talking to your eye doctor or optometrist.

    Three…Two…One…Blast Off! Start your new galactic style with some sspace-inspiredlenses and see what cool costumes you will come up with. Try out some universe lenses for your next cosplay outfit and wow the crowds at Comicon.

  • Gothic

    Fans of Gothic fashion will love our selection of Gothic contact lenses, with everything from white contacts to spiral and cross designs, there’s a pair to complete every dark ensemble. 

    Cosmetic contact lenses have become extremely popular not only as costume accessories but also as an alternative way to embellish your everyday look. If you’ve always wanted to try out a new look and your tastes are devilishly dark, then Gothic contact lenses are a cheap and fun way to transform your style. 

    There are many different designs and colors featured in our Gothic contact lens section, giving you the freedom to customise your look. With plenty of Gothic inspired printed designs to choose from including crosseshearts and many other motifs, these freaky contact lenses are sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

    Freaky Gothic Contact Lenses Suit Any Skin! 

    The great thing about Gothic contact lenses is that they are incredibly versatile, not only do they look great for fair skin, but their rich pigment and great coverage means they are also perfectly designed to cover dark eyes! So if you’re naturally pale with icy blue eyes, or you have dark skin and deep brown peepers, these cosmetic contacts are a reliable way to totally transform your everyday appearance. 

    Gothic contact lenses are a subtle way of completing a variety of costumes. Why not pair a chilling printed motif design of a coffin or a skull with a long black cape and become a convincing Dracula for the evening? If that doesn’t sound like your kind of spooky, get a witch-inspired style in some haunting white contacts that look authentic paired with a black hood and maybe a broomstick! 

    For those that aren’t into fancy dressGothic contacts are one of just a few types of colored contact lenses that are stylish enough to wear from day-to-day, with your favourite black dress or leather coat. 

    To cater for their multi-use appeal, we sell Gothic contact lenses in a variety of wear durations. We stock single-use1 day contacts for those that want to dress up just for the night; 90 day reusable contacts for those that will be attending every costume party over the holidays; and even a 1 year reusable option for anyone who simply wants to add some Gothic glamour to their look throughout the year. 

    As always, no matter what kind of Gothic contact lenses you choose, with Coloured Contacts you can rest assured that we only source cosmetic contact lenses from reputable brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). All of the brands we work with use high quality, durable materials that are designed to give you a safe and comfortable wearing experience. 

    Gothic Contact Lenses Without Prescription 

    You may be wondering, ‘can I experiment with Gothic contact lenses if my eye-sight is normal?’ The answer is yes! All of our contact lenses (including Gothic lenses) are completely cosmetic and non-prescription, meaning you can wear any pair you choose without them affecting your vision. 

    None of our contact lenses require a prescription, however it is important to remember to visit your optician or optometrist prior to purchasing so that they can check the health of your eyes and confirm that you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic contact lenses. You should continue to attend regular check ups with your optician throughout the time you are wearing the lenses. 

    So if you’ve been looking for something a little more unusual to give your Gothic inspired outfits or costumes the edge, make sure you check out our full selection of Gothic contact lenses.

  • Horror

    Are you looking for the scariest contact lenses this Halloween? Get freaky in a pair of Horror Contact Lenses!  

    When it comes to creepy costumes and spooky accessories, Horror contact lenses are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to transform your look and really give your costume the edge. So whether it’s for Halloween, a Cosplay convention or even just to bring some spooky style to a night out, Horror contact lenses are a must-have accessory for any fan of frightening fashion! 

    Just one of the reasons we love Horror contact lenses so much is because there is such a diverse range of colors and designs available; giving you the freedom to customise your costume with some personality and throw out that generic old Halloween mask. At Coloured Contacts we stock one of the most extensive ranges of Horror contact lenses online, with everything from traditional redwhite and black contacts, to more intricate freaky designs with printed patterns. If you want your glare to really make people tremble, you can experiment with printed designs featuring blood splatters, or pair your favourite cape with some Vampire contact lenses featuring bloodied fangs! 

    Horror Contact Lenses: Freaky Halloween Accessories! 

    We couldn’t possibly write about Horror contact lenses without mentioning one of the scariest varieties, the Sclera contact lenses. With extra coverage that covers the entire Sclera (white space) or the eye, these special effect contact lenses are the ultimate accessories in spooky stares. If you like to push the boundaries and want to make sure your costume is the best this year, make sure you add some Sclera Horror contact lenses to your basket. 

    It’s not just about Gothic motif contacts and Sclera lenses with our Horror contact lenses though, you can also create an epically spooky outfit using some of the classic colors. Here are a few of our favourite contact lens costume pairings: 

    Vampire: Red contact lenses 

    Zombie: White contact lenses 

    Witch: Green contact lenses 

    Demon: Red, White or Black contact lenses 

    If you like your costume to be a little more outside-the-box, why not unleash your inner beast with some of our animal-inspired Horror contact lenses. With everything from cat eye contacts to dragons and lizards, there’s a freaky creature for every occasion. 

    The Best Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes 

    One of the things that makes our Horror contact lenses so popular is because they work with any natural eye color or skin tone. So if you’re wondering ‘what are the best contact lenses for dark eyes?’ or ‘which contact lenses are best for fair skin?’ the answer is Horror contact lenses! Because of their high quality construction and richly pigmented color formation, these creepy contacts provide maximum coverage and give even dark eyes a silky pure colored finish. If you really want to guarantee there will be no hint of your natural eye color, you can even opt for a pair of Horror contacts with a printed design or Sclera contacts that will effortlessly encompass your natural eye color. 

    Whatever occasion you’re looking to flaunt your freaky Horror contact lenses for, we offer a variety of wear duration styles to cater for every use. If you simply want to use creepy contacts to finish off your Halloween costume, check out our 1 day lenses, but if you’re a regular fancy dress fan we also stock 30 day90 day and 1 year reusable designs that can be worn again and again! 

    Horror contact lenses are popular amongst Cosplay fans and fancy dress goers everywhere, which is why companies like Amazon and Freshlook all offer a variety of lenses. All of these options can make it a little confusing when you’re looking to buy contact lenses online, but with a wealth of designs, friendly customer care team and 20 years of experience, Coloured Contacts should be your one-stop-shop. 

    At Coloured Contacts we know that the most important factors to consider when shopping for non-prescription contact lenses are safety and comfort, which is why we are committed to sourcing lenses from only the best brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), to guarantee you high quality contact lenses. 

  • Mesh & Screen

    Ideal for adding crazy color and texture to your eyes, mesh and screen contact lenses are a must have item for any fan of colored contacts! With a quirky style that you won't find on the high street, you'll find the best selection of mesh and screen contact lenses from big brands such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT)!

    With our lightning fast delivery, low prices and simple ordering process you can get your perfect pair of contact lenses in the blink of an eye!

    Mesh & Screen Contact Lenses: Head Turning Style In The Blink Of An Eye

    Covering both the iris and the pupil, but still allowing you to see normally, mesh contact lenses are ideal for creating a spine-chillingly different look (Make sure you don't wear these lenses when you're driving, as the design may cause a slight reduction in your peripheral vision). Perfect for Halloween, fancy dress nights or cosplay creations, these cool contact lenses come in a host of bright shades that'll effortlessly work with any costume!

    Whether you opt for robotic red mesh lenses, android white screen lenses or cyber black mesh lenses, you can be sure that your peepers will be the centre of attention.

    Transform Your Look For Less With A Pair of Cheap Mesh & Screen Contact Lenses

    Made from high quality materials, these lightweight, breathable lenses are safe and comfortable to wear. Each pair of mesh lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them.

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

    Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

    • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
    • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
    • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
    • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections.

    Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them. 

    If you like the mesh look, why not check out our awesome range of mesh and screen contact lenses and try out a style or two for size? After all, we've got one of the biggest selections of fun contact lenses on the web, so you're bound to find something you love!

  • Natural Effect

    If you’ve been searching high and low for the most natural looking contact lenses you can find, then you’re most definitely in the right place here amongst our collection of natural contact lenses!

    From blue, brown, grey and even bright green, we have a wide variety of natural eye colors to choose from in our range of high quality and easy to use natural contact lenses. These are some of the best colored contacts for achieving or enhancing natural eye shades - check them out!

    Looking For The Most Natural Looking Contact Lenses? Look No Further!

    We stock an absolutely amazing range of non-prescription colored contacts that come in a wide variety of shades and styles, from the weird and wonderful to vibrant and colorful, but we also have a great selection of natural contact lenses that feature naturally occurring eye colors such as bluegreenbrown and grey.

    Perfect for changing the tone of your eyes, especially if you’re bored or unsatisfied with your natural eye color, our natural contact lenses allow to switch up in an instant the shade of your iris to something fresh and new that compliments your style and personality. Or, if you feel your eyes need only a little spicing up, you can also enhance the natural color of your eyes.

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

    Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

    • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
    • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
    • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
    • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections. 

    Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them. What's more, with selected pairs of monthly lenses, you'll get a complimentary care kit to ensure your lenses stay fresh and ready to use in a flash!

    Sure to transform the shade of your eyes to another natural color, no matter if you’ve got hazel, green or dark brown eyes, you’ll definitely be able to go bright blue for instance with a new eye lens color from our collection of natural contact lenses.

    Go Au Naturale - Shop From Our Natural Contact Lenses

    Suitable for all different occasions, such as going out, parties, fancy dress for Halloween or cosplay, and also for casual every day wear as a fashion accessory, there’s no need to settle for your dull natural shade with our high quality natural looking contacts that are sure to surprise and amaze friends and family when you show off your temporarily re-colored peepers!

    Easy and safe to use as a fashion accessory only, those looking to reinvent their gaze need look no further than this awesome range of natural contact lenses, complete with natural eye shades such as blue, green, grey and brown. 

  • Novelty

    Novelty contact lenses are the perfect way to complete your on-the-go style! Wherever your style adventures take you, make sure your finish off your look in fashionable style with the help of our wicked novelty range of contact lenses! With lenses to suit every occasion, whether fancy dress or every day, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice here at Coloured Contacts!

    If you’re looking for a unique and alternative way to accessorise your stare, then let our extensive range of novelty lenses lead the way! With an abundance of weird and wacky designs to choose from, you can rest assured that your fancy dress costume, cosplay ensemble or daily style stands out from the crowd. Boasting a wicked range of styles, designs and colours to choose from, we’ve got the exact lens to match your own individual style and needs! Boost your style and finish your novelty inspired look off in style with our extensive range!

    Finish Off Your Style with a Pair of Novelty Contacts!

    If you’re after a wicked way to add that extra edge to your style, then you need to look no further than our extensive range of non-prescription novelty contact lenses! Manufactured to ensure the highest quality of pigmentation, our funky lenses are guaranteed to ensure your look stands out from the crowd. Regardless of your existing eye colour, let our bold and boisterous lenses switch up your style for the better! Perfect for all natural eye shades, our novelty contact lenses are the perfect way to experiment with style in a safe and effective manner!

    From horror inspired lenses to patriotic flag inspired styles, we’ve got the exact pair of novelty themed lenses to suit! Whether you’re after scary, alternative, unique or weird style contacts, our funky range of novelty lenses is sure to please. Ideal for those seeking to take their cosplay ensemble to another level, or for lovers of fancy dress, our lenses offer a perfect way to liven up your style. And what’s more, if you’re looking to keep your style alive into the early hours, our wicked range of UV i-Glow lenses are guaranteed to ensure your look shines bright, even into the early hours!

    Are you looking for a way to switch up your style? If so, then here are some of our most popular, novelty style lenses:

    • UV i-Glow Lenses: If you’re after an accessory that’s guaranteed to ensure your look continues partying into the early hours, then our wicked novelty UV lenses are the next must-have SFX accessory! With an abundance of colours to choose from, ranging from Blue to White, we’ve got the exact style to match yours!

    • Manson Lenses: Perfect for creating a show-stopping, soul-shuddering stare, our range of novelty Manson lenses are ideal for adding that finishing touch to your fancy dress and cosplay ensembles. With their bold exterior ring detailing, there’ll be no stopping your gaze with these super funky lenses! Perfect for Halloween, these monochrome lenses are sure to set pulses racing!

    • Flag Style Lenses: Perfect for those that are feeling super patriotic, our awesome range of novelty flag lenses are the ideal accessory for showcasing your true passion! Ideal for sporting events, competitive occasions, get-togethers and cosplay conventions, these bold and downright quirky lenses are guaranteed to unite people and get the conversations flowing!

    • Horror Style Lenses: If you’re all about the spooking, then our wicked and ghoulish range of novelty horror lenses is the range for you! From Demon Coloured Contacts to Flame Eyes or from Red Blood Splat to White Blind Lenses, we’ve got the exact lens to match your fancy dress needs!

    Wave goodbye to your bland and boring old style, our wicked range of novelty lenses are the perfect accessory for adding a splash of colour to your look, no matter what the occasion! With UV lenses to ensure your look stays bright even after dark, the possibilities really are endless with the help of Coloured Contacts! From Halloween to daily-wear, we’ve got the lenses to match your individual style at just a click away!

    Shop Novelty Contacts Lenses with Coloured Contacts UK!

    Boasting a blend of both quality and affordability, our novelty contacts are a cut above the rest. Manufactured from lightweight and breathable materials, our FDA-approved lenses are sure to please whatever the occasion! Shopping with Coloured Contacts has never been easier, with an extensive range of novelty lenses at only a click away; there’ll be no stopping your style!

    Here at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on offering flexible durations to suit each and every one of our customers. Ranging from 1-day to 1-year, there’s durations to suit each style or budget. Easily disposed of, our lenses bring a sense of style exploration in a hassle free, affordable and reliable manner. Perfect for topping up your style when on-the-go, these must-have lenses are guaranteed to complete your style wherever your adventures take you. Whatever your style, rock it for however long you desire with the help of Coloured Contacts!

    Coloured Contacts is your one and only shop for all your novelty contact lens needs! Boasting an extensive range which is on par with the likes of online retailers such as Amazon and eBay, you can rest assured you’ll find the exact lens you desire here at Coloured Contacts. Crank up your style volume and be sure to check out our wicked range of novelty contacts!

  • Rx

    Here at Coloured Contacts, we are proud to say that all of our lenses are Rx colored contact lenses. We stock a huge variety of colored contacts with an extensive number of colours, designs and styles that can cater to even the most select of tastes. Searching for prescription colored contact lenses for Halloween can be a difficult task, but we think you’ll be completely spoiled for choice with the colored contact lenses we have to offer.

    When you shop our online store, our selection of Rx approved lenses is simply one click away. With a huge range of shipping options, including to the US, it’s never been easier to get your hands on a pair of colored prescription contact lenses! Choose from daily, 30-day, 90-day or 1-year lens durations to make sure you get as much or as little wear out of the lenses as you please.

    Whilst wearing and experimenting with novelty contact lenses should be fun and exciting, it is always important for health and safety to come first. Here at Coloured Contacts, we believe that the health of your eyes is absolutely paramount, which is why we strictly adhere to FDA guidelines and abide by the FCLC act to ensure our customers can shop with confidence. We encourage all of our customers to take care when using our eye contacts to ensure that wearing our lenses is a safe and enjoyable process.

    Proud To Stock Rx Verified Coloured Contact Lenses

    It should be noted that our coloured lenses currently offer no corrective properties, nor are they designed to enhance or improve your sight. They are purely for cosmetic purposes and should not be treated as a vision aid.

    However, regardless of whether they are prescription coloured contact lenses or not, US regulations require that customers provide a valid prescription when they purchase our lenses. Therefore all of our US customers’ orders need to be certified and assessed through the Rx Verification process. This process requires a customer to give details of their optician, who will then be notified of the order and given the opportunity to approve or decline the order. 

    The optician has the right to decline an order for colored contacts, which would result in an order being cancelled and the customer being refunded. The optician has 8 working hours to respond to a request for lenses. If this time elapses without reply, the order will be processed and the coloured eye contacts can then be shipped.

    Above all, this process ensures the customer can shop safely knowing that they are purchasing products that are both safe and of the highest quality. We are proud to say that all of our lenses are Rx contact lenses, which means they comply with all regulations and safety checks. If you’re wondering where to buy colored contacts, you can shop with Coloured Contacts knowing we are with a trusted retailer who ensures that all products comply with all the required testing standards.

    Shop Styles from Everyday Natural to Halloween Contact Lenses

    All of our non-prescription colored contacts are high-quality and well-made products. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, our colored lenses are designed to fit comfortably into your eye. They are manufactured according to EU regulations and feature a huge range of funky, freaky and fresh styles for you to choose from. We stock a whole rainbow of various colours, all of which are suitable for dark eye colours. The pigment used in the manufacture of these lenses produce vibrant colours which can cover the darkest shade of brown eyes. Here are just a few styles of colored eye contacts you can choose from when you shop with Coloured Contacts:

    • Halloween – creepy, freaky, scary, weird or crazy – we’ve got Halloween lenses to match any and every of your most eerie Halloween fancy dress ideas! Your wicked witch, villainous vampire or ghastly ghost costume can be taken to a whole new level of terrifying with a killer pair of contacts. Our blind and mini sclera contacts are a perfect alternative to red prescription lenses. They’re a simple and easy way to amplify your gaze and send chills down the spine of your onlookers!
    • UV Reactive – perfect for parties or on a night out, our glow-in-the-dark lenses are sure to make you the centre of attention. With numerous colours available, you can easily pick up a pair of lenses that will set your look aglow! Safe and fun to use, we think a pair of glowing lenses should be top of your Halloween costume accessories and fancy dress wish list.
    • Natural – looking simply switch up your daily eye colour? Then we stock natural shades of green, brown and blue contact lenses which can get you on your way to a whole new you! Our color lenses do use intense colouring, but this doesn’t hamper the desired natural and realistic effect of our lenses. Each lens offers an impressive transformative effect

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what style of contact lenses you can choose from. We have a huge selection of lenses which is on par with other colored prescription contacts sellers such as Amazon or eBay. With Coloured Contacts, you can be assured that you are purchasing some of the best colored contacts available online. We are the place to be for cheap colored contacts which can totally transform your style in the blink of an eye!

  • Scary

    Scary contact lenses are the perfect option for those looking to complete their freaky and downright creepy costumes in style! The perfect go-to accessory for all your fancy dress fiascos, our scary contacts are guaranteed to ensure your spooky stare stands out from the crowd! Why stop accessorising at just your outfit? Create that flawless finish with a helping hand from our wicked range of ghoulish, scary contact lenses.

    Ensure you spooky costume stands out from the crowd by accessorising in style! Ideal for not only Fancy Dress parties and Cosplay costumes, but for everyday use too, our spooktacular range of scary lenses are sure to create a stare that’ll scare! A cheap and extremely safe way to finalise your style, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of SFX lenses to complete your look, whatever your style, interest or budget!

    Ignite The Fright Factor with a Pair of Scary Contact Lenses!

    A funky and fun way to experiment with style, our range of non-prescription lenses are a perfectly safe and easy way to add that extra edge to your ensemble. Whether you’re in the market for a soul-shuddering pair of mini sclera lenses to extenuate your stare, or fancy featuring a pair of cat’s eye style lenses to give your look that finishing, fur-ocious edge, we’ve got the exact pair of scary style lenses to match your dream look! Be sure to cause a fright and have passers-by catching your eye wherever you go with a pair of our non-prescription scary contacts!

    Whether you’re after a Black, Red or White pair of lenses to complete your scare-tastic style, we’ve got the exact pair to match. Switching up your stare in a matter of seconds, it’s never been easier to accessorise your stare with Coloured Contacts! A perfect accessory to bring an extra level of spook to your Halloween ensemble, we’ve even got UV i-Glow lenses to ensure your style shines bright even after dark. Guaranteed to give your gaze that ghastly, ghoulish edge, you can rest assured that your style will still be partying hard even into the dark of the night!

    Are you still seeking some spooky inspiration? If so, then here are some quirky ways on how to work in a pair of our scary lenses into your ensemble, whether daily or for a special occasion:

    • Black Colored Contacts – If you love all things black in color, then we’ve got the perfect selection of spooky black colored lenses to complete your look! With an extensive range of styles to choose from, ranging from Sclera to Blind, our spooktacular black lenses are sure to shock! Perfect for completing your Demonic and Blood Thirsty Vampire inspired look, our bold black lenses will surely evoke that soulless edge you’ve been searching high and low for!

    • Red Colored Contacts – Boasting rich red pigmentation, our range of ravenously red lenses are ideal for giving that bloodcurdling edge to your gaze! A huge step away from any natural eye shade, be sure to step out in something a little more super-natural with our range of red lenses! With an abundance of styles to choose from, whether Red Blood Halloween or Red Mesh, our selection of roaring red lenses are perfect for finishing off your Vampire or After-Dark Creature styles!

    • White Colored Contacts – If you’re looking to a create a gaze that’ll have people caught in your stare for longer, our wicked selection of white lenses are ideal for creating that glazed gaze! Sure to shock, our lenses, such as our White Manson and White UV i-Glow lenses are perfect for creating that soulless, ghoulish look. Ideal for those looking to channel their inner Ghostly ensemble or Flesh feasting Zombie, our scary white lenses are sure to scare!

    • Animal and Eye Style Colored Contacts – If you’re looking to switch up your eye shape as well as your spooky style, then it’s time you checked out our stunning range of animal and different eye shaped contacts! A perfect spooky alternative to our other SFX lenses, pairs such as the Eye of Sauron, Cobra Contact Lenses and Dragon Eye Lenses are perfect for adding that sizzling edge to your style. Ideal for adding the finishing touch to your ghoulish Monster inspired look, these lenses are sure to set pulses racing!

    Here at Coloured Contacts, we believe in style experimentation, so although these are some suggestions on how to work a pair of scary lenses into your look, there are endless possibilities on how to finalise your freaky fashionable look!

    Shop Scary Contact Lenses with Coloured Contacts UK!

    If you’re after quality approved products to complete your style, then you need to look no further than Coloured Contacts. All of our lenses are composed of lightweight, breathable materials. Our lenses are FDA-approved and 100% safe to use, no matter what the occasion. Blending both comfort and style, there’s never been a better time than now to crank up your style!

    Whether you’re after a pair of lenses for a special occasion, daily use or one-off SFX look, we’ve not only got the exact style but the exact duration to match. Our ranges of scary daily contact lenses are ideal for those last minute parties! Providing you with a flawless finish for a whole day, these lenses can be easily disposed of. Looking for something that you can work with for a little longer? If so, then why not check out our wicked ranges of 30-day, 90-day or 1-year duration lenses. Allowing you to create that spooktacular look you’ve been dreaming of as many times as you desire, our prescription-free lenses are sure to please!

    Coloured Contacts is sure to soon become your next one-stop shop for all your Halloween Contact Lens needs! With a range that’s on par with sites such as eBay and Amazon, Coloured Contacts offers one of the largest online selections! Boasting affordable prices and high-quality products, you won’t need to look anywhere else to set pulses racing this Halloween! Raise the style bar and ensure your soul shuddering spooky style does all the talking with our range of scary contacts!

  • Sharingan

    If you love the hit anime TV show and manga Naruto, you’ll love the massive selection of Sharingan Contacts available at Coloured Contacts!

    With the huge demand of bigger, quirkier and crazier fancy dress costumes every year, we’ve definitely stepped up the contact lens game with our Sharingan Contacts! Here at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on bringing you the funkiest styles for your peepers that you could ever imagine! No matter what your colour and style preference is, you’ll always be able to find a pair of novelty contact lenses to fit the exact look you’re going for! Just remember, when you’re checking out our store, if you’re in to all things fancy dress; don’t just settle for daily lenses! Just like the awesome dojutsu seen in Naruto and Naruto Shippudden, you’ll be able to give yourself some epic sharingan and mangekyou sharingan for months at a time!

    Sharingan Contacts For The Ultimate Ninja Cosplay!

    Become the ultimate shinobi warrior from the help of Coloured Contacts! Although by now we’re sure you’re well aware of the massive selection of non-prescription cosplay contact lenses we offer, none of them come close to the epic style and likeness to their source material than the sharingan contact lenses available to purchase from our website! If you love big cosplay events such as Comic con, dressing up for a hyped fancy dress party or even getting into the garbs of your favourite characters around the house like a true fan, these lenses cannot go unseen!

    As well as offering you some of the best looking sharingan contact lenses on the market, we also have a huge number of styles all designed from other awesome characters shown in the anime and manga. Some of our crazy costume contact lenses vary from the fan favourite mangekyou sharingan lenses to even some of the more sought after, hard to find rinnegan contact lenses! But the best bit about our contacts you ask? Most of our lenses now come in a variety durations including daily and 90 day styles! So if you’ve been hunting everywhere on where you can get your hands on some sharingan contact lenses cheap; you’ve come to the best place! 

    Whether you’re looking to get yourself Rinnegan Contacts, Byakugan contact lenses or maybe just some of the anti-hero Sasuke sharingan contacts; for the best anime inspired coloured cosplay contacts, Coloured Contacts is your one stop shop!

    As you’ve heard all about it by now, our range of cosplay contact lenses can be described as unparalleled! We always have the perfect lenses to fit the exact costume and look you’re going for! So if you’re looking to grab the famous eyes of one of your favourite Naruto characters, why not pick yourselves up a pair of our kakashi sharingan contacts or maybe take it to the next level with a pair of our mangekyou sharingan contact lenses!

    If you’re going to be out and about releasing your chakra with the eyes of the Uchiha clan, they’ve got to be looking good enough to impress a hokage himself. That’s why all of our lenses feature super strong colour pigmentations! So if your eyes are a shade of blistering blue or maybe even a bright shade of gorgeous green; you’ll be rocking some epic naruto sharingan contact lenses without a peep from your natural eye colour. 

    But although living up to impressive character looks with some Sasuke Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts and Naruto Sage Mode contacts can be a daunting task; don’t worry! We’ve put together a few of our favourites to give you the look of a true shinobi ninja warrior! Check them out here:

    • Red Sharingan Colored Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for some of the most iconic Naruto styled eyes out there, these are the perfect option. Featuring the level 3 matured sharingan from Kakashi and some of the Uchiha clan’s finest members Sasuke and Itachi; you’ll have a look to be envied. As well as this, these cosplay contact lenses come in 90 day variants and are available in their previous levels! But if you want to step up your Kakashi sharingan contacts to the next level, why not check out the funky white varieties we also stock! For the ultimate base sharingan, these are a top pick!
    • White Neji Colored Contacts - If you’re looking to cosplay as a member of the Hyuga clan, these are the lenses for you! Featuring the eye design of Neji’s activated Byakugan, you won’t be able to see your friends chakra, but they’ll defiantly see you pulling off one of the greatest cosplay looks out there!
    • Grey Rinnegan Colored Contacts Lenses – If you’re set on showing off to your friends and family that you hold incredible power, grab yourself a set of our rinnegan contact lenses! As the most exalted of the three great dojutsu; if you’re thinking of a shinobi ninja cosplay; you must get yourself the eye of the 6 paths!

    But if you’re looking for something a little different than sharingan contact lenses, fear not! We also stock varieties of Kaguya’s rinne sharingan contact lensesMangekyou Sharingan Contacts and even Naruto’s Kuruama infused nine tailed beast contact lenses!

    Naruto Colored Contacts - Comfortable and Safe

    We’re sure you’ll be keen to say that the best attribute to our lenses is their amazing replication from their original designs, but we would have to say it is the extensive manufacturing process in which they go through. At Coloured Contacts we assure you that all our lenses must be safe, comfortable and durable! So whether you have a massive cosplay convention, or a casual fancy dress party; your eyes will be looking crazy all night long! Not only this, but by making sure our lenses go through this strict process, you’ll always be sure to get some FDA approved contact lenses of the highest quality available when shopping at Coloured Contacts!

    So don’t forget, if you’re ready to show off some ninja dojutsu and grab yourself an awe inspiring Naruto cosplay; look no further than the extensive selection on our website! From mangekyou sharingan to rinnegan; if you’re looking for the craziest, most comfortable and safest lenses you can buy; you’ll definitely find it with the affordable sharingan lenses at Coloured Contacts!   

  • Snake

    Slithering up your freaky contact lens style wish list, it’s our awesome collection of snake contact lenses. If you want to make a full reptile eye transformation, then these are the contacts to look out for. Suitably stylish and super snaky, bring to life slick looks with your very own pair of snake eye contact lenses. The iconic animal eye with vertical slit pupils is really brought to life in our contact lens range.

    We’re proud to say that our green snake contact lenses collection is anything but constrictive. Sink your fangs into our broad selection of wild animal lenses, sure to make any animal costume come to life. We love reptile contact lenses as they do allow for some pretty freaky eye transformations. They are a must in any good Halloween fancy dress, and if you really take your Cosplay seriously, then make sure you’re wearing a pair of these at your next convention!

    If you love everything cold and reptilian, these snake’s eyes are sure to narrow the look of your pupil, but not your style possibilities! Don’t just settle for green and yellow snake eye colors when you can choose from reds, aqua blues, oranges and more. Before you go ahead and pick up any old pair of lenses, make sure to check out these yellow snake contacts to kick off your freaky new look.

    Snake Contact Lenses With Extra Added Bite!

    Snake eyes are a hugely popular style as these reptilian beasts feature in all kinds of mythology, fantasy fiction and popular culture. Whether your look is inspired by Kaa, Nagini or a horrifying Basilisk there’s sure to be something for you to lock your beady eyes on. If you’re struggling to come with the perfect use for cobra contact lenses, then here are some great ideas for costume inspiration:

    • Yellow Snake Eyes– the classic look replicated by many, a pair of yellow eyes is certainly a popular choice. The lens itself is designed with a yellow exterior coloring with a black vertical pupil. There is a clear centre to the design so the contact lens won’t totally obscure your vision.
    • Orochimaru Contacts – if you love this serpentine Naruto character as much as we do, then make sure to totally nail your next Cosplay with some sinister orochimaru snake style contact lenses. There are plenty of colors to choose from in our snake collection, yellow lenses are perfect for an Orochimaru style, but be sure to choose blue lenses for a Kabuto eye look. Unlock your own sage mode with your very own sharingan snake lenses.
    • Medusa Contact Lenses – if you want to bring to life the mythological monster of old, then make sure to pick up our dedicated Medusa lenses. Victims won’t be able to resist looking into your eyes when they look this good! An unnerving green eye look has to be paired with gorgeous green snake-like hair, so make sure your Medusa costume is truly on point.
    • Eye Reptile Contacts – with snaky reptile eyes you can open up a whole host of possibilities for scaly costumes and fanged features. No matter what monster your imagination conjures up a pair of colored contact lenses is sure to suit your every need.

    As you rattle your way through our range, make sure to check out everything from the classic snake look to wilder styles such as dragon contacts. Dragon styles may be slightly more mythical, but they will really pack a punch if you’re going for a truly badass reptile style. If not, how about some red lizard contact lenses? The red eye finish adds that little extra evil touch to any cold-blooded costume.

    Planning what kind of colored contact lenses Halloween you’re having? Well make sure to give some snake eye contact lenses some true consideration. It’s a style that is sure to get you noticed. You’ll be delighted to know that some of our animal contact lenses have UV pigment. Glow up the party with your new cat or snake eye colored contact lenses.

    Reliable Reptile Slit Eye Contacts

    When you’re buying prescription novelty contact lenses, you want to make sure they’re the very best available. Our colored contact lenses are some of the best on the market and include plenty of fun, funky and full-on freaky designs. Snake eye lenses are just one example of all the killer styles we have on offer. 

    As well as our non prescription contacts, we’re pleased to offer a prescriptive option on many of our contact lenses, which means that so many customers can enjoy an excellent eye color transformation. When you shop online with Coloured Contacts, you can select from plenty of prescription snake eye contacts that can complete the creepiest of snake costumes.

    If you want to buy snake eye contacts, then you’re in luck. We’re a trusted contact lens retailer with a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with colored contacts. We know our stuff when it comes to non prescription contact lenses, so if you need style advice or a point in the right direction, then we’ve got a wealth of knowledge ready to share. With ideas on everything from lens insertion to costume ideas, you can put your faith in us.

    One thing we love providing our customers with is choice! We don’t want your creativity restricted by a lack of options which is why we make sure we have one of the largest collections of animal contact lenses on the web. If you’re stocking up for Halloween then make sure to stop by here rather than heading straight to Amazon. We’ve got the range, the styles and a whole wealth of colors to choose from and mostly importantly, a high-quality range when it comes to snake contact lenses.

  • Special

    Bored of standard, snooze-worthy contact lenses? Want some that’ll really add that extra special something to your look? Well then, you’ve stumbled onto the right website! Coloured Contacts stocks a wide range of special contact lenses, meaning that getting a totally ‘wow’ look has never been easier!

    While we may be slightly biased towards our range of special effects contact lenses, we really do believe that we are one of the best FX contact lenses UK store around! Honestly – there’s no reason to go anywhere else, with our website stocking just about every colour you can think of and every quirky style and design! No matter what situation or event you’re in need of cosmetic contacts for, we think you’ll find the perfect pair of special contact lenses among our range!

    So if you’re not tired of our blabbering about FX contact lenses yet, read on, because we’ve got a lot more to say! It really is true that no one takes contact lenses as seriously as we do, as we’re committed to making sure that every single one of our customers gets the exact look that they’ve been craving!

    Cosmetic And Theatrical Contact Lenses, Anyone?

    One of the things that we think a lot of people look for in special FX contact lenses is drama. You know what we mean – that real theatre factor, showing everyone that you’re anything but ordinary. While we love our selection of natural contact lenses, we do think it can be incredibly fun to go for cosmetic contacts that really shine with uniqueness and weirdness sometimes... Why else would we stock so many contacts that can’t be classed as anything but theatrical FX contact lenses!

    Our range of special contact lenses is the best way to get that weird and wonderful look. If you’ve got a deep unquenchable thirst for getting a pair of SFX eyes, then we’re here to help! It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to our range, but here are a few of favourite lens for adding that dazzle to your eyeballs:

    • Blind Contacts – You’re sure to be blown away by the pure stylishness of these lenses! They’re a great choice if you’re looking for some crazy contact lenses, giving you a look that has a definite horror movie edge to it... So if you want to get a zombie look for your next party or maybe want to sport an appearance inspired by your favourite undead anime character for your next cosplay event, be sure to have a look at our range of blind lenses!
    • UV Contacts – Ultra violet contact lenses... Need we say anymore? Wearing these lenses will offer you a glow in the dark appearance that’s sure to help you stand out from the crowd! If you’re tired of being normal, or you’ve just got plans to have a super-crazy night out, then these lenses are definitely the ones you want!
    • FX Print Contacts – We also stock a number of Halloween contact lenses with wacky and kooky designs that are certain to win your heart! They feature unique designs – like the Black Pink Bullseye Coloured Contacts, which feature, well, a bullseye print! Meanwhile, the design of our Lucky Dice Coloured Contact Lenses can only really be described as somewhat dicey... (We apologise for that pun.)
    • Cosplay Contacts – Cosplaying! Who doesn’t love cosplaying? A great way to make sure you can dress up as your favourite character as well as possible is by snatching up some of our anime and Halloween contact lenses! So make sure that you totally kill it at your next convention by snapping up some of the lenses featured in this range...

    So what do you want? Have we shown off the fact that our special contact lenses range is unmatchable well enough? Well, we’ve still got a few more awesome things to tell you about them!

    Cheap And Non Prescription Colored Contacts UK!

    Beyond our range of impeccably perfect and unique designs, our lenses also have a few other things going for them that we thought we’d fill you in on... Our special contact lenses really do deliver, offering you value for money, high quality materials and accessibility for everyone!

    If you’re looking for cosmetic contact lenses at a price that’s hard to argue with, then Coloured Contacts is the place to be. You’ll be happy to hear that our cheap Halloween contacts won’t break the bank by any means – making sure that you can look good less! Many of our pairs of lenses come in a range of different durations, reflecting their prices, meaning that you can everything from dailies to 90 day lenses and 1 year lenses! So you can really splash out on our lenses, getting plenty of bang for your buck, and try out a new look on a permanent basis!

    Another awesome thing about our lens range is that we stock an incredible amount of pairs that are prescription free! That’s right – you don’t have to have a prescription in order to use some of our crazy and cool coloured contact lenses! We really are one of the top places to shop when it comes to getting non prescription special effects contacts and non prescription theatrical contacts! Now you can colour your eyes as much as you want with as many designs as you want without a single care in the world!

    However, we do recommend that you pay a visit to your optometrist before using our special contact lenses for the first time, just to make sure that your eyes are suitable for wearing them. The health of your eyes is one of the most important things to us and so it’s key that you keep them safe!

    So what are you waiting for? If you’re after cosmetic contact lenses and have just read everything we’ve had to say, then we think you’ll agree that we’re the best place to get that special contact lenses look! Make your wildest dreams come true and get shopping with Coloured Contacts!

  • Theatrical

    If you want to add a little bit of drama to your look, then you should definitely check out our awesome range of theatrical contact lensesColoured Contacts features a super extensive range of cosmetic contact lenses with a theatrical theme to them, with SFX designs that are sure to really turn some heads. Because who needs normal? Go for an all-out unique look and add a special effect to your look with our irresistible range of theatrical contact lenses!

    The fantastic thing our contacts range is that there are so many choices – so no matter what occasion you need a bit of drama for, we’re certain to have you covered! Acting in a film or play as a character that has a totally unique look? We’ve got your back! Going to a fancy dress party and need a pair of cheap Halloween lenses to really spook your pals? We’ve got what you need! Or maybe you just want to add some drama to your everyday appearance to ensure that you’re always the centre of attention... Well, take a gander at Coloured Contacts’ selection and get ready to have your socks blown off!

    Impress Your Friends With A Theatrical Contact Lens!

    You may think we’ve yabbered on about our theatrical colored contact lenses enough already, but we’re only just getting started! There’s just so much to talk about when it comes to these babies! If you’re not won over yet, don’t worry – we’ll soon show you the importance of getting an awesome drama queen look!

    As we stated, there’s a number of different types of colored contacts that fall under our theatrical category, meaning that you’ll have plenty of pairs to choose from. To give you a little taster of what we have to offer, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite theatrical contact lenses types below. So whether you’re hoping to get a haunting Halloween look or a weird and wonderful everyday look, you should definitely take a look at what we have to offer...

    • UV Contact Lenses – There’s no denying the drama that these awesome lenses can produce... Just wear them in the dark and get ready for your look to truly light up! Whether you want to add a little something extra to your night out on the town, or want to add a haunting edge to a film or show that you’re in, these lenses are the perfect choice!
    • Black Out Lenses – Once you start wearing black out, you’ll never want to back out! Painting your pupils a pitch black, this type of lenses really offers something unique... Perfect for everything from dramatic cosplay costumes to spook-tastic party outfits!
    • FX Lenses – Our FX lenses are easy to love, encompassing a number of different designs! Whether you want to take a spiral print look out for a spin or you feel like you’re red-y to try out our blood splat lenses, you should definitely take a dive into our FX range. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
    • Dramatic Colour Lenses – Another way to add a theatrical edge to your look is to buy some of our lenses featuring some less-than-natural colors. White, red, purple... These colors among many others will really add a unique edge to your appearance and really get everyone’s attention. Sounds awesome, right?
    • Mesh Lenses – If you’re after a dramatic appearance, these lenses are guaranteed to mesh with your look. Our range of mesh lenses really look like nothing else and are the perfect choice if you really want to get some double-takes! Because what’s the point of normal when you can get a look that’s truly down-right weird?

    Phew – so as you can see there’s a lot of choice when it comes to our range of theatrical lenses! And really, that’s just the start! It’s impossible to list every pair we’ve got – because that would take a crazy amount of time – but trust us when we say that each of them is unique in its own way. So if you’re after a pair of temporary cosmetic contact lenses that’ll really make a difference to your look, why go anywhere else? Coloured Contacts’ extensive range is almost impossible to match!

    Non Prescription Halloween Contacts That’ll Really Up The Drama!

    Another fantastic thing about our range of theatrical style contacts is that they’re completely prescription free! Yes, that’s right – just about anyone can wear them without a single care in the world! Popping them in your eyes and getting that totally theatrical look couldn’t be easier! Though we do strongly recommend that you get in contact with your optometrist before you dive into the world of funky and fun contact lenses. It’s important to take good care of your eyes and so you should definitely make sure they’re completely suitable for our cosmetic contact lenses before you take the plunge!

    Additionally, we’re also incredibly happy to say that our theatrical contacts lenses all come at an affordable price! That’s right – whether you’re after a pair that’ll last you a 30 days90 days or even a year, you’re sure to be able to snatch them up at a price that won’t break the bank when you shop with Coloured Contacts! We want everyone to have the opportunity to get a totally drama-tastic look – no matter what they want it for! And just because of theatrical lenses are cheap doesn’t mean that they’re low quality, far from it! Our contacts are all formed from high quality materials and are completely FDA approved! So trust us when we say that your eyes are in safe hands!

    So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for temporary Halloween contact lenses, there really is no better place that Coloured Contacts. Our range of theatrical contact lenses is pretty much unmatched and so are our prices! So why bother with eBayAmazon or other retailers? With Coloured Contacts it’s never been easier to grab that look you’ve always dreamed of... Embrace your dramatic side and get yourself some of theatrical themed cosmetic contact lenses

  • Ultra Violet (UV)

    Fancy an accessory that will light the night up? Our UV contact lenses are perfect for party people who love to shine!

    We stock a range of non-prescription contact lenses that are safe and easy to use, from top brands like Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT). Our selection of UV contact lenses are available in loads of colors including UV blueUV yellowUV white and many more. With so many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair of UV contacts to suit your style.

    Light Up The Night In Our UV Contact Lenses

    The best thing about our UV contact lenses is that they are available in various wear durations of either 1 day wear30 day wear (monthly)90 day wear or even 1 year wear; so it’s down to you to decide how long you want to rock those UV eyes!

    All of our contact lenses come in a sealed package containing eye-safe solution, which means you can rest assured that your contact lenses will be kept safe until you’re ready to use them. With our speedy delivery options you can also be sure that you will receive your cosmetic UV lenses in time for the party or big night out.

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

    Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

    • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
    • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
    • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
    • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections.

    Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them. What's more, with selected pairs of monthly lenses, you'll get a complimentary care kit to ensure your lenses stay fresh and ready to use in a flash!

    Get Your Glow On With UV Contacts

    These unusual eye accessories are a great way to stand out from the crowd, ideal for ravers who like nothing more than to party the night away under the black light! Not only do our ultraviolet contact lenses look great during the night, but you can still rock the look in the day time for a change of eye color.

    Don’t forget, our ultraviolet contact lenses are available in wear durations of 1 day, 30 days, 90 days and 1 year, giving you the freedom to choose whether you want a one-night-stand with UV eyes or whether you want to sport UV peepers again and again!

    If you like the look of our UV contact lenses, don’t forget to check out our full range of colored contact lenses, available in loads of designs and colors and all with various wear duration options. 

  • Vampire

    Searching for the perfect Halloween accessories? Vampire contacts are a cheap and effective way of bringing some authentic fear-factor to your look for HalloweenCosplay conventions or any other costume party. Costume contact lenses are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enhance a fancy dress outfit, and when it comes to something to pair with your most fearsome ensembles, creepy contacts are the ideal accessory!  

    Vampire contacts are purposefully designed to bring a sinister scarlet hue to your natural stare and give your eyes a bloodcurdlingly red finish! With many different design options to choose from, you can even customise your look to find one that suits you best. 

    If you like to keep things classic, go for a pair of red Vampire contacts that will cover your iris with a rich, red pigment; or get a gory glare with some printed bloodied contact lenses that smother the iris area with a blood splatter effect! If red isn’t really your color, we also offer a selection of more niche Vampire contacts including designs embellished with printed fangs and golden contacts inspired by everyone’s favourite vampire movie; Twilight

    Flash Those Fangs With Vampire Contacts  

    Regardless of which Vampire contacts you opt to wear, all of the lenses we sell here at Coloured Contacts are non-prescription, so you can flaunt a fearsomely freaky stare without affecting your sight. This means if you don’t need corrective lenses, you can still experiment to your heart’s content and not break the bank with our range of cheap Halloween accessories! 

    Before you order, you must visit your optician or optometrist to assess the health of your eyes and determine that you’re a suitable candidate to wear cosmetic contact lenses. 

    Not only do we offer a huge variety of Vampire contact lenses, but we also pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing colored contact lenses from the best brands in the UK including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), so you can shop with confidence knowing that all of our contacts are safe and easy to use

    Just one of the reasons why our Vampire contacts are the best is that they are high quality, so they feature richly pigmented colors and great coverage. This is great news for anyone who’s wondering ‘what are the best colored contacts for dark eyes?’ Our extensive range of Vampire contacts are all fantastic for dark eyes, covering the iris in a silky film of pure color. 

    Vampire Contacts: Perfect For Dark Eyes! 

    Halloween is the hottest time of the year for Vampire contact lenses to shine, with everyone searching for that perfect spooky stare to pair with their fangs and cape; transforming them into a blood-sucking bat for the evening. However, these novelty colored contacts are not just for Halloween, they also make great accessories for any number of Cosplay costumes and can even be used as an alternative accessory for a night on the town! If you’re the kind of person who loves their look to have an edge, step up your stand-out style at your next event in a pair of dazzling red Vampire contacts

    Whether you’re looking for a cheap accessory for HalloweenNYE or simply to spice up your everyday look, there are a wealth of options to choose from here at Coloured Contacts. If you’re strictly after a one-night flirtation with color, our single-use1 day contact lenses are the best option for you; giving you the freedom to rock a bloodied stare for one night only and simply throw them away once you’re finished trick-or-treating! However, if you’re lucky enough to be attending several costume parties or events this season, why not treat yourself to an accessory you can wear again and again with a pair of 90 day reusable contacts? We know that even 90 days might not be enough for regular Cosplayers or those wanting to flash their fangs all year round, which is why we also offer a range of Vampire contact lenses with a 1 year reusable design; giving you plenty of opportunities to frighten people! 

    Save yourself the hassle of trawling the high street looking for fancy dress accessories and simply buy Vampire contacts online this season. Remember, when you shop at Coloured Contacts you are not only benefiting from one of the largest ranges of designs from reputable brands, but you can also rest assured that you have the support of our brilliant customer care team that are always happy to help! On top of that, customers in the UK can also take advantage of our speedy next day delivery options, great for those last-minute party planners! 

    If you're looking to put a fresh new spin on your Vampire costume this Halloween, why not take a look at our range of Animal contact lenses? Perfect for unleashing your inner animal, these primal lenses are sure to help you stand out from the crowd in spooktacular style!  

  • Weird

    Everyone’s a bit of weirdo on the inside, so why not unleash your strange side with a pair of our awesome weird contact lenses? While we think that natural colored contact lenses are pretty dang awesome, offering the chance to swap up your eye color, we also think that slightly odder ones are even better. Who wants natural colored eyes when you can get barcode print ones? Or how about animalistic and awesome cat ones? Or how gruesome blind zombie ones? It’s impossible not to agree that weird contact lenses are absolutely ace!

    So ditch your totally snooze-worthy natural eye color and get some style in your life! The great thing about Coloured Contacts’ range of contact lenses is that it’s incredibly extensive. No matter what you’re looking for – however weird and funky you want to get – and no matter what occasion you want them for, from stag parties to cosplay conventions, you’re sure to impressed by at least one of our designs! So don’t be another sheep and get look that’ll really help you stand out from the crowd. Show everyone how strange you can really be and have a browse of weird contact lenses – you won’t regret it!

    Get The Weird And Wonderful SFX Look You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

    At Coloured Contacts, we’re all pretty in touch with our weird sides – and we want to help everyone else do the same! To say our range is huge is a bit of an understatement... With it encompassing just about every style you can think of, with choices for just about every situation possible!

    We understand that there are a lot of reasons why you might be after some weird contact lenses, and so our stock of FX lenses is vast, cheap and prescription free! Maybe you’re going to a cosplay convention and just need that little something extra to bring your costume to life? Perhaps you’re going to a Halloween or fancy dress party and want a way to add some spook-factor to your appearance? Maybe you want a pair of cat’s eye lenses simply to show everyone that you’re feline fine? It doesn’t matter! The bottom line is you need weird contact lenses and we’re here to help.

    There are a number of styles we stock and we’ve listed our favourites below. Be aware that the list is in no way exhaustive, but it’s nonetheless a great introduction to the world of weird.

    • Blind contact lenses – If you want to give off a totally unique impression, then these lenses are great option! They block out your eye completely, filling it with a color of your choice, and really offer a totally spooky effect. A top choice for fancy dress parties!
    • UV contact lenses – Light up the night with one of our spectacular pairs of UV contact lenses! They’re a great way to enhance any night out, adding a delightful glow to your eyes! There’s no better way to turn people’s heads and show everyone that you play by your own rules!
    • Cat contact lenses – You’re gonna hate us for this pun, but... These lenses really are the cat’s pyjamas! If you think cats are as awesome as we do, these lenses are the perfect way to get on your way to being one. And who can argue with that?
    • Flag contact lenses – There’s no denying the weirdness of these contacts and there’s no denying their awesomeness as well. They offer you the opportunity to get your favourite nation’s flag directly on your eye! Awesome, right? Yeah, we thought so!
    • Dolly contact lenses – These lenses are a great option for anyone looking for a cartoon or anime inspired look! They have unique edge to them that’s really hard not to love... If you’re looking for something a little bit different, definitely consider looking at our range of dolly style lenses.

    As you can see, we don’t joke around when it comes to weird contact lenses. There are many other styles beyond the ones we’ve mentioned here, including mesh ones, spiral ones and mini sclera ones, and so we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you. Getting the weird look you want can be difficult, but by picking up a pair of our awesomely strange contact lenses things can get just a little bit easier. Get the temporary contact lenses of your dreams now!

    Check Out Coloured Contacts For UK Prescription Free Lenses!

    The list of awesome features just goes on and on when it comes to our cosmetic contact lenses... For example, we’re incredibly happy to say that all of our weird contacts are completely prescription free! This is great for a number of reasons, but mainly because it means just about anyone can take our lenses out for a spin. Getting your weird look has never been simpler. However, we do recommend that you pay a visit to your optometrist before taking the plunge on any of our cosmetic contact lenses, just as a precaution. Though all of our contacts are completely safe, it’s important to make sure that your eyes are suitable for wearing them before you buy some.

    In addition to this, we’re also happy to say that all of our weird contact lenses come at incredibly affordable prices, meaning that you can get as strange as you want without having to break the bank! And despite the fact that our lenses are affordable, they’re also formed from high quality materials! So you don’t have to worry about the safety of our contacts, we can also confirm that they’re all FDA approved. So you can have quality and affordability at Coloured Contacts!

    So whatever type of weird contact lens you’re after – whether it be 1 day30 day90 day or 1 year – there’s no reason to go anywhere other than Coloured Contacts! Our contact lenses are cheapsafe and prescription free, making them the number one choice! There’s no need to spend ages trawling through eBay and Amazon sellers as we’ve got all the lenses you could ever need right here. So what are you waiting for? Get the weird contact lenses of your dreams now!

  • Wild

    Fierce and ferocious, our collection of wild contact lenses is full of awesome animal styles and the best beastly effects! Whatever you costume idea, our impressive range of special effect contacts is sure to fit the bill. Wild and wonderful, the number of styles we have will leave you completely spoilt for choice.

    Trying to discover a new wild eyes look for less? Need to complete this year’s Halloween costume? Then we think an impressive pair of wild contact lenses is sure to be the icing on your costume cake! These lenses will perfectly match an animal outfit or a scary Halloween beast. All of our styles mimic a fierce wild style whether that is an animal or supernatural beast. From snakes to cats and vampires to werewolves, there will be a perfect purchase to go with your favourite Halloween fancy dress. Unleash that inner beast and wow the onlookers with a funky pair of wild contact lenses.

    For an added blast of style, we think choosing some of our UV reactive wild lenses are an ideal way to show you are a creature of the night! By daylight, your wild animal look may look unassuming, but when the moon rises, these lenses will come to life! Glowing in the dark, you will be able to show off just how wild your look can really be!

    Take A Walk On The Wild Side

    If you want some lenses for your next animal dress-up event, or want your Halloween costume to have a bit more bite, then these crazy eye contacts are an ideal way spice up your costume. There are so many styles and colors to choose from. Here is a brief overview of some awesome wild styles of colored lenses that you can choose from when you shop online with Coloured Contacts:

    • Butterfly – our Pink Butterfly lenses are sure to set your heart fluttering! Spring your wings and cocoon your style with this delicate design that still has a touch of a wild and jazz moth style!
    • Cat – feeling feline? Our range of cat eye lenses come in a variety of colors and styles. Popular styles include Aqua Blue Cat’s EyeYellow Cat’s Eye and Red Cat’s Eye. If you want to set your look aglow then our UV reactive wild lenses are sure to brighten up the darkest of nights!
    • Cobra – sink your fangs into the sharp reptilian style of our Cobra Coloured Lenses! These green lenses are a perfect match with some scaly style face paint or makeup. Any animal fancy dress costume can be taken to whole new levels of awesome with these standout lenses!
    • Dragon – a fiery style, Dragon lenses are as wild as they get! If you want to get your Smaug look completed, then the Dragon Eye lenses are a pair suited to such an iconic mythical beast. Give the Green Emerald Dragon lenses a go if you want to try something a little different.
    • Vampire – a wild creature of myth, you’ll have to get yourself some Vampire lenses to match your favourite Halloween costume. The Dracula Fangs and Gold Vampire lenses will certainly give your look some added bite. These crazy eye contacts are an essential Halloween accessory!
    • Wolf – whether it’s a savage wolf or a spooky werewolf, there’s a whole range of wild wolf lenses which are sure to keep you covered all night long. The Black Wolf and the Orange Werewolf are the perfect way to unleash your inner animal. These awesome lenses are sure to scare, shock and surprise.

    Heading to a one-off event? Our lenses can be bought in a variety of durations and lengths that will suit your contacts-wearing schedule. The daily contact lenses can be worn once and then disposed of – no maintenance or cleaning necessary! Or if you’re set to be howling at the moon once a month, then it’s possible to pick up lenses with longer 30-day90-day or 1-year durations. These lenses will require more care and maintenance to upkeep a high level of ocular health.

    We are certain that the longer durations lenses are more than worth the effort of regular care, but if you are unsure about how to look after lenses that make sure you consult your optician or eye doctor. We also have plenty of guides and blog posts to help you keep your eyes and lenses in tip top condition!

    Sink Your Fangs Into Some Claw-some New Lenses!

    Hungry like a wolf for some wild contacts? Then you’ve find the best place to buy non-prescription contact lenses online! Here at Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality products at a cheap and affordable price. Cosmetic contacts are all about you discovering a new and exciting style for you to improve your next fancy dress costume or Cosplay outfit. Our wild lenses are a perfect way to complete any and every beastly look you can think of!

    As well as providing some wild styles for you to try out, our lenses are made from the highest quality materials. All FDA approved, our lenses are made from lightweight and breathable materials which make the lenses super comfortable to wear. Whether you’re heading off on a night out, to a party or an all day Cosplay event our lenses are an ideal costume companion that you can wear in both comfort and style. At such competitive prices, can you afford not to pick yourself up a pair of wild contact lenses?!

    Shop with Coloured Contacts today – it’s the place to be to buy colored contact lenses online! You won’t even need a prescription to pick yourself up a pair! Our range is just as expansive as other contact lens retailers such as eBay and Amazon, so you’re in safe hands when you shop online with us! Adding a whole new level to your look has never been easier; so many new wild contacts are just a click away!

  • Witch

    Want to kick your costume up a notch in time for the witching hour? Fancy bringing a splash of spooky style to your look? Then look no further than our collection of witch contact lenses, the perfect accessory for all manner or hair-raising Halloween fancy dress ensembles!

    Something Wicked This Way Comes...

    Whether you're planning a costume for a Halloween party or a Cosplay convention, there's no better way to get your freak on than by donning some creepy garb and unleashing your inner witch! Our collection of witches eye lenses are guaranteed to attract plenty of attention, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd this All Hallow's Eve.

    Need some costume inspiration? Then check out our favorite styling ideas for witch contact lenses:

    • Fancy going for a classic, Elphaba inspired look? Team a pair of black mini sclera lenses with lashings of green face paint, a black pointy hat and a long black gown (Flying monkeys are optional!).
    • Want to execute a totally terrifying witch costume? Then pair some blind white or milky Manson lenses with a grotesque prosthetic nose, a straggly wig and a ragged outfit to strike fear into the hearts of your friends (And enemies...).
    • For a look that's less spooky and more kooky, team a pair of purple eye contacts with a wooden wand, a bobbed brown wig and a pocketful of disguises to pay homage to Tonks the metamorphagus from Harry Potter!

    Can't decide what contacts to go for? Then why not check out the rest of our collection? Our range of witch contact lenses includes:

    • UV Reactive Styles
    • Block Color Lenses
    • Blind Contacts
    • Full & Mini Sclera Designs

    Whether you're looking for creepy lenses that'll turn your coven green with envy or some novelty contacts that'll add a dose of silliness to your costume, you can be sure to find your perfect pair when you shop at Coloured Contacts. Check out our range and prepare to scare this Halloween!

    Bewitching Styles at Unbelievable Prices

    Want a pair of lenses that'll provide complete color coverage for dark eyes? We've got just what you need! Each pair of our witch contacts feature rich and vibrant color pigments to ensure that you can transform your gaze in the blink of an eye and effectively conceal your god given hue.

    Shopping for witch contact lenses on a budget? Then you're in the right place! With a huge range of contacts available at unbeatable prices, you can experiment with your look to your heart's content, without blowing your budget. What's more, we've got some of the scariest styles available online in the UK all under one roof, taking the stress and strain out of shopping for your ideal look.

    Not only do we offer mind-blowingly awesome lenses at cheap prices, but we've got a whole host of speedy delivery options too! Great for those last minute shoppers out there, our lightning fast next day delivery service means that a brand new look is just a click away. You'll never have to turn down a last minute party invitation again...

  • Wolf

    When it comes to looking for the perfect fancy dress accessories for Halloween or a party, Wolf contact lenses are a fantastic way to bring an authentic finish to a wild, animal-inspired outfit. Wolf eye contacts are one of our most popular styles and when you take a look at our selection it’s not hard to see why. 

    We stock a range of realistic wolf eye contacts in various colors like black, orange, red and even blue werewolf contacts to cater for every taste. Before you select your favorite color, make sure you check out the full range, which even includes UV styles! 

    Wolf Contact Lenses: Unleash The Beast! 

    Our Wolf UV contact lenses are the perfect way to light up the night whilst maintaining your predatory style. In ordinary light, these multicolored contact lenses display a printed pattern that gives the illusion of a wolf eye, but once the lights go out, these glow-in-the-dark contact lenses take on a whole new effect; giving off an eerie shine that wouldn’t look out of place howling at the moon. 

    The great thing about Werewolf contact lenses is that they are more unusual and original than other creepy contacts on the market, giving you the ability to bring a very subtle frightening hue to your eyes. So for those that like to think outside the box and want a costume accessory that isn’t totally mainstream, give your look the edge in some wolf eye contact lenses this Halloween. 

    All of our Wolf contact lenses feature printed patterns around the iris to give a realistic wolf eye appearance. The use of a dark black surround, along with mottled colors through the iris area, completely covers your natural eye and gives the illusion of a vicious stare. Whether blue contacts are your thing, or you prefer black contacts, we have a huge variety of colors to choose from, all with a cheap price tag, in our Wolf contact lenses section. 

    No matter what color you choose, the good news is every pair of contact lenses we stock has an affordable price tag. So if you’re searching for cheap contact lenses online, but you don’t want to sacrifice on quality, Coloured Contacts is your one-stop-shop. We are proud to say that we only source products from reputable brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), giving you the assurance that your contact lenses will be made from high quality, durable materials.  

    Create the Perfect Twilight Cosplay 

    Just one of the factors that have contributed to a rise in popularity of Wolf contact lenses is the book and film sequence, Twilight, which shed a new light on these majestic creatures and had everyone falling in love with werewolves. So, if you are firmly on Team Jacob, try a Twilight inspired costume for your next party or Cosplay convention; you can complete your costume by heading over to Amazon and finding some claws! 

    No matter what the occasion, our Wolf contact lenses come in a variety of wear durations giving you the freedom to decide just how many times you want to unleash the beast. If you’re strictly after a no-strings-fling for Halloween, our disposable contact lenses last for 1 day, but if you’d like to get your wolf on again and again we also stock 30 day90 day and even 1 year reusable contacts. 

    Remember, all of our contact lenses are purely cosmetic, meaning you won’t need a prescription to experiment with Wolf eye contact lenses. Whilst wearing cosmetic lenses doesn’t affect your vision at all, it is important to visit an optician prior to purchasing so that they can check your eye health and confirm that you are a suitable candidate for wearing cosmetic contact lenses

  • Zombie

    If you’re looking for the perfect finishing accessory for your spooky zombie outfit, our range of zombie contact lenses are just the thing! These cosmetic lenses are cheap and easy to use, ideal for making your Halloween outfit stand out.

    Whether it’s for Halloweenfancy dress partiesCosplay or just for cool alternative casual wear, these zombie contact lenses are an effective way to make those undead eyes pop.

    We stock a range of cosmetic contact lenses from top brands like Mesmereyez with our fast delivery you can receive your zombie contacts in plenty of time for the party!

    Look Drop Dead Cool In These Zombie Contact Lenses

    We know that when it comes to fashion contact lenses customers want quality lenses that are easy to use, which is why we only stock from reputable brands like Four Eyez, who are known for their fantastic designs and long lasting wear.

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Even if you do not require glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

    Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential when caring for your contact lenses, as improper care can cause infection, irritation and in extreme cases, could damage your eyes and vision. Please bear in mind the following information:

    • Colored contact lenses should be cleaned, disinfected and stored using appropriate contact lens care products. 
    • NEVER exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses. Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections, loss of sight or permanent damage to your vision. 
    • Discontinue use if your eyes are sore, red or itchy. Immediately remove, clean and store the lenses if your vision becomes blurry or distorted. Seek advice from your optometrist as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 
    • NEVER swap lenses with another person. This can spread bacteria, potentially causing serious eye infections.

    Each pair of contact lenses we sell come in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition until you decide to use them. What's more, with selected pairs of monthly lenses, you'll get a complimentary care kit to ensure your lenses stay fresh and ready to use in a flash!

    Another great thing about our range of colored contact lenses, including the zombie contact lens selection, is that they are available to buy in various wear durations including 1 day wear, 30 day wear, 90 day wear and even 1 year wear! So you can choose whether you want your colored contacts for just one night, for monthly wear or for even longer; great for regular Cosplayers and partiers alike!

    Be On Undead Trend With Our Zombie Cosmetic Lenses

    All of our colored contact lenses come in a sealed package that contains eye-safe solution, meaning your contacts are kept in great condition until you’re ready to wear them.

    With pop culture going mad for zombies and TV shows like The Walking Dead more popular than ever, now is the time to embrace this zombie style with a pair of our awesome fashion contact lenses.

    If zombie contact lenses are your thing, be sure to check out our huge range of colored contact lenses, available in loads of colors, designs and wear durations from 1 day wear30 day wear90 day wear or even 1 year wear!

    Remember, if you’re looking to buy zombie contact lenses, we offer one of the most extensive and trusted ranges online, from well-known brands like Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), so shop here for cool and reliable zombie contacts that are perfect for partying the night away.

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When it comes to colored contact lenses, Coloured Contacts is your one-stop-shop! No matter what occasion you're shopping for or what style you prefer, our range of styles, colors and designs has a pair for everyone. So whether you're looking for a pair of special effects contactsHalloween contact lenses or natural contact lenses, make sure you take a peek through our different styles to see which peepers take your fancy!

If you're looking for a pair of colored contact lenses that bring out your wild side, our selection of animal contact lenses might be just the thing you need! With everything from cat contact lenses to dragon eye contact lenses, we have the perfect accessories to finish off your fancy dress. In our selection of costume contact lenses, we offer a rainbow of different colored contacts that work perfectly to create a furry feline effect or a fire-breathing finish!

If you're not an animal lover, and your tastes are more on the sci-fi spectrum, you have to check out our collection of mesh & screen contact lenses! With a variety of out-of-this-world designs including white mesh contact lenses and red mesh contact lenses, these eye accessories are designed for dedicated Terminator fans and Cosplayers alike. So bring a touch of science fiction to your next Cosplay ensemble and get your screen & mesh contact lenses online.

Tone It Down With Some Natural Contact Lenses 

Not looking for such a drastic change to your look? Tone it down with some of our natural contact lenses, the perfect cosmetic accessory to transform your everyday look. With a selection of different colors available including blue contactsgreen contacts and even hazel contact lenses, we have everything you need to switch up your eye color and create a different persona in the blink of an eye. If you've always fancied trying a new eye color but you're not sure they'll work on your eyes, don't worry! Our colored contacts are rich with highly-pigmented color, meaning they are some of the best colored contacts for dark eyes on the market. With great coverage, a selection of realistic shades and high quality materials, our natural contact lenses are ideal for creating a brand new look.

Party animals will love our UV contact lenses! With a rainbow of colors available, light up the night in some of these glow in the dark contacts; the perfect finishing touch to any fancy dress costume, anime cosplay or even as an alternative option for the next big night out! With yellow, green and white UV contacts available, there are plenty of looks to choose from, so take a peek at our UV contacts section to see them all!

Get Your Creep On With Some Zombie Contacts!

One of the most popular colored contact lenses styles on the market right now is zombie contacts, a creepy way to bring some authenticity to your Halloween costume! Our array of zombie contact lenses includes white-out contactsblind contact lenses (sclera contacts) and even classic black contact lenses. So whichever approach you take, you can be sure to bring some truly scary style to your next trick-or-treating trip! Zombie contact lenses are also incredibly versatile, so if you choose to opt for one of the longer lasting durations like monthly contact lenses or 90 day contacts, you can use them again for any kind of creepy costume including demons, witches or ogres!

Whichever style takes your fancy, the one thing that remains the same throughout all of our colored contact lenses is the reassurance that you are buying high quality lenses that are safe to wear and easy to use. At Coloured Contacts we only stock from reputable brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT) to guarantee comfort and durability. All of our lenses come in a sealed pot of eye-safe solution to keep them in tip top condition until you're ready to wear them, so buy colored contact lenses online today and get ready to start spicing up your stare!