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  • Cute

    We think you’ll fall head over heels in love with our cute contact lens cases! You’ve already selected your brand new favourite pair of colored contact lenses and you want to store them in style, right? As well as the smart and sensible plain contact lens cases, we have a delightful range of sweet little lens cases for the ultimate stylish lens storage solution.

    If you’re purchasing long duration contact lenses, then a contact case is an ideal accessory which goes hand-in-hand with your lens cleaning action plan. Not only are our cases cheap and affordable, but they are a secure way of keeping your lenses safe. Whether that’s at home, in your luggage or stowed in your make-up bag, one of our cute contacts cases will certainly do its job properly!

    If you’re looking for the best contact lens case to add to your order, then make sure it’s a case from Coloured Contacts! Our cheap cases make perfect add-ons to any order, as they’ll make your lens aftercare and cleaning a whole lot easier. Combine fun and funky styles with a practical and secure storage solution – you won’t want to be without one!

    Cute Contact Lens Cases Make Storage Stylish

    It’s all too easy to fall in love with some of these delicious designs. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then make sure to check out some of our cupcake style cases. A tasty treat for any colored contact lens aficionado, the screw top lids will keep your lenses safe and tucked away. With each cake-like surprise, you won’t have found unique contact lens cases this awesome before!

    Not only are these contact cases cute and adorable, but they are a practical and safe way of storing your lenses between use. Made from sturdy and safe plastic, these cases are durable, hardwearing and will be easy to clean between uses. You’ll be set for plenty of parties and occasions with one of these long-lasting cute contacts cases.

    If you want to keep your new prescription lenses all safe and sound, then keep them snuggled up with a nifty Teddy Bear cute lens case! Coming in a variety of different colors, this style of case is sure to keep you happy and, most importantly, keep those lenses protected. Check out our animal case section for a huge selection of cute animal contact lens cases!

    By now, we hope you’ve stopped wondering ‘where to buy cute contact lens cases?’ since you’ve now seen some of the awesome styles you can choose from. If you haven’t already make sure to check out our heart contact lens cases – a style that’s easy to fall in love with! Don’t head to the checkout without first considering a brand new contact lens case. These high-quality products are affordable, reliable and will make a great addition to your contact lens collection.

    Shop Essential Contact Lens Accessories

    Forget about big retailers such as Walmart for your next contact lens shopping spree! Not only have we got the lenses, but we’ve got all the bits and bobs required to make your colored contact lens experience an absolute dream. If you’re lenses are off on holiday with you then make sure they’re well pampered and looked after with their very own contact lens travel case! You’ll want lenses in tip top condition for wear so make sure to give them all the TLC they need.

    As well as being an awesome storage solution option, some of our cases come with their very own lens insertion kit. The case comes with a wand and tweezers which will help with steadying the lens and makes getting it in your eye a whole lot easier. With these handy contact lens kits you not only get the case, but a whole lot more thrown in!

    If you want to make sure that your lenses stay fresh and sterile, you can also pick up some contact lens solution on your way through the checkout. Our selection of cases is just as effective at cleaning as some of the best barrel contact lens cases that you’ll find online.

    If you’re stumped on how to maintain and look after your new colored contact lenses, then we’ve got plenty of guides on our homepage and in our blog roll. Our lenses should also be looked after properly, which is why a cute contact lens case is the ideal purchase. Here at Coloured Contacts, we make sure that our lenses are kept in tip-top condition during postage, wear and beyond!

  • Animal

    Are you excited to own your first pair of colored contact lenses? You are going to want to look after those lenses so you can reuse them. Why not get yourself some of our animal contact lens cases to safely store your fashion contact lenses?

    We all know how important it is to keep contact lenses clean for the safety and health of our eyes so you are going to need somewhere to store them that can be easily kept clean too! Every animal color contact lens case is made from plastic so you can easily wash it ready for the next use. The sturdy plastic also means that your case will be able to take a few little knocks without becoming damaged, perfect for taking on your travels or storing in a handbag. Did we mention they are also small and compact? They will take up hardly any room which is perfect for those who already carry around plenty of items! If you love to pack light then this is the solution to your contact lens storage problems.

    Each animal shaped contact lens case has a leak proof screw top to ensure your lenses stay floating happily in their eye care solution. We also have plenty of animal contact lens case kit options. These come with an outer box to keep all your accessories together, a pair of mini tweezers to help you keep your lenses sanitary and an insert wand so save you fiddling around when you are inserting your contact lenses. This kit has everything you need but the eye care solution which is also available on the Colored Contact Website.

    Cute Animal Contact Cases

    Keep you lenses safe on your night stand or bedside table with a watchful owl contact lens case. The cute range of owl cases not only look fun but are functional too. The owl contact lens case comes in a variety of colours so you can choose your favourite. Too difficult to choose? If you have more than one pair of lenses then you are going to need more than one anyway so why not treat yourself to an extra animal case. You don’t have to stick to one animal either! Here at Colored Contacts we have got a taster of the entire animal kingdom. From frogs to monkeys to fish!

    We also have plenty of cute pet animal cases for you. Why not get yourself a dog animal contact lens case? This sweet pooch will be the perfect animal to safely guard your lenses when you aren’t wearing them. Remember a dog is for life and not just for Christmas and with our high quality cases they are sure to last you for a long time. Chose from blue, red or yellow! Those big puppy dog eyes are sure to be irresistible.

    You will be like a kid in a sweet shop with all these bright colours and varieties! One thing you can be sure of is you won’t find anything sweeter than our cute animal contact cases. These adorable animals are sure to provide you with a happy baby contact lens case that you will be pleased to see on your beside table. From baby bears to little chicks, these big eyed creatures are sure to become handy pals.

    Once you have started collecting these little critters you may find yourself wanting more of these friendly faces. Lucky for you our contact lens case holder range is cheap and cheerful. It will make the smallest dent in your wallet and is a very handy item to own.

    The Best Animal Contact Lens Case Supplier

    Colored Contacts is sure to rival other animal contact lens case suppliers such as AmazoneBayBootsTesco and Walmart in both quality and price. This little add-on treat is the perfect way to end your shopping trip with Colored Contacts. No need to think twice, gather up your loose change and you are sure to have more than enough for at least one of our animal contact cases.

    At Colored Contacts we know eye care is essential which is why our animal contact lens cases are just as high quality as our contact lenses. Eye health is of the utmost importance so you are going to need the best container in order to keep your lenses clean and reusable. At Colored Contacts we know eye care is essential which is why our cases are just as safe to use as our lenses. When using colored contact lenses if you have any concerns it is always best to check with your eye doctor or opticians. We also have plenty of handy guides on our Colored Contacts blog.

    Whether you need a case for your prescription contact lenses or are off to a comicon with your brand new cosmetic contacts these cute animal contact lens cases are sure to become your favourite travel companion!

  • Cool

    Why do you keep your colored contact lenses in a boring case when at Coloured Contacts we have a range of Cool Contact Lens Cases? With range of different designs and colors at immensely low prices, there is no reason to keep your boring old contact case that simply does the job. You can find the design that best suits your style and get it in your contact lense case holder so if you share a bathroom with a partner or family member who also uses contacts, you can tell them apart. With these low prices, you could also buy several to distinguish which contact lenses are in each case because variety is the spice of life.

    Buy Cool Contact Cases at Coloured Contacts

    If you want to show the love, the Heart Contact Lens Case has the heart shaped caps that you will love waking up to in the mornings. Store some fabulous colored contacts inside and the translucent hearts will let you know which ones are inside. For an adorable way to keep your lenses clean and ready to go, these are one of the cheapest options available in our selection of contact lens cases.

    A few other delicious ideas are the Cupcake Lens Cases which come in a variety of flavors. Each has a different base color from strawberry pink to chocolate brown. The best part about these cases is that each cap is a different cupcake. Some features swirls of icing or fruit and other toppings so you’ll always know which case holds a specific lens. Because they’re all the same size as well, you can mix and match your cupcakes in whatever way you prefer. Pair your favorite cupcakes with your favorite lenses. So if you love the idea of a cute contact lens case to hold your lenses while they’re being cleaned, these are a really great option for you.

    If you are really looking for a wider variety of contact lense cases that all share the same theme then you can get your hands of our animal contact lens cases. Making an adorable animal face out of the case, you can choose from a chick, bear, monkey, frog, dog or owl and each comes in three different colors. This means you have the option of keeping up to twenty-four pairs of lenses and knowing the difference between each case so you don’t have to keep opening and closing the wrong cases. These cute little animals also look really cool. The caps are the eyes and they have little mouths, beaks and ears so you’re guaranteed to love these cute contact cases.

    Travel With Your Contact Lens Case

    Some people will want more practicality with their cool contact lens cases so we have a range of contact lens travel cases that combine novelty with a little extra. Each of these sets has a pair of tweezers and an insert wand to make sure you never have to risk making the lens dirty with your fingers and potentially damaging your eye. They also come with a contact lense case holder so you can keep your case, tweezers and wand all in the same contact lens box for when you’re travelling. A great example of these is the Green Lashes lens case which features a simple decal of lashes on the caps for a simple yet stylish look.

    Another case with the travel kit is fish contact lens case which features a small plastic model of a fish and starfish on the lid. If you love the ocean or have a sea themed bathroom then you can choose the color that best suits your style for a perfect themed addition to your sink. So if you want to feel the motion of the ocean then you should check at look at our contact lens travel case uk.

    Last but not least, there are the Teddy Bear Contact Lens Case collections that come in multiple colors and feature a teddy bear on each cap. The teddys are missing a face though, so you can draw any face that you prefer. We think evil teddy faces look the best. These also come with the tweezers, wand and outer box so you can use these as a daily disposable contact lens travel case and keep your contacts clean no matter what events come up during your day.

    If you love the stylish contact lenses that we sell at Coloured Contacts then you will soon be looking to get another pair of our high quality lenses. When you go to buy contact lenses online you should add one of our cool contact lens cases as well as some contact lens cleaner so you can properly take care of your chosen lenses for the period of 1 day, 90 days, or 1 year that you are entitled. You are guaranteed to be happy with these quality yet cheap cases.

  • Travel

    Contact lens travel cases are an essential item for anyone who wants to enjoy the advantages of contact lenses during their time away from home. If you don’t bring a quality contact lens travel case kit you will find yourself struggling to clean your lenses properly and may end up having to spend your holiday with glasses or your natural eye colour. The cases available at Coloured Contacts are only the best contact lens travel cases with multiple designs so you can choose what you want. They are also very cheap so there has never been a better time to get your hands on your own travel kit.

    Why You Need A Contact Lens Travel Case

    If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try out a new pair of coloured contact lenses then a trip away from home is the perfect time to try them out. The new scenery of your holiday location will likely be vibrant and interesting, so compliment your surroundings by taking a pair of natural looking coloured contacts so you can get used to the new colour and decide if this is the sort of thing you want to wear every day when you return from you paradisiacal time away. Take a travel contact lens case to keep your vacation lenses clean so you can wear them whenever you want to go out and experience new things.

    You may also love creating elaborate and interesting Cosplay costumes that include coloured contacts for that extra attention to detail. If you do, you will know that the best place to enjoy dressing up as your favourite character is during a Cosplay convention. Walking around in an outfit is a wonderful experience and knowing that your eyes look just as good is a great feeling. If you don’t prepare however, you might find yourself in a situation where you can’t wear your contacts and you will hate how your costume is just a little off. If you were going to purchase one of our amazing naruto sharingan contacts then why not purchase a contact lenses case travel kit at the same time so you can save on shipping, making them even cheaper.

    The small price of the contact lense case means you can use it as a daily disposable contact lens travel case. Use it while you are on holiday then throw away if you don't have room to bring it home again. This is also the perfect place to prepare your 1 Day contact lenses for use. Use a daily disposable contact lens storage case to soak your lens to ensure it is sterile before you wear it.

    With our latest range of prescription contact lenses there has never been a better time to enjoy the quality colours that Coloured Contacts has in store. This also means you don’t want to get caught out when your contacts are dirty. Whether you’re going on vacation or just wear contacts on a daily basis, being unable to wear your prescription contacts because they’re unclean can often result if you have to wander around with blurry vision or returning to your glasses and original eye colour. When you’re exploring new places, the last thing you want is to be stuck wearing glasses all the time, especially during a night out on the town. Make sure to stay prepared and keep your vision clear when you’re away with a daily contact lens travel case.

    Buy Contact Lens Travel Case UK at Coloured Contacts

    So now you know why getting a contact lens travel case kit is so important, you’ll want to decide on a case from our many options as well as knowing exactly what is included in a travel kit. Firstly you’ll want to know about what makes a travel case different from ordinary contact lens cases. The biggest difference in the outer contact lens case holder made from tough plastic that keeps all of your contact lens equipment safe and packaged together. This keeps everything organized and safe while travelling in your bag or suitcase. The travel case also has a pair of tweezers and an application wand. These make the cleaning of the contacts easier as well as making sure that you don’t have to use your fingers when placing the contacts in your eyes. This ensures that they are cleaner and don’t carry any dirt from your fingers into your eyes.

    When it comes to designs, you can decide if you want a simple looking case or one of our cool contact lens cases. The Love Rabbit case is an example of our simplistic design, with a normal lens case that features a rabbit on one cap and lettering on the other. This would be a perfect option for someone who wants a simple image to distinguish their case from others without too much novelty. If you would prefer something more kawaii, then our cute contact lens cases are a great option. The Fish Contact Lens Cases feature a 3D plastic model of a fish and starfish so you can add an oceanic theme to your case, making them instantly recognisable. Alternatively the Teddy Contact Lens Cases have models of teddy bears. The bears don’t have a face though, so we love the idea of you customizing them to look however you want, making them completely unique to you.

    If you’re planning to buy contact lenses online at Coloured Contacts, you know that quality and ease of use are our priorities. So while you’re purchasing a new pair, you should pay the insanely cheap price for contact lens travel cases and save on the cost of shipping as well as guaranteeing that your contacts will stay safe and clean for the day, 90 days or year period that you’re entitled.

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If you’re thinking of treating your eyes to some new contact lenses, don’t forget to keep them safe and clean with one of our stylish Contact Lens Cases!

As we’re sure you know by now, Coloured Contacts has one of the biggest ranges of colored lenses and contact lens cases out there! From cosplay to Halloween we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve got styles to give you some of the most gorgeous looking natural eyes going and even ones that will make your peepers glow with our dazzling UV range of colored lenses. But that’s not all that’s changed over time with our extensive contact lens range. We’ve developed our diverse range to cater for a variety of daily, monthly and yearly novelty contact lenses so you can keep your eyes looking gorgeous for weeks at a time!

But if you are planning on grabbing yourself an epic pair of new creepy contact lenses, why wouldn’t you keep them safe with a fancy new contact lens case? With the bygone days of only being able to buy a pair of colourful novelty lenses for disposable purposes; many people don’t realise that in order to keep their contact lenses in tip top condition they’re going to need a special contact lens case.

Keep Your Lenses Safe With One Of Our Contact Lens Cases

One of the most important things we adhere to when we provide you with colorful lenses is that all our contacts will be affordable, durable, FDA approved, but most of all they must be safe. We can take care of all these factors with our high quality manufacturing process and sterile packages; but once our stunning lenses are in your hands and their containers are opened it’s up to you! That’s why we’ve now dedicated ourselves into providing you with a vibrant range of different colored contact lenses cases so you can truly keep your eyes fresh and safe. 

If you’ve been looking for contact lens cases cheap or want some of the most unique contact lens cases around; you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you want just the right contact lense case to match a specific pair of our lenses? Not to worry! We’re sure you’ll find it within our section.

Don’t believe us? Check out a few of our top picks below to grab some inspiration on some of the crazy combo’s you can go with:

  • Pink Heart Contact Lenses Cases:  If you’ve just picked up a pair of our Pink Love Heart Novelty Coloured Contact Lenses then you’ll be silly not to match them up with one of our perfectly suited contact lens cases! Available in both light and dark pink shades; you’ve never had a better reason to show some love to your lenses! 
  • Animal Contact Lens Case: Are you a massive cosplayer or just love getting yourself into the costume contact lenses scene? Then why not check out our awesome range of animal themed contact lens cases. If you’ve picked up a pair of our werewolf colored contacts recently then why not keep them safe in some of our dog contact lens cases? If you’re looking at grabbing yourself some awesome Halloween lenses soon, just don’t forget to keep these cool contact lens cases in mind when you’re shopping through our animal contact lens section through our website!
  • Plain Colored Contact Lenses Cases: If you’re not into over the top and exaggerated styles, and prefer a more sophisticated look, maybe these are the contact lens cases for you! Featuring a plain color design, these lenses are great for a more subtle look. Or maybe you’ve just bought yourself a pair of our amazing natural look or all over blind colored contact lenses? Why not color coordinate them and make picking out a pair from your collection less of a hassle?!

Having trouble getting in a pair of contact lenses? Putting something in your eye is never easy, but if you keep a look out for one of our cheap contact lens kits, you’ll be able to get them in in a flash! Not only do some of our amazing contact lens travel case kits come with nifty case to store lenses you may also be able to find an application wand and a pair of tweezers!

Make Your Lenses Last With One Of Our Contact Cases!

As you’ll be well aware by now, our massive Colored Contact lens range are classed as medical devices, so we make sure they are of the highest quality with their FDA approval. But as we mentioned previously, in order to truly keep them lasting for their whole recommended duration and are safe for your precious eyes, you’re going to need a few things.

To keep your lenses in tip top condition you’ll need to be sure to pick yourselves up one of our incredibly affordable contact lens holder novelty cases as well as some of our contact lens solution. Not only will this give them a fancy place to live when you’re not using them, but with the correct usage of the solution and our contact lens kits; they’ll be able to last for months at a time!  

So don’t forget! If you’re thinking of using a pair of multi-day lenses; it really isn’t complete without one of our awesome contact lens cases!