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Halloween Contact Lenses are a range of eye accessories used to recreate and bring life to your October fancy dress outfit. These costume contact lenses are available in various colors to give you the look of zombies, werewolves, witches and even vampires.

At Coloured Contacts you’ll find hundreds of styles that are perfect for almost any costume. You can pick from a wide range of safe Halloween contact lenses that all feature FDA approval. Some styles feature prism ballast technology for people looking for Halloween contact lenses for astigmatism. This style allows the lenses to sit perfectly in your eyes, fantastic for classic cat eyes and reptiles.

There is a range of costumes you could try with theatrical FX contact lenses. One of the biggest trends in Halloween costumes is the zombie style. Become a member of the undead for one night and show off a creepy pair of contact lenses. There is nothing like a bloodshot style or white eye color to convince your friends that you have been infected by a zombie virus.

As well as fancy dress parties, our Halloween contact lenses cheap are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere in your haunted house or Halloween themed event. From zombie apocalypse events to ghouls jumping out of the shadows in haunted houses, a change in eye color can help you get into character.

Halloween Contacts Lenses USA

If you are shopping Halloween Contact Lenses USA, then you will want to know the fastest and most cost-effective way to receive your lenses. While our main warehouse is in the UK, we also have a fulfilment warehouse in the US so you can receive your lenses as quickly as possible and at a cheaper shipping cost. Here is more information about our USA delivery service:

  • Free US Delivery
  • Next Working Day Expedited Service

For the Halloween Lenses America warehouse, we have a range of styles available. To see the full range of spooky lenses shop here.

If you have your heart set on a contact lens design that isn’t currently at our USA warehouse then there are a few delivery options for UK delivery to USA. Here are the options for contact lens delivery US:

  • Royal Mail Tracked Shipping
  • Royal Mail Expedited International Shipping Tracking Services

We want to make sure you receive your lenses in time for Halloween which is why we have a variety of USA delivery options. Every year we publish the cut-off dates for guaranteed delivery of packages in time for Halloween. Please check up on our delivery page if you think you may be near the cut-off date.

Halloween Contact Lenses Safety Information

It is important to remember that when you are thinking about including prescription or Halloween contact lenses no prescription in your look it is advised to check with your optometrist or eye doctor that your eyes are suitable for wearing lenses. Even if you do not require prescription Halloween contact lenses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing colored contacts. This is an essential step, as your optometrist will perform a professional fitting to check that your lenses are suitable and ensure that you understand good aftercare procedures.

Here at Coloured Contacts, we prioritise your eye safety which is why we have plenty of information to help you safely use your lenses and properly care for them.

Most of our lenses are reusable which means with the correct cleaning and care you can use them again for another costume so think carefully about which styles you would like to try. The 30 day, 90 day and 1 year lenses can be reused plenty of times. Please note that the duration begins from the time you open the lenses and lenses should not be used for any longer than stated under any circumstances.

In contrast, our 1 day lenses can be worn once then thrown into your normal waste bin. Please note that you will still need to prepare your lenses by soaking them in contact lens solution before use.

Our Halloween lenses are also available as prescription Halloween contacts so you can ditch the glasses and enjoy a full transformation to your Halloween character. We are always adding new stock to our range which means you can have the best options for your Halloween costumes so be sure to check back for our Halloween contact lenses for sale.

Our largest and most popular range is undoubtedly our Halloween contacts non prescription which is why we are always searching for the best new styles to enhance your Halloween look. Check in at our New In section for the latest styles and you may find something that helps your costume be the scariest at the monster ball.

Long gone are the days of putting on a cape or a witch’s hat and feeling ready for Halloween. With so many top SFX makeup brands and incredible cosplay style costumes available, Halloween is definitely a time to let your imagination run wild. If you do want to stick to something simple then why not add a final accessory from our Halloween eye contact range.

Every time Halloween comes around we can’t wait to see you try out our different styles. Cinemas screen so many horror films that there is always something new to try out. From Pennywise the Clown to Valak, we can’t wait to see what creepy new demons and monsters will hit our screens in years to come. Our Halloween lenses also come in handy at other times of the year. Wear to special events, costume parties or just have fun creating your own photo shoot or zombie movie. Don’t forget to browse our Halloween Eye Contacts section before you head off on your spooky night out.

Another aspect of buy contact lenses online USA, which we take incredibly seriously at Coloured Contacts, is the quality of our lenses. Our lenses are FDA approved so you can shop in the knowledge that your lenses have been checked by the Food & Drug Administration for United States of America. FDA approved Halloween contact lenses ensure that your eye health is the top priority meaning you can enjoy a lens that is breathable, comfortable and above all safe.

Halloween Contact Lenses Online

If you take getting a good Halloween look dead seriously, then you’ll probably want to have a browse of our extensive range of zombie style contact lenses. Boasting designs inspired by popular zombie TV shows and movies, there’s no doubt these contacts will give you a look that no one can argue with.

Within our store of theatrical contact lenses some of our most popular styles come from our range of zombie white contacts for Halloween. The iconic look of the undead can only be truly replicated in a costume if you’re willing to go all out and use a pair of white or blind contact lenses. These styles of zombie contacts are used for the most realistic styles, and are definitely for anyone who really takes Halloween seriously. This style does obscure vision, so try to use these only for a photo shoot or a quick scare!

But that’s not the only zombie all white contact lenses that we have, depending on the depth and realism you’re going for we have something for everyone. Take a quick read of some of our favorite undead contact lenses below:

  • White Zombie Halloween Contact Lenses: Argued by our customers as one of the best styles, the popularity of this lens is seen year after year. The basic design replicates the look of many zombies from your favorite television shows including The Walking Dead and Resident Evil, the best white contacts Halloween.
  • White Manson Colored Contacts: The new White Manson style is definitely a top contender for the best zombie contact lenses. Featuring a white design and a black limbal ring, this styles offers the depth to your zombie fancy dress
  • White Angelic: The white angelic are always an easy choice for a zombie costume due to their versatile design for your best costume contact lenses. This style features a white design and dark and spiked limbal ring design for an extra horror look.

Vampire Colored Contacts For Halloween

It’s no secret that vampires are a popular costume for Halloween. The ease of creating a DIY costume at home, while still making it elegant and spooky means vampire contact lenses can improve your style further. We stock a wide range of cheap Halloween contacts in red and yellow vampire contacts so that you can recreate the looks of your favourite characters of Twilight, Underworld and 30 days of night.

Red Twilight Volturi – If you’re up for becoming a lord of vampires there really is no other character to play than a member of the Volturi. Twilight’s hierarchy of vampires are easily achieved with our specially design cheap red contacts Halloween. The deep shade and reusable style means that you’ll be able to use them for many parties to come as a staple part of your Halloween contact lenses.

If you’re dead set on colored contacts Halloween for a vampire fancy dress, be sure to check out the full range of styles that are available here.

Halloween Contacts Non Prescription

Some of our styles feature a block color such as red, white and black contact lenses. This doesn’t cover your pupil but does completely change the color of your iris. If you want to look like a creature from another planet or are aiming to join a vampire race then this could be the difference between a spooky costume and a terrifying style. These styles are particularly effective when paired with SFX makeup and latex prosthetics.

While we all know the popular styles to try, there are some more unusual designs to test out. With a huge range of werewolf lenses, you can transform yourself into an animal in the blink of an eye. Featuring green or orange designs, you could easily fit in with the pack when you wear a pair of our wolf eye lenses.

Werewolf contact lenses are a great idea for anyone looking to gain a realistic fancy dress and party on the wild side. We have some of the best werewolf contact lenses for sale, available in a wide variety of colors as well as styles, just see our animal contact lenses section here. Particularly the orange werewolf contacts feature a dark orange and black design that can easily transform you into an Underworld Lycan or Twilight werewolf with a pair of black and yellow contacts.

If you are aiming for the creepy doll style, you have probably spent hours perfecting the cracked skin makeup style so don’t be let down at the last minute by having the wrong eye style. With a pair of Halloween contact lenses cheap, you can enhance your eyes for a large innocent doll-eyed expression or you can blank out your iris with a pair of white Halloween lenses.

As you can see, there are plenty of styles to try when it comes to Halloween contact lenses. The possibilities are endless as are your wonderful imaginations. Every year our customers and affiliates surprise us with amazing costumes and exciting new creations so if you would like to see our lenses in action then be sure to browse our gallery page. Here, you can see what our lenses really look like as part of someone’s costume!