The Insidious franchise began in 2011 and shows no signs of stopping now. The first films in the series follow a couple and their son who is in a coma and becomes a vessel for ghosts who are haunted by demons. These ghosts want to take life to rid them of their demons.

The main characters in the next instalments of Insidious are spin-offs from the main story for example; the psychic who features in the earlier plots becomes the main character of the later chapters.

The Lipstick Demon first appeared in the original movie, trying to kidnap the son, Dalton. In The Red Door, he returns to find a grown-up Dalton has accidentally summoned him by drawing a red door in his art class. Dalton and his Dad, Josh work to trap the Lipstick Demon back in ‘the further’ realm.

The Lipstick Demon also known as Lipstick Face Demon, Red Face Demon, or the Man with the Fire in his Face gets its name because their face is painted using lipstick, inspired by clowns. These unusual markings have been compared to Darth Maul due to the colouration but are much more random in pattern. Our affiliates have been re-creating the Lipstick Demon with our Yellow Coloured Contact Lenses since The Red Door was released for Halloween 2023.