Our Avatar Contact Lens Pictures

Avatar makeup has been popular since the first film was released in 2009. Here, we first met the Na’vi and talented makeup artists have been creating SFX makeup of these characters ever since. Some artists choose to directly copy one of the Na’vi from the film such as Neytiri, Jake Sully, and Tsu’tey (they even include details such as Neytiri’s necklace) while others prefer to turn themselves into their Na’vi alter ego.


Our Avatar Contact Lens Pictures

At this point, it seems like an Avatar cosplay is something every SFX makeup artist must complete and some even create an Avatar character every year like @makeupmadhouse. Here, you can find all our Avatar pictures in one gallery. These characters have become so popular that we could fill an entire lookbook with all the incredible makeup designs that our affiliates have created. 

In 2022, the second Avatar film was released - Avatar The Way of Water. This led to new characters, a new storyline, and even more spectacular scenery. Our amazing affiliates once again topped up on blue body paint to create these memorable characters. Some created Avatar characters while others painted scenes from the films. Some painted their faces while others covered their entire body in the distinctive blue markings of the Na’vi. 

Creating Your Avatar Costume

If you want to get started on your Avatar costume then you will find plenty of images and inspiration on this gallery page. You can see the different methods our MUAs used to create the accessories and clothing of the Avatar characters. The incredible artistic talents of our affiliates led them to be able to accurately paint on necklaces, clothing, and other accessories using only body paint but this may not be practical if you are heading to a fancy dress or cosplay event in your Avatar costume. Other affiliates have made DIY clothing out of brown cloth. If you are creating a full cosplay rather than an Avatar face paint, you will need to add a tail too. 

There are a few other important elements to consider when creating your Avatar costumes. Firstly, the Na’vi are usually shown with dark braided hair that is adorned with natural items such as feathers. This can be achieved by braiding your own hair or wearing a wig.

The next distinctive feature is the nose shape of the Na’vi. They have a flat, almost cat-like nose. To create this design you can either use prosthetics or create an illusion with body paint. See the Avatar gallery pictures for examples of different techniques used by our affiliates to create Avatar noses.

Another subtle but important feature of Na’vi cosplay is their pointed teeth. Much like the nose, the teeth have a cat-like look.

Na’vi have long pointed ears, longer than traditional elf ears. Our affiliates have invented a range of ways to create Na’vi ears including making their own from cardboard and painting them or using prosthetic ears.

Naturally, our favorite feature of the Na’vi is their unusual eye color. Their large yellow Avatar eye color can be achieved by wearing a pair of colored contact lenses. Our most popular style of Avatar eyes is the Yellow Avatar Colored Contact Lenses but we do have a range of other yellow lenses that look equally as effective for your Avatar costumes. For example, you can create an Avatar eye using:

  • Yellow Angelic Colored Contact Lenses
  • Yellow Vampire Louis Colored Contact Lenses
  • Yellow UV Colored Contact Lenses
  • Yellow Cat Eye Colored Contact Lenses
As the franchise continues, we will keep topping up our Avatar gallery page so you can find a variety of Avatar pictures in one location. We also have several blogs about Avatar makeup so that you can see videos and tutorials of Avatar makeup. You can join in this Avatar makeup trend by tagging us on socials in your Avatar Na’vi costumes.

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