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Disney cosplay is growing in popularity among adults. What was once reserved for children’s fancy dress, is now a popular past-time for adults. From Disneybounding to Princess Parties to Disney cosplay, there are so many ways to add a bit of Disney magic into your world.


Our Disney Contact Lens Pictures

To cosplay Disney characters there are three important elements for creating an accurate costume; these are the outfit, the hair/wig, and the eyes. With colored contacts, you can easily match the eye color of your chosen characters, just as our affiliates are demonstrating. Disney eye contacts are soft and comfortable to wear all day at a convention or event as long as you make sure to follow the care instructions and ensure the measurements of the lenses match your latest contact lens fitting.

One of the most distinguishing features of Disney characters is their Disney eyes. Usually drawn and animated as larger than life, Disney character eyes are always vibrant in color so you may want to consider enhancing your natural eye color or switching it to match your character. Commonly, Disney Princess eyes are blue or brown while Disney villains have green eyes or white eyes with black pupils.

There are some characters that buck the trend such as Megara from Hercules who has purple eyes and Rapunzel who was the first Disney Princess to have green eyes (a color usually reserved for the Disney baddies). Find out more about the Disney eye colors you will need here:

  • Cinderella Cosplay: Blue Dress, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
  • Rapunzel Cosplay: Purple Dress, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes
  • Ariel Cosplay: Purple Bralette, Green Tail or Skirt, Red Hair, Blue Eyes
  • Belle Cosplay: Yellow Dress, Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes
  • Aurora Cosplay: Pink Dress, Blonde Hair, Purple Eyes

For many of the Disney Princesses, there are multiple cosplay outfits to choose from. For example, for Little Mermaid cosplay you could choose to dress in Ariel’s purple and green mermaid colors or you could wear her pink ballgown or blue day dress.

Choosing Your Disney Cosplay

Check out our amazing affiliates in Disney Princess cosplay. Some create their Disney costumes using only body paint while others wear full ballgowns to pair with wigs and Disney colored contacts.

Choose from classic Disney Princesses or explore the more recent female Disney characters. Rapunzel marked the advent of change for Disney Princesses. She was the first Disney Princess to have magical powers, she was created in a new animation style and her green Rapunzel eyes were an unusual choice for Disney. Rapunzel paved the way for feisty Princesses such as Merida, Elsa, Moana, and Raya who are super fun to cosplay.

While Disney Princess costumes are perfect for living out your childhood fantasies, there is a real appreciation for the Disney Villains among adult Disney cosplay. The Disney Villains can be especially fun for creating SFX makeup looks rather than full cosplay outfits due to their unusual colors and designs. Think of Ursula’s purple skin, Hades’ blue flames, and Scar’s orange brown fur.

One of the most popular Disney costumes for Halloween is Maleficent. This evil Queen can be created using some body paint and a black dress. If you are feeling creative, complete your cosplay by making Maleficent’s dramatic black headdress and switching to green costume contact lenses.

With all these cosplay ideas, you can turn them into couple, group, or family cosplays. In many of the earlier Disney films, Disney Princesses were in search of their one true love so pairing your Disney Princess cosplay with a Disney Prince cosplay can be super cute or you can show your independent side just like Merida.

 Here are some of our favorite pairings of Disney cosplay ideas:

  • Princess Aurora and Maleficent
  • Ariel and her sisters from The Little Mermaid
  • Cinderella and her stepsisters
  • Fairies from Tinkerbell
  • Monsters from Monsters Inc
  • Robin Hood and his merry men
  • The Toy Story gang
  • Anna and Elsa from Frozen
  • Rapunzel and Eugene
  • Aladdin and Jasmine

While colored contacts may not be able to completely change your eyes to Disney cartoon eyes, choosing natural lenses with a dark limbal ring will give this illusion due to the added effect of depth to the iris. This will help if you want to look like you have Disney big eyes. Alternatively, cosplay contact lenses can offer a brighter color change that is certainly sure to grab attention. Styles such as Aqua Blue Ice Walker, Green Hulk, and Green Werewolf are great examples of this and have been used by our affiliates to complete their Disney cosplays.

Explore pictures of Disney cosplay in this gallery or head to our blog roll to see more character inspiration.

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