Our Tim Burton Contact Lens Pictures

Some of your favourite costumes for Halloween and fancy dress are based on characters from Tim Burton movies. From Emily the Corpse Bride to Edward Scissorhands, these characters are perfect for practicing your SFX makeup skills. Our amazing affiliates have created many of the characters from Tim Burton movies using our white colored contact lenses to create the iconic large eyes of his art style. Here are some of our favourite Tim Burton cosplay ideas. Make sure to check out the accompanying pictures to see these iconic animated characters brought to life.

Tim Burton

Our Tim Burton Contact Lens Pictures

Possibly the most famous of Tim Burton’s movies is the Nightmare Before Christmas. It is still celebrated and adored by fans today with the characters seen on merchandise and makeup artists creating Nightmare Before Christmas costume makeup, particularly around holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

The most popular characters for Nightmare Before Christmas cosplay include:

  • Jack Skellington
  • Sally
  • Oogie Boogie
  • Lock
  • Shock
  • Barrel

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas cosplay is particularly popular and can be created with face paint and a Sally dress or full body paint. To emulate Sally’s large eyes add a pair of White Colored Contacts and add white eyeshadow around your eyes, up as far as your eyebrows. Alternatively, you can use a style such as White Angelic to get the stitched look. She’s simply meant to be with Jack making this spooky duo the perfect Halloween couples costume.

Someone who knows a thing or two about more complicated relationships is Victor from the Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride cosplay, especially of Emily is another popular choice for Halloween but this character is loved so much that our amazing affiliates often create makeup looks of her all year round. Some makeup artists paint or make their own Corpse Bride cosplay dress so if you need inspiration for your entire Corpse Bride costume make sure to check out our gallery pictures. For Corpse Bride eyes, any of our plain white contact lenses will help you to create the distinctive style of the characters in this movie.

The most popular Corpse Bride characters to cosplay include:

  • Emily
  • Victor
  • Victoria

The ‘Ghost With The Most’; Beetlejuice is the perfect chance to practice your SFX makeup skills with a Beetlejuice cosplay. This charismatic ghost has so many famous quotes that you can have fun creating endless videos in your Beetlejuice costume. If you want to make this into a couples costume then dress your partner in a Beetlejuice costume Lydia, with her red dress and Gothic makeup.

Here are some of our favorite characters to try out with prosthetics or SFX makeup from Beetlejuice:

  • Beetlejuice
  • Lydia Deetz
  • Adam
  • Barbara
  • Miss Argentina

An Edward Scissorhands cosplay can be a great last-minute choice. The outfit is easy to create or buy and the makeup can be achieved with basic products. Making Edward’s Scissorhands is a challenge but cardboard cut-outs and skill with a paintbrush will soon see your costume complete. To see how our affiliates created their Edward Scissorhands costume complete with realistic scars and hollow eyes make sure to browse our gallery.

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a chilling tale brought to the screen by Tim Burton. Sweeney Todd cosplay will bring out your SFX makeup creativity and can be paired with a wig and Sweeney Todd costume to complete the look. To give him an extra demonic look, add a pair of colored contact lenses in black or white to complete your costume, especially during Halloween. Alternatively, try out some natural contact lenses to match the eye color of the character. Find inspiration for the best colored contact lenses for Sweeney Todd costumes in our gallery.

Create characters such as:

  • Sweeney Todd
  • Mrs Lovett
  • Judge Turpin
  • Adolfo Pirelli
  • Beadle Bamford

The story of Alice in Wonderland and the mind of Tim Burton seem to be on the same wavelength as he created his own retelling of this famous tale. If you want to cosplay Alice In Wonderland you may want to create her iconic blue eyes with a pair of contact lenses. Try out an Alice dress with your Alice In Wonderland cosplay as well as a blonde wig and hair ribbon.

The most popular Alice In Wonderland cosplay costume is the Mad Hatter. His unusual eyes, colorful costume and unpredictable personality have made him one of the most popular characters to cosplay in this movie franchise.

Top Alice In Wonderland costume ideas include:

  • Mad Hatter
  • Alice
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Queen Of Hearts

The Wednesday Addams 2022 Netflix Series from the mind of Tim Burton gave Wednesday her chance in the spotlight and fans went wild for this show. This was promptly followed by Wednesday cosplayers and makeup artists flooding Instagram feeds with fun lip sync and dance videos as well as how-to tutorials.

2022 is also the year that brought the Tim Burton Character trend to TikTok and Instagram. This fun makeup idea saw MUAs imagining themselves as Tim Burton characters.

This huge inventory of creative characters allows makeup artists to enjoy trying out a range of Tim Burton characters from iconic movies that are especially popular during Halloween. See our team of affiliates turn themselves into everyone from Beetlejuice to Alice In Wonderland.

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