Our Horror Movie Characters Contact Lens Pictures

Whether it is Halloween or you simply love scaring yourself all year round, copying your favourite horror movie characters for your next costume is a super fun way to pay homage to the movie industry greats! There are plenty of Horror movie makeup ideas from our Coloured Contacts affiliates, including classic big screen names such as Pennywise, Valak, and Chucky. See our full list below for even more inspiration.

Horror Movie Characters

Our Horror Movie Characters Contact Lens Pictures

Our top 15 all-time favorite Horror makeup ideas:

  • Chucky, Child’s Play
  • Pennywise, It
  • Valak, The Nun
  • Regan, The Exorcist
  • Anabelle
  • Maleficent
  • Pinhead, Hellraiser
  • Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th
  • Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare On Elm Street
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Beetlejuice
  • Corpse Bride
  • Sally & Jack, The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Vecna, Stranger Things
  • Darth Maul, Star Wars

With new movies and television series’ coming out every year, we always look forward to seeing what the most popular scary Halloween makeup ideas will be each year.

At Coloured Contacts, we are lucky to work with a team of incredibly talented makeup artists who share their work on social media. They often find inspiration from their favourite horror movies by re-creating iconic characters. We have collected all their work here so that you can get ideas. See a Horror movie makeup artist that you love? Make sure to follow them on social media to see more of their work.

How to do horror makeup at home?

You may not need as much equipment as you think for DIY horror makeup. If you want to do horror makeup at home then you can use face paint and other professional products or you can create easy scary Halloween makeup using eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. Most horror characters have spooky sunken eyes so make sure to heavily underline your eye with dark eyeshadow, contouring your face is perfect for creating skeletons, and using eyeliner to paint on a dramatic bat or cat design are all easy ways to create horror makeup at home. A deep red lipstick can double up as fake blood for those gory SFX makeup ideas.

Naturally, horror movie characters make great Halloween makeup looks. Whether you are looking for a possessed doll, a gory creature or a terrifying supervillain, you can either take inspiration from pop culture characters or create your own based on your favorite character.

To make sure your Halloween SFX makeup is movie screen quality complete your makeup with a pair of Halloween colored contact lenses. In our gallery, you will see which lenses have been paired with each horror movie character. Some of the choices are a near-perfect match to the film such as Darth Maul Contact Lenses but other times our affiliates have chosen to try something different such as Rainbowskinz’ Valak with Yellow Cat Colored Contacts.

Our affiliates get creative with their ideas and mash-up two characters into one look. This fun trend has created some amazing results so if you want to make a name for yourself as a horror makeup artist make sure to jump on this trend. So far we have seen Pennywise x Harley Quinn, Sam From Trick ‘r Treat x Mike Myers, and Pennywise x Beetlejuice.

When it comes to scary makeup, practice makes perfect so whatever level you are starting at, we hope you find inspiration from our amazing affiliates. Some are at the start of their SFX makeup journey while others are confident in fully re-creating a character’s face and even painting on clothing! We are immensely proud of every one of our affiliates and feel so lucky to be able to share so many incredible makeup looks with your featuring our colored contact lenses.

If you are creating your own horror makeup with our lenses make sure to drop by our social pages to say hello and tag us in your posts. We absolutely love the community we have online and are so grateful for the positive vibes everyone brings.

Always wanted to create a horror movie character? We dare you to pick up your paintbrush and give it a go! At Coloured Contacts, we share new tutorials and makeup inspiration in collaboration with our team of affiliates to help you get started.

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