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Black coloured contact lenses will make a hypnotic impression on everyone who sees you! If you’re looking for an amazing new fancy dress costume accessory for Halloween, cool Cosplay pieces for any convention, a mesmerising look for a night on the town, or the next beloved addition to your edgy everyday wardrobe, we at Coloured Contacts know you’ll love our black contact lenses. If you have a burning question about these awesome accessories, keep reading and we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about cosmetic contacts and where to buy black coloured contact lenses.

What Black Coloured Contact Lenses Do You Sell?

We carry a vast and exciting range of styles if you’re looking to buy black coloured contact lenses, including:

  • Spiral Contacts
  • Blind or Full Black Contacts
  • Animal Contacts
  • Sclera or Full Eye Contacts
  • Clock Contacts
  • Printed Contacts

When you buy black coloured contact lenses, you can explore some super cool looks, whether you want to become a demon, a magician, a character from your favourite sci-fi show or film, a doll, or anything else you can dream up that requires black spooky eyes. If you’re a Gothic fashion fan, maybe you just want all black eyes to match your black as midnight wardrobe?

Need some ideas to get you started? Try Sclera, blind, or animal eye contact lenses for the creepiest of looks. Printed contacts like spiral designs and clock faces are totally mesmerising, while black contacts add a subtle and beautiful darkness to your look.

Do Your Colours Provide Enough Masking For Dark Eyes?

Each brand of contacts we stock create contact lenses with such vibrant colours that they offer the perfect coverage even for dark eyes. Everyone can achieve a bold, new look, even if they have darker eye colours. No more worrying about ending up with contact lenses that look lacklustre or playing a lottery with finding quality contacts online. Not only do our standard black contacts provide great coverage, but if you really want to erase all signs of your natural eyes, you may want to try our Sclera contacts to achieve full concealment. We offer both mini Sclera and full Sclera options to fulfil all of your costuming needs, so buy black coloured contact lenses from us for the most authentic finish!

Are Your Black Coloured Contact Lenses Safe?

Our contacts are both safe and easy to use. We only carry the UK’s most well-loved brands such as Eyefusion (formerly EDIT). So you can rest assured that when you buy black coloured contact lenses with us, you will be getting only the best! Our black contacts arrive safely to you in a sealed package containing eye-safe saline solution. All of our contacts are non-prescription contact lenses, so don’t worry about accidentally buying lenses that have a prescriptionyou don’t need and will affect your vision. At Coloured Contacts, enjoy awesome new colours for your eyes without any worries.

Choose from our 1 Day30 Day90 Day, and 1 yearblack coloured contact lenses and enjoy spook-tacular eyes for whatever length of time you need. Can't decide what to go for? Here are some handy tips for deciding which contact lens duration you need:

  • For a one-time only sensation, try 1 Day lenses. These are also great for trying out different looks before deciding on a style for a big event.
  • If you are planning to attend many fancy dress parties in a short period of time, like the Holiday season, the 30 Day and 90 Day options should be just the right length of time; getting you through loads of costumes and parties during the busiest time of year.
  • For more permanent users like Cosplayers or those that want to rock black contacts for everyday wear, choose 1 Year contact lenses to get the best deal on your new creepy-cool coloured contact lenses.

Please don’t wear your lenses longer than the wear durations listed on the containers, no matter how hard it is to part with them. We know it’s tough, but it’s also important. Further to this, even though you don’t need a prescription to wear our contact lenses, make sure you visit an optician or optometrist to confirm you are a suitable candidate for wearing cosmetic contacts before you buy black coloured contact lenses.

Where Can I Buy Your Freaky Black Coloured Contact Lenses?

Need a dose of black eyes in your life? You can buy our black coloured contact lenses right on our website. So don’t put yourself through the hassle of dealing with independent sellers or long wait times with online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, buy black coloured contact lenses with us and benefit from our speedy next day delivery options to addresses in the UK.

Is this your first time buying coloured contact lenses? If so, there are a few things you need to know to take care of any reusable contacts. It’s important to ‘baby’ your rich black lenses with a multi-purpose saline solution for cleaning and storing. It’s okay to keep them in the lens cases they arrived in, but you might also want to buy another cool case somewhere else because there are so many available. Travel lens cases are also helpful for putting in your purse or luggage when you want to take your black contacts with you. If you plan to amass a huge collection of coloured contact lenses, it may be a good idea to purchase something to store all those cases in!

Why Should I Buy Your Coloured Contact Lenses?

We specialise in only coloured contact lenses, so we carry a huge variety to suit every fancy dress and Cosplay lover’s wardrobe. We are committed to sourcing edgy, sexy, and scary contact lenses to keep your style looking fresh. If you are looking for the perfect accessory, you will be pleased to see we have lots of styles and lens durations to choose from, to suit any outfits or occasions. Our styles include blind, UV reactive, mesh, flame, mini-sclera, full-sclera, freakily-coloured, and natural look contact lenses.

Of course, when you are hyped up about a new pair of coloured contact lenses, you are going to want them yesterday. So, it’s our policy to always get your cool new contact lenses to you fast, and our customers in the UK enjoy next day delivery.

You’re looking for a cool new look, not a whole new worry in your life from using unsafe lenses, so we only sell quality contact lenses from the top brands. Our contacts are reasonably cheap, in price only, so it won’t break the bank when you buy black coloured contact lenses. We also provide friendly customer service, dedicated to answering all of your questions meeting the particular needs of all coloured contact lens lovers.

When you are craving black coloured contact lenses, come to us for the best style options, vibrant colours, great prices, and trusted safety that you need. You can be the life of the fancy dress party, add an extra element of cool to your everyday look, or enjoy a sinister new look as soon as tomorrow with our high quality but still cheap black lenses.