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Everyone’s a bit of weirdo on the inside, so why not unleash your strange side with a pair of our awesome weird contact lenses? While we think that natural coloured contact lenses are pretty dang awesome, offering the chance to swap up your eye colour, we also think that slightly odder ones are even better. Who wants natural coloured eyes when you can get barcode print ones? Or how about animalistic and awesome cat ones? Or how gruesome blind zombie ones? It’s impossible not to agree that weird contact lenses are absolutely ace!

So ditch your totally snooze-worthy natural eye colour and get some style in your life! The great thing about Coloured Contacts’ range of contact lenses is that it’s incredibly extensive. No matter what you’re looking for – however weird and funky you want to get – and no matter what occasion you want them for, from stag parties to cosplay conventions, you’re sure to impressed by at least one of our designs! So don’t be another sheep and get look that’ll really help you stand out from the crowd. Show everyone how strange you can really be and have a browse of weird contact lenses – you won’t regret it!

Get The Weird And Wonderful SFX Look You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

At Coloured Contacts, we’re all pretty in touch with our weird sides – and we want to help everyone else do the same! To say our range is huge is a bit of an understatement... With it encompassing just about every style you can think of, with choices for just about every situation possible!

We understand that there are a lot of reasons why you might be after some weird contact lenses, and so our stock of FX lenses is vast, cheap and prescription free! Maybe you’re going to a cosplay convention and just need that little something extra to bring your costume to life? Perhaps you’re going to a Halloween or fancy dress party and want a way to add some spook-factor to your appearance? Maybe you want a pair of cat’s eye lenses simply to show everyone that you’re feline fine? It doesn’t matter! The bottom line is you need weird contact lenses and we’re here to help.

There are a number of styles we stock and we’ve listed our favourites below. Be aware that the list is in no way exhaustive, but it’s nonetheless a great introduction to the world of weird.

  • Blind contact lenses – If you want to give off a totally unique impression, then these lenses are great option! They block out your eye completely, filling it with a colour of your choice, and really offer a totally spooky effect. A top choice for fancy dress parties!
  • UV contact lenses – Light up the night with one of our spectacular pairs of UV contact lenses! They’re a great way to enhance any night out, adding a delightful glow to your eyes! There’s no better way to turn people’s heads and show everyone that you play by your own rules!
  • Cat contact lenses – You’re gonna hate us for this pun, but... These lenses really are the cat’s pyjamas! If you think cats are as awesome as we do, these lenses are the perfect way to get on your way to being one. And who can argue with that?
  • Flag contact lenses – There’s no denying the weirdness of these contacts and there’s no denying their awesomeness as well. They offer you the opportunity to get your favourite nation’s flag directly on your eye! Awesome, right? Yeah, we thought so!
  • Dolly contact lenses – These lenses are a great option for anyone looking for a cartoon or anime inspired look! They have unique edge to them that’s really hard not to love... If you’re looking for something a little bit different, definitely consider looking at our range of dolly style lenses.

As you can see, we don’t joke around when it comes to weird contact lenses. There are many other styles beyond the ones we’ve mentioned here, including mesh ones, spiral ones and mini sclera ones, and so we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you. Getting the weird look you want can be difficult, but by picking up a pair of our awesomely strange contact lenses things can get just a little bit easier. Get the temporary contact lenses of your dreams now!

Check Out Coloured Contacts For UK Prescription Free Lenses!

The list of awesome features just goes on and on when it comes to our cosmetic contact lenses... For example, we’re incredibly happy to say that all of our weird contacts are completely prescription free! This is great for a number of reasons, but mainly because it means just about anyone can take our lenses out for a spin. Getting your weird look has never been simpler. However, we do recommend that you pay a visit to your optometrist before taking the plunge on any of our cosmetic contact lenses, just as a precaution. Though all of our contacts are completely safe, it’s important to make sure that your eyes are suitable for wearing them before you buy some.

In addition to this, we’re also happy to say that all of our weird contact lenses come at incredibly affordable prices, meaning that you can get as strange as you want without having to break the bank! And despite the fact that our lenses are affordable, they’re also formed from high quality materials! So you don’t have to worry about the safety of our contacts, we can also confirm that they’re all FDA approved. So you can have quality and affordability at Coloured Contacts!

So whatever type of weird contact lens you’re after – whether it be 1 day, 30 day, 90 day or 1 year – there’s no reason to go anywhere other than Coloured Contacts! Our contact lenses are cheap, safe and prescription free, making them the number one choice! There’s no need to spend ages trawling through eBay and Amazon sellers as we’ve got all the lenses you could ever need right here. So what are you waiting for? Get the weird contact lenses of your dreams now!