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Are your glasses cramping your style at fancy dress parties? Then you need Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses! Not only will you be able to see clearly but you will have a creepy new style with prescription fancy dress contact lenses. We have plenty to choose from so you can transform yourself into a witch, zombie, vampire or werewolf. It is time to get creative and show off the fashion accessory that nobody else will be wearing. Dazzle your friends with some RX Halloween contact lenses.

With Coloured Contacts you can get your prescription just right with the ability to select a different strength for the left and right eye. Are you sick of your specs ruining your Halloween photoshoots? Then we are sure to become one of your favourite prescription Halloween contacts UK stockists. We will help you create all kinds of scary looks, from the seriously frightening prescription horror contact lenses to something a little more on the funny side of spooky. Whatever your scare style we will help you pull of the perfect costume!

Looking for Contact Lenses Halloween Prescription?

Halloween costumes can look seriously frightening with white prescription contact lenses. Give yourself a hollow soulless scare perfect for pulling off trick or treating. The White Mesh Halloween Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses are sure to help you achieve this effect. These lenses completely cover the eye showing only dark minute squares to create the look of someone trapped in a possessed body. These prescription special effects contacts are part of the popular blind effects range which will completely cover your natural eye colour and pupil but will leave you with vision. You can scare people for sure with this crazy effect and it proves just how vivid our pigmentation is. All the lenses at Coloured Contact are made with the highest quality manufacturing process to ensure you get full colour coverage no matter what you natural eye colour. This leaves you free to enjoy startling your friends with your new lenses.

Alternatively if you want to go for the creepy innocent style that is so popular in Horror films then why not try the blue angelic prescription coloured contacts lenses. These bright blue lenses are sure to draw attention to your eyes and will give you the presence of a fairytale creature. These coloured contacts don’t have to be used for just angel themed fancy dress. These could even be used as prescription zombie contact lenses uk due to their piercing blue colour. It gives a freaky out of this world effect to the eyes. Want to turn from an angel to a devil? Then why not try red prescription contact lenses uk? You could even mix and match giving your character a split personality.

Have you been watching all the vampire themed television programmes and films that have become so popular? Many of these programmes like to say that vampire’s eyes can sparkle and glimmer in order to hypnotise their victims. The silver glimmer coloured prescription contact lenses will help you achieve this effect with ease. Finish off your gothic vampire outfit with a touch of silver, traditionally a harmful material to vampires. Become bloodsucking Dracula for the evening and lure in your prey with these dazzling lenses. These lenses are so diverse that you could come up with multiple costumes. Go for a more innocent ethereal look and become a spirit or angel. Whatever you choose, you are sure to look like there is magic behind your eyes!

Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses Cheap And High Quality

Sometimes with cheaper lenses you compromise the quality but we know how important eye health is which is why all our lenses are FDA-approved. This means you know you will be receiving lenses that are comfortable, soft and lightweight leaving your eyes free to breathe.

To ensure that your eyes stay healthy we suggest talking to your eye doctor or optician for advice and guidance on using coloured contact lenses. Here at Coloured Contacts we have also created some helpful guides and blog posts if you need a little extra help. Not only do we discuss how to use our fashion contact lenses but we also have plenty of thoughts on styles and colours.

Lasting from 1 day to 90 days to 1 year, you are sure to find the duration lenses to suit your needs. If you don’t want the hassle and fuss of caring for your lenses than the daily option is the one for you. You can use once and then throw away. If you want contacts that you can use again and again then the 90 days or 1 year lenses can be reused and are easy to care for. All you need is some eye care solution and a lens case to help you keep your coloured contacts clean.

Coloured Contacts are one of the best retailers of Halloween contact lenses because our lenses are affordable and high quality. This leaves you with some spare cash to spend on other accessories! We know that the best costumes are created with attention to detail so it can’t get much more detailed than matching your eye colour with your favourite character. Our quirky lens styles are sure to rival Amazon, eBay and Specsavers Halloween contact lenses in price and quality. What are you waiting for? Take your costume game to the next level with the ultimate fancy dress accessory and try out prescription Halloween contact lenses!