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If grabbing yourself a new eye colour on the fly isn’t enough we’ve now made it possible for you to buy ultra violet coloured contact lenses.

You would have noticed over the years that it has become more and more popular to not just update your look with clothes and accessories, but also with a pair of awesome daily coloured contact lenses. Over time we’ve added more and more styles to our vast selection, so no matter the awesome look you’re going for you’ll definitely be able to find it if you check out the extensive Coloured Contacts website. If you’re looking for a pair of cosmetic contact lenses to give yourself a gorgeous natural look eye colour when you’re out and about with friends or maybe just a pair of the craziest fancy dress contact lenses you can get your hands on; we’ve got it all. Not only are our lenses absolutely fantastic for everyday use, but their premium quality designs will be able to withstand all the crazy events and parties you have planned! So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of our fantastically bright UV contact lenses now!

As we’re sure you’ve noticed by now, our range of coloured contact lenses are downright some of the best around. We make sure that if you’re looking for a crazy pair of glow in the dark contacts lenses, they will be safe to wear and comfortable enough for long periods of time. But more importantly their quality and style must be impeccable! That’s why when you buy a pair of Halloween contact lenses with us you’ll be able to have some of the best and brightest styles available. Here at Coloured Contacts we use only the brightest and premium colour pigments with our lenses so if you’re looking for a pair of coloured contacts for dark eyes you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that you’ll never receive a peep from your natural eye colour! As well as this we also stock our cheap coloured contact lenses in a variety of different durations, so whether you’re looking for a pair that you can wear for a special occasion or an awesome day to day pair of costume contact lenses; Coloured Contacts is your one stop shop!

Itching to find out more on our gorgeous ultra violet glow in the dark contact lenses? Then keep reading!

Glow Bright and Buy Ultra Violet Coloured Contact Lenses

Even though our novelty Halloween contact lenses are some of the best on the market, to truly grab yourself a look that will draw the attention of your friends and family, look no further than our massive range of UV contact lenses. Not only do these lenses feature some gorgeous quirky designs, they also feature an outstanding ultra violet glow. This means that if you’re going to a massive Halloween party or an evening in a nightclub, if you manage to find UV light, these coloured contacts will feature an intense glow to give you the ultimate jaw dropping look.

Not only do we have some of the best UV contact lenses UK, but we also have some of the best sets of durations available! We stock daily for one off occasions, uv white contact lenses available in 90 day varieties and even yearly coloured contact lenses for the professional cosplayers!

Don’t believe that you can buy the best ultra violet coloured contacts with us? Check out the list below for some inspiration for your next dress up:

  • White UV I-Glow Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses -  Looking for an epic pair of coloured contact lenses for Halloween or maybe just a pair of costume contact lenses to give you a blind eye look? Be sure to check out these lenses and give your friends a fright on your next dress up!
  • Wolf Eye UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses – If you’ve been thinking of grabbing a pair some of funkiest UV contact lenses on the market, you’ve found them. Featuring a vibrant ultra violet crimson red lenses with a yellow wolf iris print design, these will truly bring the life to your next werewolf costume.
  • Yellow Cat UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses – If your next costume is featured around a ferocious feline these are the lenses for you! These novelty lenses will not only give you an incredibly lifelike set of cat’s eyes, but they’ll also feature similar reflective qualities for any night time escapades.

Safe and Stylish UV Contact Lenses

If you’re still thinking to yourself why you should choose Coloured Contacts over other retailers, then let us tell you. As well as being able to provide you with some of the best and biggest selection of Halloween coloured contact lenses, we’ll also provide you with some of the highest premium quality available. Within the range of our coloured contacts you’ll never be able to find a pair which isn’t FDA approved. But what does this mean for you? The FDA approval rating which has been earned by all of our lenses means that when you buy from us you will always receive a pair of Halloween contacts which are safe, durable and of some of the highest quality materials available!

So if you’re looking at where you can buy ultra violet coloured contact lenses, look no further than Coloured Contacts. No matter the style or occasion you’re looking to buy for, you’ll always be able to buy a pair of lenses with premium quality and style!